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Current Chicago Public School Algebra Tutor gives tutoring to High School Students

Graduated from Loyola University Chicago in May of 2014. Took up to statistics and have a very strong understanding of Algebra and some Geometry. Currently work on behalf of SAGA Innovations in two public high schools. Where I tutor Algebra.

I teach algebra. Lessons are available for the following levels: primary school, junior high / middle school, sophomore, adult education
I give lessons exclusively by webcam.

Yasser's Experience

I have tutored 1st-8th grade, Adult Learners, and currently high school Freshmen and Sophomores. I enjoy what I do because I like to see my students succeed even if they struggle at first. I give my students the tools to be independent so they can be confident in their learning.

Yasser's resume

Obtained Bachelor's of Science in Psychology in May of 2014.
I have been tutoring since late 2012 with a diverse group of students.

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$20/h 1st lesson free!