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Hello, I´m Ignacio. I studied History and i have a Master of Education. I´m dedicated in provides tutoring and study support to students in primary and secondary cicles

Hello, my name is ignacio and i offer private lessons to students of all ages who want to learn or need support for all the subjects in primary and secondary education. Aids in techniques of study is also offered. For high school students i offer support in the subjects of language, english and history.

Degree in philosophy offers homework help for all of history and philosophy students and reps

Degree in philosophy offers homework help for students from primary and middle (even the summer months! ) and support for the success of the written production (essays). I offer also lectures in philosophy for for students of secondary schools. I have experience in this matter and the clear explanation of the main philosophical strands.

María fernanda
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Child caregiver / as in Madrid to also support the extracurricular duties

I am a student in the third year of communication / advertising and public relations, bilingual and experienced private english classes and extracurricular support relations. Say private lessons because they are 100 customized and adapted to the needs of each child%. My methodology is to teach english as learn the spanish: without translations and by association.

Medical student to support and tutor in Madrid. Flexibility and adaptability to individual needs.

I am a fifth year medical student that aims to help mainly primary and secondary school level students (also undergraduate sanitary students). Flexible methodology, adaptable to the needs and preferences of the students (explanations, exercises, multimedia and traditional extra material. ) .

Student in business school (IESEG) offers tutoring in Lille

I am a student at the institute of economics and management science (ieseg) in lille. I propose rather diverse tutoring for students. Courses can be delivered at my home, at the student's home or by webcam. My teaching methods vary the challenges and goals of the student. I am available from now on lille and its surroundings. My schedule allows me to be flexible enough.

Support and recovery classes: history, art history, language arts, and English

Art historian, with professional experience and in teaching recovery classes (100% approved), offers to teach primary, secondary and high schools (history, art history, language and literature and english) and help with tfg or tfm in matters of art, heritage, collections, museums, etc.

Student at Sciences-Po gives History, French lessons and homework help - let's learn together !

Currently journalism student at sciences-po, i want to use my language skills and everything related cultural, economic and geopolitical area to help the largest and least large gaining a better methodology and a great culture that can benefit them in their academic and professional career.

Teacher support in English, French, German and mathematics for pupils, schoolchildren or sophomore in the Eure et Loir and Yvelines

I can help you if you are pupils, schoolchildren, students of second class, if you prepare a contest, follow training or take a refresher course, i see what your needs are, your skills and i adapt my classes to your planning and so you progressed quickly.

Anne lou
Exam preparation and assistance with a graduate student at Sciences Po, Paris

Having methodological problems? I can help you better prepare for your exams / "concours". Whether you struggle with public speaking or learning issues, everything is a matter of preparation! As a graduate student at sciences po' school of international affairs (psia), i can provide you with some tools to help you prepare for any examination, written and oral, at all levels.

Paris 15e
Senior Engineer in Mathematical Statistics provides tutoring in math and physics for college and high school in Paris

My classes are for any student stuck in college and high school in mathematics and physics and also for any preparation for bachelor students.

Refresher classes, help with homework and exams, study techniques and learning difficulties in Valencia and surroundings.

I'm laura, a responsible person who loves working with children and adolescents. I offer support and refresher classes in kindergarten, primary and eso, training in study skills and organization. My training and experience as a child and adolescent psychologist allows me to assess educational needs and learning style to adjust to the individual needs of the student / a.

Lyon 1er
Secretary in the administration - classics tray (1980) - current spelling-grammar conversation on modern topics

Currently secretary, i have a very good speller with my initial training (classics). I am an educator and patient and offers classes to children and adults in difficulty to express themselves correctly in french. I can also help foreigners in their learning of the french language (i have a good level in english): grammar, conversation, etc.

Student in Master Astrophysics homework help (tutoring) from primary to high school

I am a graduate student in the master 1 astrophysics and space technology. The homework help, tutoring is for elementary students in high school. The method is organized on an understanding of the course and applied exercises, worksheets can be provided.

Le Pradet
Primary school teacher gives lessons in French, maths and English

From "grande section" to "cm2" with methods based on active pupils participation, including: - montessori for mathematics and french, - "alphas" for reading, - games, songs, drama and storytelling for english.

Student in Economic license with 4 years of philosophical and literary reading experience

I am a student in bachelor of social and economic administration and i'm much more often of literary creation. I have many experiences from books, having already two years of preparatory classes for the high school. My teaching techniques based primarily on listening and perfectionism.

Paristech mining engineer gives over physical chemistry to math surrounding istres

Having already had several successful; i do not tolerate non motivation. J first assesses the motivation and the level of student or students. I am an engineer and i will give classes only in the evening or on weekends. Delays are not part of my field. Any delay or failure should be reported in advance. Thank you for your understanding.

Les Issards
Experienced teacher offers tutoring, homework assistance and methodology in Ariege around Pamiers and Mirepoix

As a teacher in a primary school, i want to put my experience and skills in pedagogy at the service of all the children. I offer help with written homework and lessons both in english and french with a single watchword: efficiency.

Teacher, trainer and coach gives French lessons, written and oral communication and methodology from primary school to higher education in Paris 15eme

Hello, i'm coach, teacher and trainer my teaching practice is based on my coaching skills. I teach pupils, students and also train adults. The courses are mixing theoretical content and recreational exercises. Sequences are organized according to individual capacity. The courses are an opportunity for fun learning.

Paris 20e
I teach French as a foreign language at Paris 8 university. I've taught English for 25 years in a secondary school.

Teacher ensuring grammar courses / written expression at university gives french language courses for all levels: conversation, grammar, syntax, spelling. English courses from primary to high school: conversation, grammar, phonetics, vocabulary. After evaluation of the level, i adapt lessons and exercises and i make suitable fact sheets that summarize the points studied.

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Paris 5e
Quebec teacher available for English classes, homework help and tutoring in Paris - primary and college

Teacher from quebec and in paris for the year, i am available for english tutoring for the elementary and college levels. I am also available for homework help and tutoring for elementary school students. You can ask me targeted activities to help your child progress in english. I can also offer support with their homeworks.

Psychologist specialized in Emotional Intelligence teaches study skills and tutoring in Madrid

I graduated in psychology and i teach study skills at all levels, tutoring and homework help in primary and secondary education. In high school i teach spanish and english language. I like to teach classes dynamically and teach students strategies to help you plan your study independently and improve their performance.

Lyon 3e
Engineering school Student (Chemistry, +3) in Lyon offers homework help and / or tutoring in science for high school students, with experience

I study engineering school (bac +3 in progress). I have experience in tutoring and especially for the preparation of exams, but also regular monitoring of general courses for students with some learning difficulties.

Lectures of French, English, tutoring for children or adolescents

My name is chloe i am 18 years old. I am in high school bossuet in meaux in terminal literary. My courses are aimed primarily at children who have difficulties at school. But also to help college students in french or english.

Psychology student gives courses in mathematics, statistics, biology, English and French

Tutor for a year (at a rate of 2 to 5 hours per week), i make myself my exercises to precisely meet the needs of my students. My methods are also used to review the concepts that would not have been acquired.

Student at HEC gives private lessons from high school to the first year of ECS

Hello, my course is especially for students who have great methodological difficulties. From high school to the preparatory class, and in all subjects, one quickly realizes that it is the lack of method that causes bad grades. In this respect, i intend to help everyone: - identify and identify the difficulties of its own.

Holds a degree in physics, a degree in communication and author Actes Sud, doing tutoring for twenty years, from primary to the end.

I do tutoring primary to the terminal. My predilections subjects are mathematics, physics and french. I made it a habit to listen, adapt and support each student to better understand its functioning.

Paris 14e
Student M2 philosophy at Paris-Sorbonne gives courses in philosophy and humanities (former khâgne Henri IV)

The multidisciplinary training i received in literary prep school allows me to design a course according to your needs: 1# tutoring / homework help >> some students simply need a presence, someone to accompany him/her towards autonomy in the relationships with "homework".

Tutoring, Paris, Letters, History and Mathematics for college student and high school students

Hi, I am actually studying social sciences in sciences po. A french "grande école", i graduated my baccalaureat with "summa cum laude" (honors) mention tb with 17,5 out fo 20. I am also a very pedagogue student, with good communication skills, i am a student my self so i can understand the difficulties that can be met by a high school student.

Professor Experienced with references schools offers courses and tutoring for school and college students

After teaching for 26 years in the french national education, i had settled in the uk in september 2010. I have worked in london, the private teaching profession. I, for example, in 2013-14, worked for a french family whose child suffers from dyspraxia, school andré malraux in london (annex french lycée charles de gaulle).

Teacher / Trainer in English for adults or students, I also offer homework help and quality tutoring any level

My courses are designed for adults who want to improve their english for professional purposes (commercial, financial, legal, toeic preparation, toefl etc. ) or personal (all levels). I also give support classes and homework help for college tray levels of students + 3. I can also offer writing and theses proofreading and layout.

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School systems need all of the help they are able to get. With more and more public schools closing down, it becomes that much more difficult for teachers, as they face larger classrooms with often more than 30 students at a time. Of course, this also makes it difficult for the students as well, especially with the students who need the extra attention. There are simply times where certain students need more attention in order to learn a given topic. If this is not possible, they simply are going to fall behind and struggle in their classwork. Due to this, the student needs to take advantage of the private teachers and the school support private lessons they are able to provide them. Whether it is history private lessons or assistance from mathematics private teachers, all of this is possible with the help of each private teacher and their ability to work with each student. The school support private teachers can sit down with the student and go over what they are struggling with. No matter the kind of subject it is, they can identify the problem and offer help with the wide range of potential topics.