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Freelance artist with Bachelors Degree giving lessons in Drawing, Crafts and Painting

I have a background in fashion design and fine arts. I can give lessons in drawing in subjects such as shading, portraits, still-life scenes, proportion, design and lines. I like to teach by way of demonstration, hands-on learning and repetition. I am gentle, understand and patient when it comes to teaching art. I want people to enjoy what they learn from me, understand what they learn and be able to use it as a first stepping stone they can begin to grow from. I believe that in order to be good at something a person has to work hard and be persistent because a person who works hard yet has little talent can outshine a person who has lots of talent yet does not work hard.

I teach drawing, painting, design. Lessons are available for the following levels: advanced
I give lessons in person at the student's home.

Shalia's Experience

I began tutoring, helping and teaching others when I was a freshman in college and have worked with about 20 students so far. I have helped students with drawing, fashion sketching, writing and sewing. Outside of tutoring, I was a teacher's assistant and well as fashion illustration volunteer teacher. As a result of my tutoring an teaching, I helped students improve from previous work and help boost their confidence. I wanted them to feel like help was available and that they could get anything done if they didn't quit.

Shalia's resume

I currently am a Freelance Artist. I graduated from Centenary College of New Jersey with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design. I also have graduated from a performing arts high school as a Fine Arts major.

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