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Learn to think; learn to articulate those thoughts precisely and authoritatively. now. $30/h
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Learn to think; learn to articulate those thoughts precisely and authoritatively. now.

I have taught Latin, Ancient Greek, philosophy, law, and creative writing, in various formats.
for many years; subjects that are at the heart of the Western intellectual tradition which has been a search for a transcendental being that serves as the origin or guarantor of meaning. The paradigm has been inherited from Judaism and Hellenism.

My preference, these days, is for creative writing students. Being a voracious reader will help you find your place as a writer. Articulating your very own vision, your own perspective, is the most gratifying thing you will ever do. Anyone can learn how to do this.

Most of the joy of teaching comes from students who never give up; who have that indomitable will
to succeed despite limitations. If this is you, a special rate can be devised.

Kenneth's Practical information

I teach literature, creative writing, philosophy, literacy, latin. Lessons are available for the following levels: college, junior, senior, adult education, primary school, junior high / middle school, sophomore, advanced technical certificate

I give lessons exclusively by webcam.

Kenneth's Experience

I have been teaching, in one format or another, for 40 years.
Typically, my classes have been small, but occasionally high school and junior college
classes have exceeded 40 plus students.

Some of my students have written award-winning poetry. Some have shown brilliance as
short story writers.

A few, lawyers, have learned how to write cogent briefs.

Almost none ever forget the experience.

Kenneth's CV

Auxilium Latinum high school certificate

Degree in Western philosophy

Graduate degree in law

Philosophy of English Common Law articles

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