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Drawing and cartooning all my life. A natural skill I can share with others. I am a musician/composer as well. The two, as many art forms; have the same pretence.

My name is Mitch DeMatoff. I have been a successful composer ( for film and television), as well as a creative artist/ cartoonist for most of my life. I am stylistic in many ways, but have successfully been able to correlate my knowledge to expand others talents and creative visions. Art is a way for ones inner creativity to come out and evolve. We envision and hear what is in our minds. But bringing it to the conscience isn't always easy to do.
Besides teaching the technicalities that are involved to create your specific art needs, I will teach you how to tap into your inner creative to express your visions. That is what I have done for both music and art students.

Mitch's Practical information

I teach drawing, cartooning. Lessons are available for the following levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced

I give lessons in person at my home, the student's home or meeting in public locations.

Mitch's Experience

I have been instructing students for many years. The actual teacher is the student. Active hands on experience with something or someone who inspires you is the key. Academia is needed, but vision is what separates the level of craftsmanship.
I have seen students fly and some flounder. The seriousness of the student determins the outcome.

Mitch's resume

As mentioned above, I have been both an artist and musician for most of my life. As an artist I have explored cartooning, drawing and computer animation and graphics. I am very much influenced by Escher and Dali for their mathematical and visionary ideas.
The courses I have previously laid out for students have always been based on their needs and goals. My teaching is much more wholistic.

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