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I can teach character design, animation, drawing and more. MFA from Cincinnati $25/h
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I can teach character design, animation, drawing and more. MFA from Cincinnati

I am Brian and am a recent MFA in Interdisciplinary Fine Art. I worked in Hollywood as a character designer for an animation company that created cartoons for Nickelodeon. We created The Rugrats, Rocket Power and more.
I've taught students of all ages and skill levels from kindergarten to graduate school.
I teach in a very accessible way using traditional drawing fundamentals. I can teach on how to create original characters for animation, backgrounds, traditional fundamental drawing, painting and more. I know my subject matter cold. I can demonstrate in careful step by step fashion and really know how to access my students quickly so as to reach them effectively. I consider my self entertaining and use a lot of humor in my teaching methods.

I suppose all rates are negotiable but all students are different with a variety of needs. I am open but additional preparation will probably be factored into a class.

Brian's Practical information

I teach drawing, painting, design, art history, cartooning. Lessons are available for the following levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced

I give lessons in person at my home, the student's home or meeting in public locations.

I give lessons by webcam.

Brian's Experience

I have been teaching art of all disciplines for over 20 years. I have taught classes from one to forty students . Given the right time and student commitment I can teach virtually anyone how to draw professionally. I have taught world famous illustrators and students in high school who wanted to learn new things. My classes often have art history underpinnings and academic influences incorporated.

Brian's resume

I have an MFA in fine art and achieved a 4.0 Cumulative GPA. My illustration work for Rolling Stone Magazine was selected to be in a volume of the best illustration in an Annual called American Illustration.
I have been a professional character designer in Hollywood and an illustrator for major advertising agencies across the globe.

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