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Instructional Coach in the Atlanta area tutors elementary students especially in reading

I am a certified reading specialist. I have two advanced degrees and 20 years of teaching experience at the elementary, middle, & high school levels. I am a dynamic educational leader with a proven ability to develop and implement instructional strategies that improve student achievement. Equipping and empowering students to be their best and applying knowledge are very important. I am willing to work to guarantee that every student receives superior instruction. I am: Achiever (great deal of stamina and work ethic), Competitor (strives to win first place), Relator (deep satisfaction working hard with team to achieve goal), Learner (love the process of learning), and Analytical (ability to think about all factors). My methods of instruction vary based on the needs of the students (self-paced; teacher guided; digital; performance based; hands-on; social-emotional).

Flodonna's Practical information

I teach homework help, academic tutoring, reading, literacy. Lessons are available for the following levels: primary school, junior high / middle school

I give lessons in person at the student's home.

I give lessons by webcam.

Flodonna's Experience

I have 20 years of educational K-12 and I have taught hundreds of students. My specialty is reading (decoding/phonics; comprehension, prosody). My quantifiable student achievement results are:
• Criterion referenced, standardized Math Scores (3rd grade +3 percentage points; 4th grade +1 percentage point; and 5th grade +22 percentage points).
• Fifth grade writing scores increased from 54% to 68%.
• Fourth grade overall Criterion referenced scores increased an average of 16.75 percentage points.
• The overall percentage of at-risk high school students passing increased by 35 percentage points within one semester.

Flodonna's resume

I have a Doctorate in Education. I am a certified Reading Specialist. I have taught at all levels K-12. I have 20 years of educational experience. I have taught all core subjects, but my specialties are reading and elementary science. I take a practical approach to teaching students how to improve reading and comprehension which includes intense phonics instruction and chunking the text.

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