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Ph.D. Alumnus from Ohio State offers programming lessons to college students in Ohio $30/h
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Ph.D. Alumnus from Ohio State offers programming lessons to college students in Ohio

I am a prospective hands-on instructor who works with flipped teaching e.g. giving students hands-on assignments for class discussion. I intend to teach high school and college students using an approach that reaches out to them and helps answer questions and elucidate topics in a clear and efficient manner.

Adrian's Practical information

I teach computer programming, microsoft excel, microsoft word, photoshop, microsoft powerpoint. Lessons are available for the following levels: primary school, junior high / middle school, sophomore, junior, senior, advanced technical certificate, college, adult education, beginner, intermediate, advanced

I give lessons in person at the student's home.

Adrian's Experience

In February of 2015, I served as a volunteer (non-paid) instructor to two dozen business professionals and entrepreneurs for their prospective professional work in construction estimation. I have also provided informal lessons and tutoring to a dozen fellow college students during my graduate degree. Both groups have learned immensely from my teachings and have gone on to successful business ventures and Master's thesis projects, respectively.

Adrian's resume

Academic and Career Information:
• Undergraduate Information:
o B.S. Spring 2011 Undergraduate Major: The Ohio State University - Computer Science and Engineering
• Graduate Information:
o M.S. Spring 2013 Graduate Major: The Ohio State University - Civil Engineering, Construction
o Ph.D. Spring 2015 Graduate Major: The Ohio State University - Civil Engineering, Construction
o Graduate Academic Department: The Ohio State University - Civil Engineering
• GPA to Date: The Ohio State University - 3.8/4.0 (Civil-Construction)

Work Experience:
• Software Analyst (GEICO, Underwriting, Reserving & Control; starting 01/25/2016; Chevy Chase, MD)
o Processed and investigated insurance records for presentation to modeling sectors
o Tested and provided functionality for software system for entering and processing audit records

Relevant Expertise:
• Construction Engineering and Management:
o Knowledge: Proficient in construction methods, safety/forensics, and management; construction scheduling; construction contracts and claims
o Expertise: Construction estimation; construction network analysis; construction contracts and claims; construction methods and equipment; construction safety
• Engineering Education:
o Knowledge: Proficient in construction methods, safety, and management; construction scheduling; construction estimation; fuzzy logic; artificial intelligence; system design
o Expertise: Engineering principles, engineering graphics, computer graphics, digital modeling
• Computers:
o Knowledge: Proficient in graphics theory, data representation, and information systems; has knowledge of algorithms, software architecture, database management, networking
o Tools: C++, C#, Java, OpenGL, Matlab, Autodesk Inventor, Google SketchUp Pro, Autodesk Maya, Cinema4D, Unity Pro, Unix, Visual Studio, SQL Server, SAS EG
o Expertise: Engineering graphics, computer graphics, and digital modeling, user interface design, and software engineering
• History and Art:
o Knowledge: Interested in graphic modeling of ancient structures; has created digital work for excavations in Isthmia, Greece and the Colosseum of Rome, Italy
o Tools: Adobe Design Premium for cinematic and graphic design; artistic and architectural pencil-and-paper drawing; Autodesk Maya and Cinema4D; Video editing
1) Engineer In Training, State of Ohio (Autumn 2015)

Awards and Scholarships:
1) Honors and Scholars List (Spring 2007 - Summer 2007)
2) Dean's List of Honors Students (Spring 2007 - Summer 2007, Spring 2011)
3) University Scholarship (Spring 2007 - Present)
4) James T. Eliot Scholarship (Autumn 2007 - Spring 2009)
5) Trustees Plus Scholarship (Spring 2007)
6) Letter of Recognition from State Representative Cheryl L. Grossman (July 2015)
7) Letter of Recognition from State Senator Jim Hughes (July 2015)

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