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Chicago based, National Board Certified, International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme trained Spanish teacher gives communicative Spanish lessons.  $40/h
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Chicago based, National Board Certified, International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme trained Spanish teacher gives communicative Spanish lessons.

13 years experience in teaching high school Spanish through the International Baccalaureate Programme (

National Board Certified Language Teacher
Mentor/Facilitator for National Board Language Candidates (Adults)

Masters in Education
BA Spanish and International Business

My lessons are based on real world experiences/scenarios where students learn through interpersonal, presentational, and interpretive communicative lessons. I can help you communicate for travel, general conversation, work experiences and other. We can take our lessons out into the Chicago community and use what you are learning in authentic ways. I can teach you to communicate verbally for social situations right away and quickly help you to write an email, read popular press, and even build a bi lingual resume/curriculum vitae.

I have travel experience and have lived abroad in Spain. I plan travel w/students and enjoy spending time w/my family and reading.

Amy's Practical information

I teach spanish. Lessons are available for the following levels: junior high / middle school, sophomore, junior, senior, college, adult education, ilr level 4, other

I give lessons in person at my home or a student's home.

Amy's Experience

13 plus years of teaching experience for thousands of students
Many of my students go on to university and test out of not one, but two years of college level Spanish. Most score marks high enough to achieve the International Diploma Certificate ( in Language in their senior year of high school.
Others score 4 or higher on AP exams many receive the State Seal of Bi literacy upon graduation

Amy's resume

Amy E. Hamilton
Certified Master Spanish Teacher- Illinois, NBCT-WLOE
International Baccalaureate Teacher - Diploma, Middle Years, and Career Path programs, 13+ years.

My teaching philosophy revolves around choosing and creating second language acquisition curriculum that helps me to develop communicative, student-centered learning activities using appropriate, authentic Spanish language texts and technology of the 21st century. These types of learning experiences encourage target language communication and connections between students’ studies and the real world. They incorporate students’ interests and academic abilities and instill/develop learner characteristics like curiosity, courage, caring, and balance that allow students to flourish physically, intellectually, ethically, and emotionally. For example, my Spanish art unit focuses on communicating about life through art. I introduce famous Spanish speaking artists, their political and social lives, and their works of art (type, style, theme and medium) to my classes. Through the use of technology (virtual art tours, images projected on the big screen, resourcing biographies, life anecdotes, video clips of biographies and documentaries on the Internet) I create opportunities for students to study these artists as human beings, then as artistes. I have students create a work of art that mirrors an artist studied (their choice) but with a modern day, personal theme. They are encouraged to use any medium of visual art- photography, drawing, paint, computer-generated collage, hand made collage, metal working, paper mache, sculpture, arts and crafts. Past students have submitted autobiographical photographs influenced by Picasso, paintings of today’s war on standardized testing modeled after muralists Siqueiros and Orozco, academic drawings representing struggle using Rivera’s indigenous workers, satiric visuals of wealth in today’s society using the round shapes of Botero and sculptures of mother and child representing non traditional social relationships of todays’ families with Guayasamín as their guide. Of course Dalí wins favor with his surrealism and student’s reflect their pain of adolescents and academic balance using his strange yet wonderful images. With these student-produced works of art, they participate in a gallery walk, using their Spanish language to discuss the art, styles and themes presented. They also create a written biography in Spanish, posted with their art, to detail their experience and who/what influenced them to produce their art. All this is done using the target language, Spanish. This unit example is indicative of all my units and is inclusive of appropriate academic levels/and grammatical focuses.

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