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Does English frustrate you? I will help you speak English fluently and with confidence

Let's be honest.

Traditional courses to learn English do not work.

We all started with good intentions, but after a while ... we quit.

Why? Because we do not get results.

We are very enthusiastic about learning English.

We did what we were told.

We made time for learning English.

"I'm learning English!" We say.

But we fail to speak.

And the grammar. What can you tell me about it.

English grammar is complicated, tedious and very unintuitive!

Can you imagine every day learning regular verbs and tenses; doing boring exercises ... Still, the traditional language schools insist on this traditional method.

They insist although it does not work.

Unfortunately, many students throw in the towel.

I have had students who have spent five years, five years! in the official language school.

And they cannot speak fluently! This creates a lot of frustration.

A lot! I know because I have had over nine thousand English classes online.

I have worked with hundreds and hundreds of students. I've seen everything.

And I understand you. But do not worry. There is a solution.

But before I start talking about it, I want to ask you to keep an open mind, because:

What I am offering is helping thousands of people improve their English.

I teach spanish, TOEFL, IELTS, accent reduction - english, TOEIC.
I give lessons exclusively by webcam.
I logged in these last 2 weeks.

Georgiana's Experience

"I'll never speak English,"

This is Carmen's statement, one of my first students.

She was convinced that she could not speak any foreign language.

Mother of two children had no time. Still he had tried everything: correspondence courses, language school, watch subtitled films ...

Her main problem was to try to speak English. Every time she tried to say something, she was blocked. She made many mistakes, she struggled to translate mentally, and could have a basic conversation.

Maybe you've been in this situation. I was worried for Carmen, so I started to use a different method.

She was a little skeptical, but that disappeared in a few days. She said she was noticing progress. Gradually, she stopped translating mentally, and when she spoke it was with more ease.

Encouraged by the results, she continued and now she speaks fluent English and effortlessly. She has started using English at work and has become part of his life.

Do you know the best thing about this? She did the opposite of what traditional systems dictate.

Georgiana's resume

I use unconventional and personalized methods that suit every student. I have had over 9000 individual online English classes already, and my students confess that I have changed my life.

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