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La Spezia
Woman graduated in literature offers tuition in La Spezia for reasonable prices

I offer tuition, homework help, study method, refresher exams. For all ages from primary school to preparation for university exams. Humanities, foreign languages ​​(english, spanish), scientific subjects, basic guitar lessons. Lower prices and mobility in the province of la spezia.

Highly advanced English teacher puts the verb "to be" in the book on the table

My class is very personal, i teach each person differently. My focus is to teach the language to the point where the person practice english as part of his/her routine, drawing from my own experience as the basis for the application of this "method".

London-based Latin tutor and MA Classics graduate (Oxford and UCL); also offers English GCSE tuition.

I am a tutor of latin, english, and ks1 skills, with students aged between 3 and 17 years old. I believe in establishing a firm foundation for grammar and vocabulary in latin, creating an excellent base upon which to read texts and understand context - and fully immerse yourself in the subject.

Experienced young female English tutor up to GCSE level of groups up to 3 in Bedford area

I am student who is currently in her last year of a level, i am willing to tutor students from nursery level to gcse students in groups of 3 or one to one. The structure of my lessons follow the national curriculum and i hope to cover any topics they are struggling with at school. I'll provide worksheets and have talk through's so that there is a balance of how the lesson is being taught.

Philosophy and Humanities in practice: From tutoring to TCC's aid, clothing articles, review papers and dissertations.

Working with classic and complementary texts, as well as slides, videos, movies and other media with the intention of better work the terms proposed. To newsrooms, work with appropriate texts for the structure (introduction, development and conclusion) and new orthographic agreement, as well as tips and other techniques for processing.

Effective Maths and English tuition online (for reception- year 9) from experienced GCSE tudent with low prices

My name is mary and i am a gcse student who tutors other students from reception (primary ks1) - year 9 (secondary ks3). I teach via safe online webchats so that you can learn in the comfort of your home. I am friendly and understanding as i have very recently been in the position my fellow students are now in.

Leila kay
Graduated with degree in science gives English lessons in Hazalmere. Friendly, approachable

Recently graduated with my honours degree staying in high wycombe and aupairing. I give lessons to primary school children that require extra assistance with english. I am more then happy and willing to help any learner with test preparation; writing skills and reading exercises that you think will be beneficial. English is my home language.

Homework help, all subjects from primary to high school, student STAPS with BAC ES mention AB and European

I'm listening and persevere in my teaching. I am sociable and teacher, it is important to me that the student that i would take care succeed through my teaching. Also, i'd demanding on the methodology to acquire because it is really necessary for all subjects and for higher education.

Professional English Teacher gIves lessons to all levels and ages in London

Dynamics and methodology of teaching are individually chosen to meet the needs and goals of my students. I consider the type of learner they are as well as their age and the length of teaching period. Main focus is on effectivity and progress.

PhD graduate in political science offers thesis and dissertation preparation and proofreading in Leicestershire

I have a phd in political science from university college london, on the subject of alcohol policy in russia. I also have a ba in philosophy, politics and economics from oxford university, and an ma in history from manchester university. I can help with planning, writing and proofreading dissertations and essays at all levels from undergraduate to doctoral level.

University Student in English/Film giving English lessons to Primary, Secondary, GCSE and BTEC Students in Northampton

I am an undergraduate currently studing a ba in english & film and screen studies looking to tutor students from primary school to btec levels in english, english language or english literature. I will tailor my teaching methods and lesson structure around the needs of the individual student after figuring out what works best for them.

Student teacher teaches support Primary and English and French to the ESO in Albacete

The most effective method i use nowadays, is the individualization of work, that is, adapted to each child's need, and strengthen what you most cost through alternatives to the traditional methodology of school techniques, enabling meaningful learning of the child.

Private tuition for arts subjects such as philosophy, language, literature or art history.

Hi! I am currently studying the degree of humanities at the university pablo de olavide and as a humanist, a broad vision is completly necessary throughout the cultural field including art, literature, languages, philosophy, etc. I have experience already in teaching private english lessons, training students for selectivity.

4th Student Biotechnology reinforcement teaches English language, Valencian and biology students from elementary to high school.

Communication with the student and motivation. Ability to explain concepts in different ways for students to understand better. Mnemonics to facilitate memorization. Development of visual summary records esquematicen concepts. As for the valencian and english classes, encouraging students to speak in the language and learn to express their ideas, thus improving the construction of sentences.

Law student gives recitations and homework help to students of Primary and Secondary in Barcelona and Girona

I am a law student of second year. I do classes to children of primary and eso. In class, it is the child who learn through the guidance and exercises, not memorizing. Experience with children with learning disorders and problems of attention.

Rennes and surroundings: spelling, conjugation, reading, tutoring, homework assistance. You choose the method that suits you best

Voltaire certificate certified for spelling (score 774: bearing business), i would love to help you if you need tutoring, spelling, conjugation or any other inquiries related to french. I have a literary baccalauréat and am currently in bts communication. We will study your problem and try various teaching methods until you find one that suits you.

Psychology student helps you find your motivation on school to get good grades!

Hi, my name is laura and i am a psychology student in granada. I offer to help children and teenagers with homework and improve study techniques for a more effective study and better grades. I am qualified to offer a good school counseling to people who do not know where to focus their lives on and i have great pedagogical skills.

Master in Eng. Chi Mat classes, Thursday and Physics for levels (EFII, IN, ESMS, Tecnico) and specific materials Engineering (Thermodynamics, kinetics, OPU, Mec.Flow, BM / BE among others). Rio de Jan

Engineer chemical, master of process chemicals, mba at fgv. Classes with didactic dynamics, seeking learning and in short space of time that student learning will become independent counsel to study and need not more reinforcement. Use of audio visual resources, ludica proposal when possible and guided the carencias individualized for each student. (no formula ready.

Teacher and psychologist with over20 years of experience in research support and exam preparation

I have a background of teaching, lecturing and research with a masters in psychology i individually structure plans for the needs of the student and the exam board requirements. Identifying the areas needed for improvement, i use the appropriate resources and measures to bridge gaps.

English Literature degree student tutoring pupils at all Secondary School Levels, Bristol and London

I am an english literature student at the university of bristol and offer private lessons to pupils at all secondary school levels. I have a genuine joy for both the improvement of less confident students and honing the techniques of those preparing for exams (gcse, as level, a level, pre-u).

Tutoring in all subjects by a student in the preparatory class for the grandes écoles

Hello! My name is theo i'm 18 and i'm preparatory class to the great literary schools superior lycée faidherbe of lille.

Business school student makes homework assistance and french courses in the center of Dion

Student at bsb, the dijon business school in english speaking program, i am going to give french and english classes but also to do homework assistance and tutoring in different subjects for french or foreign students from primary to high school.

Engineering student helps out at homework and school support (also high school and PAU)

I would like to know what is in the school platform to studying the concepts day by day with a quick reading of what has given that week, understanding the new issues, exercises and a summary, outline or conceptual map.

PhD in Engineering is willing to help anyone who struggles with maths, engineering or undergraduate dissertations. Love to proof read scientific reports. Based in Exeter, Devon but always online!

Hello! I'm a postgraduate researcher, working on phd in engineering and nanoscience. My background is civil engineering and i got the highest mark in the class on my undergraduate thesis (83%). I'll be very happy to help anyone who struggles with writing scientific/engineering reports.

Sheffield tutor: Recent Graduate, 2:1 Philosophy & English Lit. Tutors English lit, creative writing, exam practice, university advice. Friendly and eager to meet new students!

I am a recent philosophy and english literature graduate (2:1) from the university of reading who is looking to be a tutor in sheffield. I aim to provide help for students who need tutoring in essay and exam practice and in creative writing. I am willing to discuss texts (novels, poetry, plays) with students to help them learn how to analyse a text.

English Literature, grammar and converstional language help offered. I've been a teacher for all my life and have an MA and extensive teaching in FE, HE and Access

I have taught english, drama and film for 38 years in schools, fe colleges and university. This includes gcse, a level, access and degree level studies. I am a highly creative and experienced teacher with innovative ways of teaching literacy and literary analysis. I have also been an external examiner and assessor for a range of institutions, including aqa and ascentis.

Creative methods to learn and memorize. Rennes. Student Master 2 level trade / engineer.

Business/engineer student in master, i want to share my approach to learning with others. Whether you are in elementary, high school, college or the workforce, you have a body of knowledge to remember. I propose to provide you with tools to understand this mass that will become your knowledge. I offer personalized assistance, as needed, i will adapt my approach.

Pediatric Student Nurse providing English lessons to children of all ages .

Umi abdulmutwalib , a very hard working motivational tutor currently still studying myself as a pediatric nurse. I have been tutoring for a number of years and i am able to assist students of different capabilities, ensuring confidence and results! I strongly believe that lessons are to be catered to the students needs and capabilities.

Graduated offers tuition in languages ​​and science subjects for high schools in Turin

The lectures are intended for students from elementary to high school, with lectures and, in the case of languages, with the support of specific files or audio books targeted. My help tends to seek the autonomy of the student and not to replace it.

4th year teaching student support is offered for Primary school and ESO students in Vitoria / Gasteiz

My name iker and i´m studying teaching at the university of the basque country. My classes are based on the previous knowledge of the pupil, and the matter is concerned with exercises already done in class, other books, internet material etc.

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School systems need all of the help they are able to get. With more and more public schools closing down, it becomes that much more difficult for teachers, as they face larger classrooms with often more than 30 students at a time. Of course, this also makes it difficult for the students as well, especially with the students who need the extra attention. There are simply times where certain students need more attention in order to learn a given topic. If this is not possible, they simply are going to fall behind and struggle in their classwork. Due to this, the student needs to take advantage of the private teachers and the school support private lessons they are able to provide them. Whether it is history private lessons or assistance from mathematics private teachers, all of this is possible with the help of each private teacher and their ability to work with each student. The school support private teachers can sit down with the student and go over what they are struggling with. No matter the kind of subject it is, they can identify the problem and offer help with the wide range of potential topics.