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Homemaker/ Artist. art/crafts of many sorts to children 5+

I am a stay at home mom, I have a 5 yrold girl and a 3 yrold boy.
I believe that art is an important part of life for children and adults!

If you want your child to learn and experience art, but want to avoid glitter everywhere and little trails of painted footsteps throughout your house ect...
I would love to provide the place and time for them to explore Thier creativity!

Parents are welcome to join in,

Art is my passion and I would love to share it with you and your child!

Rates are based on estimated cost of supplies, and time spent with the students

I teach painting.
I give lessons in person at my home, the student's home or meeting in public locations.

Emily's Experience

I have not given lessons aside from family, but it is something I have always wanted to do!
There are very few art classes that I know of in this area.
my methods are not super organized I prefer to give only the basic instructions and let their creative minds take it from there

Emily's resume

I am an aspiring artist planning to get into an art school soon myself!

I have 3 yrs experience teaching my own children, we like to "color outside the lines" so to speak... I very much encourage individuality and off the wall creativity!
But also admire the little artist who take the time to get every detail right

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$6/h 1st lesson free!