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Scolar Support in mathematics for students of all levels (BTS, First, Seconde... BAC)

Hello, i am a mechanical engineer (bac + 5) that has 2 years of scientific preparatory classes maths-physics option, i'm serious, organized, disciplined and motivated. I offer to help your children or you directly dear students in math. I teach all levels from primary to lac (all sectors). I try to teach classes, i fully available and i move.

Young student Baccalaureate English and French titles. It offers classes in Valencia

I am a student of 2nd high school of valencia. I offer classes aimed primarily at students from kindergarten to high school 1; also he takes care enchanted or exert as a caregiver for children s. Science study branch so i would not be a problem to help with such subjects economics, philosophy or history.

PhD student in French Literature gives French lessons / FLE in Paris area

Holding a dégree in philosophy and a master in modern literature, nos phd student in literature, my classes are mainly for high school students, but also for foreign adults. My classes take place mainly via webcam or in paris and adapt to your needs (tutoring, french foreign language to non-french students. ) english-speaking students are welcome.

Dynamic and smiling studient graduated in Biology for tutoring and school support

Young and dynamic student smiling with a degree in biology (dut) and continued his studies at the university of créteil, i would like to perform school supports for children of primary or middle school. For these levels, i am able to support them in all subjects except spanish (i studied german). The course will start with a very short exercises based on the previous couse.

Young college of law, gives private lessons in Córdoba of any materials to school. Specialty in English.

Student of the university of cordoba in the degree of law, offered to give private lessons to students up degree in any subject. English and specialty materials branch social sciences and humanities. Incitement to personal development and individual solution for student motivation and training of the ability to reason and sympathetic stimulation of memory.

Teacher gives private lessons in all materias.Innovadora specialist online! Count on me :)

I am ana, a teacher of primary education official specializing in information and communications technology. I offer to teach classes for all subjects, especially at primary, secondary and adult schools. I am a very innovative, motivating teacher and faithful follower of e-learning, so i can give online classes so. Test my classes, you will learn really.

Private tuition at all school leves from 5 € to 12€ per hour.

Are you looking for help to understand spanish? Or are you in erasmus and your spanish is not as well? Need help? I can help you. I use a more dynamic and entertaining to learn and reinforce matter given in class, so you will not get bored and get good results method.

Art historian, tutoring different subjects and care to children and youth in Madrid

My name is pilar ruiz ibáñez, graduated in art history from the university of granada, currently pursuing a master's degree at the complutense university of madrid museology. My teaching methods are based on the preparation of classes for children internalize matter, supporting it with various exercises for better understanding.

Moral de Calatrava
Graduate primary school teacher teaches all subjects from Primary 1 to 2 of the ESO. entertaining, dynamic and economic classes. Experience in summer schools.

Graduated in primary education teacher teaches all subjects, from 1 to primary education 2nd eso. I rely on a dynamic and participatory methodology individual or group, depending on the age and subject, i use different techniques of study: abacuses, new technologies, etc.

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Student Airline Pilot gives private lessons / tutoring

My lessons are designed for students of middle and high school, i prepare all of my lessons and i adapt to the needs of the student. I establish a healthy working environment and enjoyable for each course.

University student in Folkestone gives maths & English lessons secondary school students

Lessons will be structured around the text that complements the students' lessons at school, with aides to help them achieved a good grade in their exams. My teaching style would involve purchasing workbooks working through these books with them. I would also find helpful online aides and the use of websites such as bbc bitesize.

Sociology , well being ,art therapy and general subjects also guitar - Bungay and area- pace 20 years qualified tutor

Qualified tutor for subjects up to degree level - sociology - english- maths- arts - also guitar - learning difficulties /needs trained/covered and art therapy - well being sessions offered - for all levels needs. I am a lady living in the bungay area with 20 years teaching experience with a semi holistic approach. I can do secondary exclusions and environmental teaching.

Language student in Rome proposes tuition or help with homework for middle or elementary

Garbatella area / san paolo. The lessons are aimed at elementary and middle schools. Studio languages ​​for 5 years (french, english, spanish). Homework help for elementary children. The best method is to help you remember and make connections: it will be indispensable for the upper. I listen to a lot of the difficulties of the students, helping to overcome their limitations.

College student in education, gives private lessons in Bilbao to kids .

I am studying my second year on education degree, so that education and teaching children i love. The phrase that best describe my methodology is to "teach to learn". My goal is to provide educational support to those who need it, and provide the necessary motivation to move forward with everything.

María cristina
Philosophy professor teaches support and English / Italian high school students in Murcia

I am cristina, tutor support and reinforcement of all the materials of secondary education, language, math, social studies and english. I also teach study skills as concept maps, diagrams, mnemonics, to expedite the process of teaching in subjects such as literature, history or filosofía.

A journalism graduate gives French and litterature lessons on level College Tours

Student journalism graduate of the school of journalism cannes, future graduate of the tours of journalism public school is available for tuition class in french / literature. Furthermore, graduated from bafa for almost four years, deputy director on vacation stays, i'm perfectly comfortable with pre-teens and teens public, listening to their needs and their progress.

São Paulo
School Reinforcement - Elementary School and High School (Portuguese) and Mathematics for Elementary School

I have a degree in letters and literature - portuguese / english from the "universidade cruzeiro do sul". Portuguese classes and english for the state department of education of são paulo and the municipal secretary of education of são paulo, respectively. Currently i pedagogy from the "universidade estadual paulista 'julio de mesquita filho' - unesp".

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Secrets of potential Manager, Coaching and reinforcement for a guaranteed SUCCESS

I am an engineering student in the 5th year at isel, i offer my services to help your children with their homework. Having obtained a first class honors in my bac, i admitted preparatory classes and built a large engineering school, i can help them in french, english, spanish, literature, history, geography, maths, physics, industrial design.

International Baccalaureate student with high grades gives English lessons to primary, secondary and A-level students in London and the South East

I give lessons to suit the requirements of primary, secondary, gcse and a level students. After establishing the needs of a particular student, i offer a question-and-answer style of tutoring with information presented in short manageable segments and practice questions to ensure understanding at regular intervals.

Droitwich Spa
Experienced university Academic, PhD, author of psychology, education, methodology and dissertation books, offering online tutoring worldwide.

I have over 16 years of experience teaching in different universities from undergraduate to doctoral level students. My core expertise is in psychology, education, and specifically research methods and constructing research projects, dissertations, etc.

College student in engineering, can teach 5-16 year olds with a range of subjects, based in south London

I have top level grades in gcses, maths, statistics, english, triple science, french, physical education, economics and history. Will tutor anyone under the age of 16 in any of the listed subjects. Best with revision and helping people understand processes. I am a very patient person and able to make learning enjoyable. Passionate about tutoring.

High School Student with 8 National 5 Subject experience and childcare experience can teach primary school kids and babysits children too

I am a high school student who is able to teach mathematics, english, chemistry, biology, administration and it, french, yoruba and modern studies. I do this by using textbooks to explain the concept to the individual and online past papers and questions to help them practice. I also give regular short tests to help me and the child know what they are grasping and what they need more support on.

German, English and science: Experienced tutor provides individual assistance in Passau, purposeful and low

A first step is to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the student.

Cologno Monzese
Turor, diction, pronunciation (phonetics and accent) of the English (American or British).

Hello, my name is emanuele and i am a drama & theatre graduated student. I graduated in high-school the city of new york where i then continued my studies at queens college in business & management and in the theater department. I got my academic certificate as an actor at the william esper studio acting conservatory in manhattan (ny).

PhD in Ancient History and Archaeology for reps in Italian ancient History

Graduated with honors in archaeology, phd in ancient history with great work experience in the field and in teaching the humanities (italian, history, geography and ancient letters). It provides support for the preparation of thesis or research (including at university level). For work and pleasure i also deal with computer science.

Tutoring, homework, letters, Madrid, Alcorcón, high level English, Student Advertising and PR

Make the most fun and enjoyable duties, always learning. Speciality in humanities.

Researcher in Political Philosophy graduates with qualification in teaching Philosophy and History provides tutorials, dissertation help. Even homework help for children and teenagers, Latin for high

I love to teach through a reasoned dialogue with the student and trying to make the 'learning fun. Researcher for the italian institute of philosophical studies are specialized in political philosophy and history of political thought. I like to discover new materials. I play bass guitar and i love music.

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Smiling, dedicated and listening student at Audencia Business School, gives French/Russian/English lessons for ALL LEVELS (fluent both in English and Russian, native French speaker)

In love with pushkin, shakespeare and molière's languages and cultures, i am familiar with high school expectations and i will be delighted to help you progress in those subjects by specifically targeting your needs! I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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Young student of literature, French lessons and tutoring around lezignan Corbières and Narbonne

French courses in college and high school level. I can teach students to be more organized and to understand their best possible future examinations such as patent or french baccalaureate. I propose courses constructed methodological manner based on reading comprehension and literary analysis.

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Student in last year scientific in hightschool in annecy gives maths lessons and supports at home!

Hello, i'm actually in last year in hightschool at lycée berthollet in annecy. I'm in section scientific (maths specialization). I can give maths lessons and supports for homeworks for your Primary or middle school children. I already had many students and experience. I live in annecy-le-vieux and i can move in annecy and around. You can contact me for more informations.

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School systems need all of the help they are able to get. With more and more public schools closing down, it becomes that much more difficult for teachers, as they face larger classrooms with often more than 30 students at a time. Of course, this also makes it difficult for the students as well, especially with the students who need the extra attention. There are simply times where certain students need more attention in order to learn a given topic. If this is not possible, they simply are going to fall behind and struggle in their classwork. Due to this, the student needs to take advantage of the private teachers and the school support private lessons they are able to provide them. Whether it is history private lessons or assistance from mathematics private teachers, all of this is possible with the help of each private teacher and their ability to work with each student. The school support private teachers can sit down with the student and go over what they are struggling with. No matter the kind of subject it is, they can identify the problem and offer help with the wide range of potential topics.