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Courses, homework help, methodology and well being in the north of aisne.

I am a former aid to school life and education assistant. I have a science degree in education and i just get a certificate of relaxation therapy. I teach the pc to the 3rd. Lessons available for adults for upgrades. - learning of reading and writing - grammar and spelling reinforcement - tutoring - introduction to working methods, etc. All this in a fun and educational spirit. During the card.

Student, age 18 provides assistance supports school from college to high school in Limoges

Young 18 year old student who obtained his sti2d tray (science and technology industry and sustainable development) option ins (information and digital system) having validated his first year llce (languages, literature and foreign civilization) in english returning in september in art school (ensa limoges) offers academic support in math and english until the end and college aid in more...

Young bilingual french student in second year of French Literature offers tutoring and methodology

I am a 19 year old student, currently in the second year of modern literature at the university blaise pascal in clermont ferrand. I acquired a literary bac with honors and a specialization in latin. I am currently preparing the assistance of professor schools making education a passion for me.

Teacher for children with any needs looking for job in Valencia and surroundings

Master of 0 to 12 years with specialties in: -listening and language. -english therapeutic pedagogy. -physical education. -valencia. -religion my methodology is active; ie you learn to do so. I know the time learning and i adapt it to the teaching curriculum. This system helps to enjoy learning and to show interest in learning process.

Classes Repas (ciències, anglès, llengües, història ....) Primaria, ESO i Batxiller. Masquefa

I cursat 2n batxillerat científic i l'any vinent i will study medicine. Ofereixo alumnes classes to primary fins to batxillerat in them materies biology, chemistry, ciències de la terra, matemàtiques, anglès, philosophy, history, catalan and castellà.

Student in Literature and History of Art teaches literature, French, art history, methodology and homework help from primary to high school in Rennes

Student in history of art, i now offers courses in literature, french, introduction to the history of art and culture or just to help with homework. These are addressed at all levels: from primary to high school for tutoring and for exam preparation baccalaureate or brevet (dnb).

Lehramtsstudentin offers help in English and Latin for children and adults in Berlin

Hello, my name is johanna and i would like to complete my studies with practical experience. For this i offer assistance in the fields of latin and english. The course will be arranged differently with respect to the learner´s needs. The methodology varies according to the topics and contents.

Coaching in learning strategies, methodology and preparation of Concours by a teacher

You are preparing the bac or brevet? You do not know where to start? You do not know how to learn? You still missing the right method? You have doubts? You are desperate because there are too many things to do? Feel free to contact me because i can accompany you in your efforts and manage serenely preparations. I help you put a point on the progress and methodology.

Intelligent, inspiring and enthusiastic young tutor available to help your child exceed expectations

I am a very enthustic young lady who is available to help your child do better at school and exceed your expectations with them. I can tutor all ages and up to gcse. I am experienced in the majority of academic subjects, having got 9 a*-a grades in my gcse's including an average of 96% in geography, 95% in history and 100% in english language.

Boadilla del Monte
Student teacher gives school support and child care to primary students and secondary students

I am a student of pedagogy of visual arts and dance with biological high school. I use a practical method for students to better grasp the subject, not only to pass a test but to learn. I have experience with children and people with disabilities.

Experienced American English Professor with a Law Degree for Beginning and Advanced Studies

I am an american english teacher. I taught school in the united states for over 10 years. While i was teaching, i finished my master's degree in education and my law degree. I have worked with beginning english learners, literature learners and helped students with advanced studies.

Classes Language and Literature, Spanish, Galician and English, and Social Sciences in Vigo

I am a student of spanish qts. I work with students of all levels up to selectivity. My specialty is language and literature. And i use spanish, galician and english. I do not do homework with the student. I help them when they have doubts and give extra exercises on the topics they are less proficent.

Graduated in communication gives French lessons in Paris (6 yo to 15 yo)

My love for litterature have led me to make a baccalauréat l and to continue with a bts related to communication. What always saddens me is to see that children do not like french, they find it complicated and difficult, i think that school does not care enough to make them love the subject they are studying.

English lessons (first certificate in English) and help in studies to Eso.

My name is isabel and i´m a 33 year old woman. Administration and finance technician and nursing assistant offered to give classes and homework help for children up to 16 years. I have the first certificate in english, so i can give language support.

English (BA) undergraduate gives English tutoring lessons to GCSE and A-Level standard

Hello. My name is olivia cooke and i am currently reading english (ba) at the university of bristol. I tutor to gcse and a-level standard in english literature and language. Having tutored secondary school students before coming to university, i have the experience and skills needed to assist any student with a particular requirement concerning english.

Vilafranca del Penedès
High school student teaches Latin in the Alt Penedès or Baix Llobregat / Barcelona

I am a high school student looking to teach economic necessity. Last year took out a 10 in latin, and this year i'm getting good grades. I can help both in culture and in grammar, following the guidelines of my high school latin teacher.

Student in Business Management offers academic support and spelling - college / high school

Being on the verge of starting a the third year of commercial management; i already have had several professional and academic experiences. Indeed, being versatile, i have learned to adapt and to tame the demands of different environments. I also speak fluent english since my 6 years old and also speak spanish.

English philology student gives recitations (nursery, primary, secondary and humanistic high school) in Lleida

I am a student of english philology offering remedial classes to students from kindergarten, primary, secondary and humanistic high school, especially in matters of letters, as i have graduate eso and the humanistic school, aside, also i have the ket, pet and fce.

Qualified - Tutor from the University of London, offering English and Humanities Lessons

I am a graduate from the school of oriental and african studies, having completed a ba [hons] in religion and politics. My approach to academia was transdisciplinary, and considered sociology, law, anthropology and ethnology in the study of religion.

Student in biology license (second year) gives private lessons in several subjects

Currently studying biology, i entend to do the meef master (about education and teaching) ) to become a school teacher.

University student giving school reinforcement of Spanish and Catalan at primary, secondary and high school in Granollers.

I am a student of international business and marketing in barcelona and i can teach school support in general and languages. I focus on the student's difficulties to adapt the classes to their needs with a different method, as required.

Student of economics and linguistics teaches language, languages, economics or geography to high school in Madrid

I can teach to high school social sciences, languages ​​and spanish language. Also support classes, homework, spelling and study aids. Also subjects such as philosophy, geography or economics, and even spanish classes for foreigners. Am studying economics and linguistics, and live in the area south of madrid.

Maria anna
Homework help after school (mathematics, Italian, history, geography, English, French), help writing thesis. lamezia spa area (cz) accountant programmer diploma nursing degree.

Offer of italian reps, mathematics, history, geography, english, french for elementary schools, medium and higher. Also i offer help to the completion of the thesis. I have a good level of english having lived for several months in uk and a knowledge of french at school but otherwise mi thrilling.

Qualified and experienced primary and secondary female teacher of English and ESOL

I am a qualified and experienced secondary english teacher. In addition i have considerable primary teaching experience as well as experience teaching english at undergraduate level. I have taught english as a first and second language both internationally and locally to both children and adult learners. Teaching english is my passion! I am also an ielts examiner.

L'Hospitalet de Llobregat
High school student with good grades is offered for tutoring and child care

Classes of any matter of primary or eso. I can teach in the evenings and weekends, in barcelona or hospitalet de llobregat. Any doubt or question i love to hear from you in my email.

Business school student offers homework help and courses in French, English and mathematics from elementary to high school at Rouen

I am a student in business school and seeks to help students from elementary to high school in french, mathematics and english. I am passionate about english and the anglo-saxon culture and am very motivated to pass on what i learned to motivate students to discover this culture. I am passionate about literature, i am able to help students in french to develop their methodology and writing.

A high experienced and creative English, Arabic and Design tutor from beginner to advanced levels.

I am an architecture (with interior design) graduate. I have had extensive tutoring experience in english, maths, science, arabic, design, and various entry level examinations. I have also helped students sit specialised examinations such as 7+, 11+ and 13+. I tutored them english, maths and verbal/ non-verbal reasoning.

Senior high school student for school support in all areas of primaria.Sabadell, Barcelona. Titles: School graduate, delf, compulsory secondary education

Responsible girl and dynamic classes with elementary students. Competencies: tutoring, language and literature castilian, catalan language and literature, mathematics, social sciences, natural sciences, english (very good level). I can: introduce or improve reading, teach study skills (learning to make outlines, summaries. ), reinforce any subject and adapt classes to the needs of each student.

Teacher in human resources and methodology of academic research for university students

I am a professor with a university degree in the discipline of human resources graduated in an important university and i have experience in human resources positions in oil companies, i use methodology of diagnostic evaluation of previous knowledge in students to make a formative evaluation and create new knowledge in the students, i will be your dedicated and kind teacher in your classes.

Freshly graduated young wailliser from Lausanne university / master in social sciences and English

Hello everyone, 27 years and holds a master degree in social sciences and english at the university of lausanne, i offer support classes and tutoring in primary, secondary and tertiary level.

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School systems need all of the help they are able to get. With more and more public schools closing down, it becomes that much more difficult for teachers, as they face larger classrooms with often more than 30 students at a time. Of course, this also makes it difficult for the students as well, especially with the students who need the extra attention. There are simply times where certain students need more attention in order to learn a given topic. If this is not possible, they simply are going to fall behind and struggle in their classwork. Due to this, the student needs to take advantage of the private teachers and the school support private lessons they are able to provide them. Whether it is history private lessons or assistance from mathematics private teachers, all of this is possible with the help of each private teacher and their ability to work with each student. The school support private teachers can sit down with the student and go over what they are struggling with. No matter the kind of subject it is, they can identify the problem and offer help with the wide range of potential topics.