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College graduation in English and women's studies with a certification in holistic health gives English, reading, test prep, etc. lessons to all ages in and around Boston.

I have a bachelor's in English (writing) and women's studies and am certified in holistic health. I've worked with students from preschool through high school as a substitute teacher, nanny, camp counselor, etc. I use whatever methods the student seems to most respond to in order to help them.

I teach homework help, reading, academic english, modernist literature, afterschool pick-up & baby-sitting. Lessons are available for the following levels: primary school, junior high / middle school, sophomore, junior, senior, college, adult education
I give lessons in person at the student's home.
I give lessons by webcam.
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Sheena's Experience

I've been working in childcare and education for over twenty years. I couldn't count the number of children I've worked with at this point! The students I've helped have gained confidence, utilized their creativity in new ways, and improved their grades.

Sheena's resume

I have a bachelor or arts in English and women's studies and am a certified holistic health coach. I received multiple writing awards in college. I've worked as a nanny helping with all subjects at the elementary school level and as a substitute teacher in all subjects and at all grade levels, including working in special education.

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North Smithfield
Homework help; specializes in reading and writing with flexible after school hours
1st lesson free!
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$25/h 1st lesson free!