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Artist / Professor - Graduate of Fine Arts in Paris - Drawing Course in museums and architectures

Visual artist in drawing and installation
Art and drawing teacher

2 years as a teacher in a prep (training school) of architecture school and 3 years at various middle school of the Academy of Versailles. Today, freelance, I teach visual art and drawing to my students in an oriented approach on the creative process , technical adaptation , discovery and development of their own expression.

The city of Paris offers a wide range of possibilities and these courses aim to teach the art and specifically the drawing in museums and architectures.

These courses are designed to stimulate students and give them the pleasure of art and its understanding .

Indeed, art is above all an experience. And drawing, a sport ground. Learning to draw is learning to observe. It is to move, to question, to confront reality for a better understanding. It is also a field of learning that allows students to acquire various techniques .

Drawing, as a way of trying to understand the world, is inspired by everything and can be accomplished everywhere: places, spaces, people, objects, materials , colors, various works, multiple compositions.

It is a vast field of possibilities.


DURING VISITS : Sketches outdoor or in cultural sites (many museums in Paris are free).

WHY ON SITE ? To learn, learn to understand, appreciate, to have an intimate experience with the subjects and at the same time acquire skills.

I teach drawing, art history, sculpture. Lessons are available for the following levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced
I give lessons in person at my home, the student's home or meeting in public locations.
I give lessons by webcam.
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Bonjour, j'ai travaillé avec Mr Dufresne en tant qu'élève lors de ma prépa architecture l'année dernière. Ce professeur a su montrer son assiduité et son engagement envers nous. Il m'a fait découvrir une nouvelle vision de l'art, une façon de penser que je n'avais pas avant. Il a vraiment été d'un grand soutien lors de la préparation de mon book pour les concours d'entrées dans les écoles. Il est passionné et il sait transmettre son amour de l'art. Je le recommande. Merci encore à vous.


Mikael Dufresne est un excellent professeur, avec qui j'ai eu l'occasion de travailler pour préparer de nombreux élèves aux concours des écoles d'art et d'architecture.
Il fait progresser les élèves en dessin en leur ouvrant des perspectives de création.
Son expérience de l'enseignement mais aussi des grandes écoles et de l'art contemporain est essentielle.

Mikael's Experience

Art and drawing teacher for 6 years, I've done courses in middle school and Prepa ( training schools) of art and architecture to classes of 20-30 persons and individuals courses. My students in art and architecture are today in schools such as Paris Malaquais, Versailles and Belleville in architecture, and in Paris and Cergy Fine Arts.

Mikael's resume

DNSAP (master2). Paris Fine Arts. 2010.

Art teacher at the Academy of Versailles. 2010-2012.
Independent drawing teacher at ENSTA ParisTech. 2013.
Independent drawing teacher at Institute Tocqueville. Prepa architecture. 2013-2015.
Independent drawing teacher at Prepa Insitu and DessinSubversif. 2016.

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