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Academic Studies is very beneficial and the key to a way of life

Hello, I am a professional and former Para-pro that has taught grades first grade through middle school grade level. I am also an educator in teaching school with my profession to adults. I have obtained a graduate level degree. The methods of instruction is to be able to provide one on one assistance to give students the opportunity to provide input and distinguish their weaknesses to understanding how to do their assignments. My characteristics as a teacher is being informal, good moral character, and ethical.

Melissa's Practical information

I teach mathematics, biology, arithmetic, anatomy, health and social sciences. Lessons are available for the following levels: primary school, college, adult education, junior high / middle school

I give lessons in person at my home.

Melissa's Experience

I have been giving lessons for three years. I have taught up to fifteen students and their achievements have really brought them to becoming A students with a highest achievement award. They are officially high school graduates in which they are now in college.

Melissa's resume

I have obtained a bachelor's of science degree and a master's degree. I am a member of the Delta Mu Delta Honor Society.

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