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All frequently asked questions by students and teachers


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    Find amazing teachers

    Select a gem from the list of teachers checked by Superprof, evaluated by their former students and close to home..

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    Reserve a lesson easily

    Contact teachers directly: introduce yourself, describe your expectations and reserve your first lesson. Teachers confirm and plan the courses with you directly.

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    Learn with confidence

    You pay nothing ;)


  • How can I contact the teacher(s) of my choice to get their contact information?

    Searching for teachers is done from the search engine present in the top of each page of the website. Once the teacher(s) is (are) selected, the student can contact the teacher by clicking on the button "Reserve a private lesson," under the teacher's photo. Once the message is sent to the teacher, it is necessary that he/she accepts the current request for the details to be forwarded to the student.

  • How can I be sure that the teachers I have chosen are competent?

    Clarity and transparency of profiles

    We ask our teachers to be as transparent as possible when writing their ads, detailing their profiles through three distinct categories: Experience, Teaching and Curriculum Vitae.

    Verification of personal data and information provided

    Teachers are required to provide us their certificates and/or degrees that we verify under 24 hours. We also control their contact information (phone, email, photo) so that the the first meeting is facilitated.

    Measuring the interactions with students

    On the ad of each teacher, the response rate (i.e. 100%) and response time (i.e. several hours) are displayed and updated in real time. Students can also see when has last connected to his/her Superprof account, indicating that he/she is active on the website.

    Evaluations by students and peers

    Reviews of former students and recommendations from peers, published in their ads, help to form an opinion on the quality and style of the lessons given by the teachers.

  • How do you manage to always propose available teachers?

    Superprof has implemented a system for measuring the availability of real-time professors, and an analysis of responses to other students.

  • How much does the service cost?

    Only the matchmaking costs something

    The cost of the matchmaking is $19 and it is exclusively the responsibility of the student to contact as many teachers in as many subjects as he/she wishes, over a period of 30 days. Note that the first lesson is very often provided by the teacher.

    The debit is only made when the selected teacher accepts your request

    However, you can choose several teachers simultaneously, obtain their contact information and then select the one that suits you best.

  • Why have teachers that I did not contact receive my lesson requests?

    If the initial request of the student has not been completed after 48 hours, Superprof offers students other profiles of teachers relative to their needs, according to the same criteria (subject, location, rate) and offers the first lesson for free.

    In this manner, we would like students and parents to increase their chances of finding a teacher most fitting for their search.

  • Rates and remunerations

    What is the rate of a one hour lesson?

    The rate of each teacher is in the ad. You can also check the ad's practical information if a teacher offers a discount for the purchase of several hour lessons.

    Who pays the teacher?

    You directly pay your teacher without passing through the Superprof website. Superprof not involved in the settlement between a student and teacher.

  • Why are the teachers that I didn't contact receiving my lesson requests?

    Si la demande initiale de l’élève n’a pas abouti au bout de 48 heures, nous recherchons et proposons à l’élève d’autres profils de professeurs, toujours selon les mêmes critères (matière, géolocalisation, prix) et qui offrent la première heure de cours.

    Nous souhaitons ainsi permettre aux élèves ou parents d’élèves d’augmenter leur chance de trouver un professeur adapté à leur recherche.

  • Can I obtain a receipt for the linking fee?

    Pour obtenir une facture, il suffit d’envoyer un email à

    Nous fournissons des factures pour les frais de mises en relation, et non pour les heures de cours. Pour cela, adressez-vous directement au professeur concerné.

  • Rates and payment

    Puis-je bénéficier de la réduction d’impôt à 50% ?

    Superprof est une plateforme de mise en relation entre  professeurs particuliers et élèves, les professeurs ne sont pas employés par Superprof. Par conséquent, chaque professeur-e spécifie dans son annonce s’il souhaite faire bénéficier de la réduction d’impôts à ses élèves .

    Combien coûte une heure de cours ?

    Le tarif de chaque professeur-e est indiqué sur son annonce. Vous pouvez aussi vérifier dans les informations pratiques de l’annonce si le professeur offre une réduction pour l’achat de plusieurs heures de cours.

    Qui paie le professeur ?

    Vous payez vos cours directement au professeur, sans passer par l’intermédiaire du site. Superprof n’intervient pas dans le règlement entre le professeur et l’élève.


  • What does the Professional Pass offer for teachers?

    The Professional Pass allows you to be frequently referenced in search results for all ads, as well as the badge "Response Guaranteed" displayed on your Superprof profile page.

  • When will my diploma or certificate be validated?

    The diplomas and certificates are validated within a maximum of one working day after receipt by Superprof.

  • How to give webcam lessons?

    Superprof allows all teachers the chance to indicate on their ads that they provide lessons by webcam. Our teams advise of using Skype for video conferencing, as well as PayPal for a secure payment.

  • How to give lessons abroad?

    Superprof launched in October 2014 in 11 countries including Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Spain, the United States, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. The site allows you to translate your ad and display it on the platform of your choice to increase the number of students internationally. To access this, go to: My Ads > Manage Ads > Rates / trips > Lessons by webcam.

  • How to edit an ad?

    Superprof allows you to edit your ad by visiting the tab: My Ads > Manage Ads >.

  • Is it free to post an ad?

    Posting an ad is completely free at Superprof. Just create an account on the Superprof website.

  • How to choose my rate and by whom will I be paid?

    You set your rate yourself based on your education, experience and the market competition in your area. The terms and conditions of your payments for lessons is directly handled with your students.

  • Lesson organisation

    Who sets the lesson hours and the pace of the lessons?

    You set directly set the agenda with the students. Superprof is not involved in any aspect of the lesson organisation and planning, nor the relationship between the teacher and student.

    Does the student have a minimum number of hours or lessons?

    There is no restriction on the number of hours or lessons that the teacher gives the student.

    How to organize my lessons?

    It's up to you on how to structure your lessons, based on the student's expectations and what you are able to provide.

  • How to climb the rankings?

    The ranking of each ad in the search results is defined by a specific algorithm. Here are some ways to improve your ranking:

    • Create a clear ad and detail each part (experience, CV and profile)
    • Add a nice, smiling and bright picture of you
    • Confirm your contact information from your dashboard (phone & e-mail)
    • Add a diploma for the "Diploma verified" indication in your ad
    • Be responsive in meeting your students. The response time is taken into account.
    • Ask for recommendations from your family, friends, former students and former colleagues
    • Leave a comment on the lessons of your former students in order to encourage them to leave a review
    • You can also register for the professional subscription which will push you up the rankings!
  • How to get stars on my ad?

    The stars that you get will reassure prospective students who view your ad.

    There are two ways to get stars on your ads:

    • By receiving a recommendation from a friend, a former student or colleague. You can send your requests of recommendation from this page
    • By receiving a review from one of your Superprof students - You can encourage your former students to review your ad by leaving a comment on your lessons