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Learn professional & business English while mastering the subtle aspects of multicultural business and professional communications. $26/h
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Learn professional & business English while mastering the subtle aspects of multicultural business and professional communications.

Improve Your Business English & Multicultural Communications Skills Simultaneously

My students are business professionals working in multicultural business environments, either as managers or members of multi-cultural teams or working with multicultural clients/customers.
While in many countries English is the preferred language of business, international professionals must become culturally fluent as well as fluent in English.

It is not enough to be competent in communicating in English; you must also understand how your communications are received and understood by a colleague, team member or client/customer from another culture.

Here is the method that I use and that my students find very effective.

I am the author of 24 full-length “Country Studies” covering many of the world’s most important business cultures.

Once a student identifies the culture that is most important for them to understand better, I provide them with a digital copy of that “Country Study”, written in clear, concise English. These books are filled with key vocabulary, phrases, technical language and – most importantly – insights into how to communicate and manage relationships with people from that country.

Here is the list of “Country Studies” that are available to my students for our work together: Australia, Chile, China, The Czech Republic, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Japan, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Portugal, Senegal, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, and The UK.

Working online together using Skype, we then go through the book systematically, reading and discussing hundreds of vital points of understanding while working on English pronunciation, accent, vocabulary, and expressions that are specific to understanding the cultural context of communications in that culture.

By the time that we have completed our ”Country Study”, you will have improved your Business and Conversational English and gained a deep understanding of the key elements of communicating effectively in English in the cultural context of the subject country.

We can then move on together to probe more deeply into specific business concerns that you may have, whether it is mastering English-language reports and research, or understanding important subjects like making effective presentations, conducting successful negotiations and providing excellent customer service in the subject country.

As you can see, my students receive much more than just English lessons – they receive important lessons that help them improve the quality of their interactions and relationships in cultures that are important to them. All of this is included at the same price ordinary English language lessons.

This rate applies to all forms of writing/editing assistance including online and off-line work.

Bill's Practical information

I teach english. Lessons are available for the following levels: adult education, MBA

I give lessons exclusively by webcam.

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Bill's Experience

I have worked for over 35 years with adult professionals and business people who must function effectively in multicultural business environments at all levels. My specialty is ensuring that your spoken and written English conveys exactly what you intend, and that you are able to shape your message so that people from different cultural and language backgrounds can understand not only the meaning of your words, but the intent behind your communications.

Bill's resume

Mastering English-language communications is only the beginning of being more effective in international, multicultural environments. Working together we can help increase your capabilities in a wide range of professional situations, from designing and giving more effective presentations to functioning more easily in multicultural team environments. I have over 35 years working with people and teams in companies ranging from Texas Instruments to British Airways, from Shell US to Total (France). Whatever your international professional challenges, I can help you to succeed.

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