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Environmental Science

My Name is Donald Carroll, I provide tutoring lessons to college students and high school students entering or currently taking college courses in the following: Reading, Business, U.S. Government, Environmental Science, Economic Development, Community Development and Urban Planning.

My method of teaching is to instill confidence and flexibility that is both prudent and effective. It is based upon identification of the needs of the customer and formulating a plan to address those needs. The services that I offer will assist the student in time management, effective research and establishing best practices for effectively understanding and successfully managing the course (for attaining a good grade). I provide one on one tutoring. This tutoring most often will be a series of lectures, additional lab work in the subject area. It will include review of selected videos, power point slide presentations and/or case studies (offered as a supplement to the college course). My goal and objective as tutor is to provide quality customer care in making sure that the student is successful in understanding how to effectively prepare for the work required in the course; and, to make sure the student is aware of what resources, methods and best practices are available for successful outcomes. This training with methods and best practices can be utilized after the successful completion of the tutoring session.

My professional background is in government. I have over 20 years of work experience as a government official (in project management).

I have successfully taught as an adjunct professor for 5 years in public affairs for the under graduate level; and in environmental planning at the graduate level. I have a Masters degree in City Planning and professional certifications in Economic Development (Community Researcher) and as a Environmental Scientist. I am a retired City Planning Director and a former Community Planner for the Federal Government. Currently I work and collaborate with a team of academic researchers at several universities (i.e., Texas A&M, Texas Southern University, University of Texas at Arlington and George Mason University). This collaboration effort is for writing, advancing and promoting research and best practices and solutions for sustainable and resilient communities. I am passionate and effective in tutoring the subjects listed.

My rate is $40.00 with a "Cost Plus Factor" to include mileage. I am an Uber Driver and I will use their rates to keep travel costs reasonable. Special slides materials and/or work book programs may also fall under the cost plus provisions. The customer will be presented with these costs upfront and before assignment is agreed upon.

I teach reading.
I give lessons in person at the student's home.
I give lessons by webcam.

Donald's Experience

I have 5 years of teaching experience as an adjunct professor. I have taught over 100 students. 80 percent of my students were successful in passing the courses that I taught. There were no complaints registered on me at Texas Southern University during my time as an adjunct professor.

Donald's resume

I have a BS Degree in Industrial Technology; a Masters Degree in City Planning from Texas Southern University; I have a professional certification as a Certified Community Researcher (Economic Development) from George Mason University; and, I have a professional certification as an Environmental Scientist from the University of Texas at Arlington. I have numerous awards regarding my contribution to successfully contributing to advancing the mission of the governmental organizations were I've worked. My work experience include preparing a comprehensive planning document for a municipality, a navigational study and numerous flood control studies approved by the U S Congress; and, I have been an expert witness for the City of Texas City several times in land use development disputes (adjudicated in State District Court).

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