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Dedicated Mathematics' Math Teacher here to help you with your personal needs

A Mathematics Tutor who possessing exceptional people skills and sensitivity to high school students' specialized and changing needs in learning mathematics' topics. Highly effective at building rapport. All students may be doing the same course at different grade levels. Thus, checking their comprehension from their last math course performance does give an indication of where to start working.

The reasons I request the above rate is due to the following;
Tax deductions
Transport costs

At special times ONLY, when there is a major concern about the payments of the fees, this issue can be discussed.

Mary's Practical information

I teach medicine.

I give lessons in person at the student's home.

I give lessons by webcam.

I logged in this week.

Mary's Experience

Since being a Mathematics Teacher for 32 years, I have taught approximately 2300 students.

Students were successful in the Irish Department of Education graduations exams in all courses Mathematics to grade 12 taking pass and honors courses.

In New York City, students where successful not only in their own school examinations but also in the New York State of Regents Examinations. These exams were based on levels of algebra and geometry.

Mary's CV

This is a list of all the credentials I have completed both in Ireland and in New York City:

New York City University
M.A. Mathematics,
January, 1985 — January, 1989
Degree date: 1989

Meets New Jersey’s NCLBs Highly Qualified Teacher requirements for Secondary School Mathematics.

Valid and Current Permanent Teaching Certifications of Secondary School –
Teacher of Mathematics both in New Jersey State and in New York State

Trinity College
Computer Science Graduate Diploma,
September, 1982 — June, 1983
Degree date: 1983

National University of Ireland Galway
B.Sc. and M.Ed. , Mathematics and Biochemistry
September, 1978 — September, 1982
Degree date: 1982

My work experience has been related to being a mathematics' teacher with the use of technology when needed.
Having taught in various places and with different types of students has made me a teacher who is one who cares about her work.

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