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Art teacher

I went to Art and Design High School and I majored in Fine Arts. I went to F.I.T for two years and majored in Fine Arts. I then transferred to Queens College and majored in Elementary Education and English. I currently work as an infant toddler teacher and I always incorporate the arts in my lessons. In my spare time I continue to draw, sketch, and paint. I would love to help foster a love for the arts and help everyone become artist in their own right.

My additional fees are just the travel for the metro card.

Jessica's Practical information

I teach drawing, painting, art history. Lessons are available for the following levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced

I give lessons in person at the student's home.

Jessica's Experience

I have not been giving lessons long but I have experience in the past with helping my friends and classmates.

In my entire life I would have to say I taught 5 students but that is only because I changed majors.

My students were more for recreation than grades and they claim because of me they can now draw more than stick figures.

Jessica's resume

I have a degree in elementary education and I am currently in grad school for early childhood education.

I have been on the dean's list twice.

I have worked with summer programs at libraries and worked with children to create murals. I also work with infants and toddlers and incorporate the arts in my lessons.

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