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Chicago Educational Consultant for Parents & Teachers: Teacher Coach, Executive Functions, Learning Variances, SEL, Restorative Practices, Personalized Learning

I am a dedicated teacher of 15 years, teaching and coaching in the inner-city of Chicago. I practice a Critical Pedagogy and am a firm believer that learning should be fun, interesting, developmentally appropriate, and socially and culturally relevant. I am currently working as an Independent Educational Consultant, supporting equitable teaching practices that engage and advance student learning. I am also offering my services to parents who are interested in learning more about how to advocate and support their child who may be currently dealing with issues related to Executive Functioning, Social and Emotional Learning, and Learning Variances.

Timothy's Practical information

I teach academic tutoring, reading, methodology, literacy. Lessons are available for the following levels: primary school, junior high / middle school, sophomore, junior, senior, adult education

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Timothy's Experience

During my tenure as an educator, my skills have grown sharp in integrating ideas into purposeful action. I am confident in my ability to coach and mentor teachers, facilitate professional development, and influence teachers’ understanding of how to contextualize teaching. In addition, I am proficient in leading teachers to implement social and emotional learning, create a positive culture and climate, successfully manage student behavior, create learning profiles, facilitate proactive and responsive circles, create effective lesson plans, strategically differentiate instruction, and implement strategies to personalize learning.

Timothy's CV

Certificates & Training:
I have obtained my M.A. in Elementary Education, currently hold an active teaching licence with the Illinois State Board of Education, and am certified to teach grades K-9. I have been employed with -and trained by- New Teacher Center, and have been coaching teachers (K-12) in Chicago Public Schools for the last three years. I have also been trained in implementing restorative practices with the International Institute of Restorative Practices and in implementing a neurodevelopmental framework when coaching teachers, parents, and students around understanding learning variances with All Kinds of Minds.

Administration & Development:
- Initiated, developed, and organized community service projects and partnerships with neighboring schools, businesses, and the Chicago Park District.
- Created and delivered a content-rich curriculum that was project and inquiry based, culturally and socially relevant, and rooted in a critical pedagogy.
- Extensive understanding in leading, managing, and engaging resistant students.
- Skilled in building trusting relationships and a culture of collaboration, with a variety of stakeholders, through ongoing and constructive dialogue.

Publications and Presentations:
- Created, presented, and facilitated a variety of professional development to teachers, coaches, mentors, and school administrators surrounding neurodevelopmental approaches to learning, executive functions, restorative practices, and social and emotional learning.
- Facilitated a professional development session at the 10th Annual Illinois New Teacher Collaborative Induction and Mentoring Conference around new teacher training in Chicago.
- Created and published multiple Action Research videos chronicling various research techniques, project based learning, and the pedagogical process related to teaching inner-city youth.
- Participant in an International Education Commons revolving around Teacher Professional
Development at Roosevelt University.
- Written and received grants from non-profits to fund project/problem based lessons.
- Contributory author of Creating Critical Classrooms Routledge; 2nd edition (August, 2014).

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