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English & European Literature and Language studies, Comparative Linguistics,RI USA, Master's

I use a variety of language-teaching methods, depending on student's preferences and age levels. My first language-learning experiences were academic ("chalk and talk"), but I have preferred to learn (and teach) through a mix of traditional and live, real-life, interactive language-learning methods. For academic subjects, I enjoy both leading and prodding for students' responses to the material. At times, this allows students to discover---through lateral thinking and simply drawing on parallel knowledge bases---their natural insights into the material.

I teach academic tutoring, academic english, modernist literature. Lessons are available for the following levels: junior high / middle school, sophomore, junior, senior, college, adult education
I give lessons in person at the student's home.
I give lessons by webcam.

Carolyn's Experience

I have taught in classrooms and privately for over 30 years. I greatly enjoy the one-on-one approach, as it allows me to learn how the student thinks and learns and how to best "feed" my knowledge to the student, or elicit their own pre-existing knowledge. There have been times when a student's learning pace is so hungry and rapid that I nearly have difficulty keeping them "fed"; others have needed more prompting and goading. Both experiences are gratifying.

Carolyn's resume

BA in Anthropological Linguistics, MA in Comparative Literature, Linguistics and Cinema Studies (English, French, Italian). Overseas travel and work.

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