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Great knowledge, Patience, and Success for K - 12 Mathematics Also Computer Science

I am a trained teacher in mathematics and secondary education (grades 6 -12) and have developed many methods based on student need. I have coached sports from young thru high school and tutored all grades. I have had many different jobs and bring rich life experience to the table. I have been a musician, teacher, entrepreneur, tutor, coach, town representative, husband and father.

PhD Chemist located in Lexington, KY with over 5 years of tutoring and teaching chemistry.

I have a bachelors degree in chemistry from emory & henry college as well as a phd from the university of kentucky. We will evaluate your level with in chemistry and set goals as to where you would like to be by the end of your course.

College student in social behavioral science school gives school support, test prep, academic tutoring lessons and offers pick up and babysitting. Also offers sports lessons for kids in lacrosse as we

Hi my name is nathalia cordeiro, i am a rising sophomore at the university of massachusetts, amherst. I grew up in a bilingual household, english being my second language i had a tough time when i was younger balancing the two languages and the different academic cultures of my two nationalities.

Certified NYS Teacher Fluent in Spanish and 10 years of experience in Brewster NY

I am a certified teacher who is fluent in spanish and have over 10 years of experience. I have taught students of all ages from 3 to 18 as well as young adults. I am able to teach all subjects and have a lot of experience with esl. I follow lesson plans that are tailored to address the needs of the student and am able to fine tune lessons.

Private academic tutor for math, reading, language arts, study skills, test prep

I am a full-time certified oh teacher. I do private tutoring for academics for students who need extra help in language arts, reading comprehension, math, study skills, test prep, writing, grammar, and organization. I would be happy to meets with you to discuss your needs.

Bachelor degree of Education give lessons in English and Arabic language

I have a bachelor degree of english as a second language and english literature. Respect the students, create a sense of community,warm,accessible,enthusiastic and sets high expectations for all students.

Excellent tutor Stamford ct with 8 years experience tutoring students of all ages in test prep, English, math, and Russian with great results

I have a bachelor's degree in psychology and sociology. I always review what the student knows and then go over new material. We do not move on until the student has a firm grasp of the material.

When you wish to begin , you should start from here.

Hello, my name is lewe. Arabic is my native language i master well. I offer private lessons in arabic at all levels. In addition, my courses are for anyone interested in learning spoken arabic or written. Depending on your level and your goals, we will lesson plan that best fits your needs (grammar, conjugation, pronunciation. ) .

White Pine
Recent graduate with Bachelor's of Elementary Education looking for full time private tutoring position...willing to relocate for right price.

Recent college graduate specializing in the diversity of student learning. I believe every child can learn you just have to understand and appreciate their individual learning style and thought processes. I focus on providing lessons that target whole brain learning and creative thinking. It is important to bring the content to life in order create meaningful learning experiences.

Interpretive writing

I am a professional journalist/writer/editor. I have mentored and assisted kids in writing articles for my kids' newspaper for 14 years. I have taught creative writing classes in monmouth county nj at schools and the red bank kids cultural center, red bank, nj.

Patient and Detailed Senior Citizen; Speaks "Teenagereese"

I am a senior specializing in mathematics, physics, and essay and dissertation writing. My students range from middle school to graduate students. I am detailed and very patient. Tutoring sessions last 90 minutes, with additional sessions held prior to an examination.

Basic math courses Charlotte NC Online tutoring by MBA

I have tutored all basic math courses (alg, geom, trig, precalc) to high school students for about nine years. Also did sat, act ged and gre test prep. I have comprehensive set of solved math problems and fast inernet connection.

Experienced educator providing remote tutoring in Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Test Prep. You can receive tutoring from any location!

I have worked as a teacher in middle school and elementary school and have worked as a tutor for the past 10 years, focusing on mathematics, writing skills and test preparation. I also teach reading and writing courses within colleges.

St. Louis
Reading specialist with M.A. provides reading and writing lessons to K-Adult in St. Louis

I am an experienced classroom teacher with certification in special reading and secondary social studies. I possess a m. a . In special reading from webster university. I provide reading instruction for students k - adult and reading in the content area(s) as well. Lesson plans are individually tailored according to initial and on-going assessments.

Ambitious, experienced college student in Health gives Test Prep (SAT/ACT) and high school subjects in Greater Area Boston

I am a rising junior at boston university. My usual way to understand the student is the level they are currently and the time available. With those two factors, i would plan future lessons accordingly.

Certified English teacher gives reading and writing lessons in Worcester County

I am a certified (middle and high school) english language arts teacher and a writer. From my experience, i know that writing is very intimidating for many people and not something that students enjoy doing! Over the years, i've developed a method of teaching writing that is easy to understand and that applies to all kinds of writing.

Elementary Education

I have been teaching children in all areas for over 30 years. I am sure, we will be a great team. I would hope to have a teachers guide.

College student available for tutoring/childcare in Amherst, MA

I am a college student with a 3. 8 gpa capable of tutoring in all subjects for elementary, middle, and high school students. I am also available for childcare most mondays, wednesdays, and fridays.


My name is henrik petrosyan. I have masters degree in electrical/mechanical engineering. From 1997-2016 i taught in college level math, physics, drafting/design, and electronics classes.

Certified Elementary Teacher

I am a former classroom teacher transitioning to tutoring. I have taught abroad as well as in the united states for over twenty years. I possess a masters degree in education.

I am an excellent tutor

I am a retired professional writer, with great communication skills, both written and oral. I like one to one tutoring, always requesting feedback, always reassuring students.

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San Francisco
Experienced tutor with PhD in Philosophy and Literature, former French instructor in college

In the past, i have met most of my students, who ranged from k-12 students to classmates in college, and to graduate students in other areas who had difficulty with english, through referrals. I have recently moved to the bay area, and joined superprof as i do not have a referral circle here yet. With homework help, i like to guide the student to find the answer, rather than giving it.

College student in English giving writing and english support to pre-k through high school students living in, or near Seneca, SC

Hi, my name is daniel g. Rogers. I am a recent graduate of seneca high school, as of june 2016, looking to help other with english and writing subjects.

Rapid City
Certified Reading Specialist available for assisting students of all ages in the Black Hills

I have my masters degree in literacy leadership and a south dakota certified reading specialist. I will assist students of all ages to be better readers. I am open on scheduling and location of lessons. Curriculum will be based on each individual student and their needs.

Master's degree in Elementary Education, Teacher Education, Business Education, Pensacola, FL

I hold a bachelor of arts in psychology, a master's in business and a master's in education. Additionally, i am currently 2 classes away from being a certified school principal in the state of florida. I have also had several student teachers. Each student's learning styles are unique. I first find how the student best learns then tailor my lessons to meet their needs.

I can teach Grammar and English at the level of primary and higher

This is the first thing that students will read about your lessons. Remember to be attentive to your spelling and style of your texts to make them more attractive and friendly! This is the first thing that students will read about your lessons.

College Student in Computational Mathematics giving math or homework lesson. Also have experience teaching Math ACT and SAT

Hi there my name is vic and i'm currently a college student at university of massachusetts : amherst studying computational mathematics. I have over 3 years of experience teaching kids over the summer ranging from elementary school to high school, and i can help high school students with geometry, trigonometry, and calculus.

Beverly Hills
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San Jose
Writing-Critical Thinking Tutor coaches International and American high school, college, and university students

I am a tutoring professional who has tutored in junior college and university institutions. Both international and american students have used my services to improve and develop their writing abilities. My goal as a tutor is to develop independent, skillful, and authentic writers who will be able to write without the need of tutors.

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School systems need all of the help they are able to get. With more and more public schools closing down, it becomes that much more difficult for teachers, as they face larger classrooms with often more than 30 students at a time. Of course, this also makes it difficult for the students as well, especially with the students who need the extra attention. There are simply times where certain students need more attention in order to learn a given topic. If this is not possible, they simply are going to fall behind and struggle in their classwork. Due to this, the student needs to take advantage of the private teachers and the school support private lessons they are able to provide them. Whether it is history private lessons or assistance from mathematics private teachers, all of this is possible with the help of each private teacher and their ability to work with each student. The school support private teachers can sit down with the student and go over what they are struggling with. No matter the kind of subject it is, they can identify the problem and offer help with the wide range of potential topics.