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Dave of "Rat Race Choir" available for Bass or Guitar Lessons Beginniner

I am the founder and leader of the Westchester based rock band Rat Race Choir.
I play 4 instruments fluently and also have music computer skills such as recording, and song writing which I am also available for. Though I live in Carmel , NY, I am originally from White Plains, and I am fine coming down to Westchester County. I prefer to teach beginner, because it is my strong point,
if you are looking for a wailing guitar solo teacher its not me. However, I have a method of seeing " patterns" on the guitar neck and the keyboards which allow you to move around in any key, knowing you will be playing correct notes. Learning chords (on guitar) requires practice to train your fingers to play the correct formation, if you practice, it will come easily. I can get you to play something on Day 1.

I teach guitar, music early learning activities - for children, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar. Lessons are available for the following levels: beginner, intermediate
I give lessons in person at the student's home.

Dave 's Experience

This is the first time I am teaching "publicly". I have taught many friends, but mostly I have broadened the knowledge of other musicians I have played with in my life. This includes friends in bands that wanted to know a certain style, example: Reggae or Funk, Folk that were not very familiar with. I was in 3 Brazilian bands, and we did not even speak the same language , yet I managed to show them many new chords they were playing wrong. Also I have taught children of my friends.
I have a very easy going personality, good sense of humor, and I am not judgmental,strict or demanding, I am patient, and can find more than one way to get an idea across.
I like to laugh and have fun while teaching and learning, music should be fun!

Dave 's resume

I have no Musical Diploma's. Neither did Jimi Hendrix ( not to compare myself ).
I lieu of the ( what I feel is overrated...) Batchelor of Arts Degree,
I have 47 years of actual live performing, writing and recording.
To be honest, I don't know many ROCK guitarists or bassists that sit and READ MUSIC.
No one in my band does, not to say I can't teach you how to read both notation, and /or chord charts ( I prefer the chord charts). But you need to be able to find your way around, then apply that.
Music is about creating. I will give you the tools to be comfortable with your instrument and create your own music, as well as play along with your favorite stuff.

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$30/h 1st lesson free!