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College student studying holistic medicine, exercise science and dietetics , personal trainer/ health and wellness coach I give lessons in anatomy & physiology at a high-school and college level in

certified personal trainer and health & wellness coach studying to receive Masters of Science in Holistic Natural Health and Nutrition. I have ADHD which forced me to develop tools so that I could improve my cognitive functioning and concentration. It is very rewarding being able to help others that have learning disabilities reaching their full potential. I teach 11th grade through college anatomy & physiology 1and2, Basic reading and writing skillls for comprehension, nutrition, personal nutrition and weight manegment and exercise science. I practice very effective and efficient study skills that promotes understanding that anyone can utilize. Years of research and reading 1000s of methodical guides to Improving brain function I developed a system that helped myself and many others over come learning obstacles such as add and adhd increasing ones ability to understand and apply the knowledge at hand.

Will's Practical information

I teach other sciences, anatomy, health and social sciences. Lessons are available for the following levels: sophomore, junior, senior, college, adult education

I give lessons in person at my home, the student's home or meeting in public locations.

I give lessons by webcam.

Will's Experience

I have been giving lessons for 3 years now in these studies. I have successfully taught 42 students ages 14 to 52 helping them achieve their goals. For example entrance exams like PSAT (Preliminary scholastic Aptitude Test), SAT (Scholastic Assesment Test), SAT2 (Subject Test), ACT (American College Test), AP (Advanced Placement) in addition to graduate tests, tutoring for basic physical science, applied science and mathematics used in the construction of structures.

Will's resume

My Masters degree is on going, I hold a bachelors of nutrition and exercise science. I am a certified personal trainer and health coach and I thrive on helping others become the best possible versions of themselves mentally and physically. Teaching methods of learning that encompass all 5 senses strengthening long term memory of the information as well as the ability to interact and understand

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