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Learn to draw , sculpt, and/or paint in Renaissance style-from professional artist

My formation as a sculptor infused my artistic view with the fascination of three dimensionality, and with the constant impulse of understanding forms in all angles.
Drawing is an obsession for me—line and form in all their aspects have been a constant in my artwork.
I am fascinated with the human figure, in all its aspects: physical, spiritual, and natural, social, historical-temporal.
It is the continuity through time (as art-history proves) that provides a never-ending source of inspiration for me.

Teaching Philosophy

In the studio I often use technical demonstrations, particularly in beginning classes.
I start with basic concepts (proportion, composition, structure) and then gradually expand the difficulty grade of the assignments. Since I was classically trained in a European Institution, I find it easy to blend concepts of traditional training and contemporary experiments. This philosophy translates in a course based on solid study of volumetric forms as well as on personal exploration of different expression modalities.

The classes I teach are a combination of studio work, art history and theory presentations, as well as practical exercises and innovative experiments. I present to the students different techniques of drawing, together with examples from Classical Masters and Modern Artists. After the presentation I demonstrate the practical way of that particular technique. The students have my undivided attention for each assignment.
All the aspects of my teaching philosophy – theoretical presentations, examples of Masters’ work and technique demonstrations - lead to an in depth course, which is well structured and focused on understanding the importance of both creativity and craftsmanship.

I teach drawing, painting, art history, sculpture. Lessons are available for the following levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced
I give lessons in person at my home, the student's home or meeting in public locations.

Ileana's Experience

12 years--in private art colleges around Colorado
taught undergraduate level college and high school, as well as adults (academy setting)• Adjunct art teacher, January 2012- present, New Vista High School, Boulder, Colorado. Teaching foundation of drawing classes, principles of perspective and composition, color theory and figure drawing workshop.

Ileana's resume

MFA --major in sculptural ceramics, Art Institute- Bucharest-Romania

• Art Instructor, February 2011-present, TARA Performing Arts High School, Boulder, Colorado.
Teaching color theory and foundation of drawing classes.

• Senior Sculptor, June 2006-February 2012, Fusion Specialties, Broomfield, Colorado
Conceive, design and create life size clay sculptures for the retail fashion industry.
Styles include athletic/realistic forms as well as stylized high-end fashion models. Clients include Georgio Armani, Nike, Ann Taylor, Bebe, and other major retailers.

• Art Instructor, January 2001-December 2005, Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, Denver, Colorado
Taught Life Drawing classes, levels I-IV, for Foundation and Illustration departments. I developed the students’ skill level from average to advanced, through a solid understanding and practice of the human body proportion, artistic anatomy, principles of perspective and composition.

• Art Instructor, September 2000 - April 2003, Art Institute of Colorado, Denver, Colorado
Taught Drawing course, level I for freshmen students. The course curriculum included study of composition, perspective, space relationships, the use of light and shadow in creating the illusion of depth. A separate portion of the course was focused on the exploration of textures and an interpretation of a Renaissance Master’s drawing

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