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Profesora de ingles particular para primaria, secundaria y bachillerato. Pedagoga con nivel C1

Mis clases se basan en las necesidades del alumno. En primer lugar se evalúan sus aptitudes iniciales para poder acomodar los aprendizajes. Son eminentemente prácticas y se pueden realizar de manera paralela al desarrollo del currículo escolar para completar los aprendizajes escolares.

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Professor in New York & Seoul - Business School graduate and literature preparatory class

Price: 25 € / hour. Master graduate of the icn business school specialty communication, i also did two years of literature preparatory class where i chose to specialize in english. Back in france after teaching in new york and seoul, i want to give private lessons in the subjects listed above in valence. I am at your disposal for any further information.

Young English teacher teaches French, Italian, English and other subjects.

I can teach to various levels + through a webcam if you are living to far away from my house.

Private lessons, tutoring, homework help and experienced music teacher

- mathematics (elementary, middle, high school) - science: physics, chemistry and biology (primary, middle and high school) - english (college) - french (college) - history and geography (college) and music: guitar acoustic & electric, saxophone, music theory, music composition (beginner and advanced), with good experience and a good relationship, i suggest appropriate courses and teaching, with...

Paris 13e
Student in engineering school offers tutoring and homework help to students of primary, secondary schools, Bac +1 and +2 in Paris (13th arrondissement).

I am a student in engineering school, serious and highly motivated. I propose : tutoring in math, physics and chemistry, from primary up to bac + 2 (and therefore all middle and high school levels), and tutoring in math, physics, chemistry, french, primary up to bac + 2.

Teacher offers tutoring courses: primary and college - Nantes

Graduate of a high business school, i quickly taught english in primary school and i helped students at home. I like when the child likes to work. I bring him or her a method and keys to become more independent in his work. I help with homework, but by bringing it, itself, to find solutions to the exercises. I never give the right solution.

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Curriculum: Level 5 Diploma sociology, educational support at home (Acadomia), guitar lessons & music theory, teaching assistant, a French teacher, project (Scolai Affairs Directorate

Serious and rigorous. I give special importance to the methodology, which is the key to success. My teaching technique is based on several pillars: 1. Define the student's needs (what are their difficulties 2. Establish an individualized academic support 3. Help overcome methodological weaknesses 3.

English classes at home or on site by Prof English qualifée Scotland

Hello, i offer english classes for all levels (kindergarten, middle school, high school, college and professional). I practice english interactive methodology to allow students to feel comfortable and that is adapted to their needs.

Hello! Want to improve your level of French, Spanish or English! Contact me!

Hello, my name is lise, i am 27 years old. I am a teacher of french as a foreign language and i'm visiting professor in spanish. I have 7 years experience in regard to tuition. Indeed, i had the chance to teach classes both for children 7 years since adults. Furthermore, i would like to be a teacher then all experiences is important to me.

Paris 20e
Math class by a student in high school engineering

Hello, i am currently a freshman at ensae paristech. My scientific background (s tray with honors, prepa mpsi / mp * park high school) has allowed me to gain a solid foundation in science and previous tutoring have matured knowledge.

Paris 9e
Graduate Student Science-Po Aix Master 2 Public Affairs and compared policies gives college and high school classes

Currently in possession of a school of political studies diploma and a master 2 in public affaires and compared policies from sciences po aix i want to give high school courses and lower level. I hold a ba honors , i spent most of my third year american university. I can help your child from a good foundation for the autumn. Price: 20 euros per hour.

Young graduate's degree or 5 supports school tutoring to give your child every chance to succeed

The courses are designed for students from primary school to the end (economic sector) the course is mainly based on the methodology and homework help. The courses will happen in a serious context. My long study and my role as big brother have proven the effectiveness of my method.

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Paris 13e
Sciences Po Paris Alumni gives tutoring college and high school homework assistance, development, test preparation

For college / high school: i offer personalized and customized tutoring, homework help (without doing them for you! ) . Gradual upgrade discount. For the prepa sciences po (masters): training for the oral demands special preparation. Till today the people i prepared were admitted without exception.

A cervia English French German lessons also on skype professional translations delivery after bank payment

Doctor farabegoli morena in cervia lessons english german french italian for foreigners also on skye- only bank transfer before the beginning of lezioni.

Student in languages ​​offer some tutoring and help for oral exam, St Brieuc

My name is leah and i am currently studying english in college. I had my literary ferry there over a year. I can help the zero level at the terminal level (high school). In addition i also offer to help when there oral examinations, or language classes or other opportunity to better express whatever language, which is often a problem during evaluation including tray.

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Young graduate (Edhec Business Schooll), expatriate in Prague, offers private lessons (Skype) - Coach, homework assistance, tutoring, methodology and refresher course

Young graduated from high ranked business school (edhec), i used to give private lessons, homework assistance to young students seeking tutoring in mathematics, english and french.

(3 reviews)
I am a psychologist and I have over 9 years of experience with children and young people with various difficulties and profiles. I adapt to the students and their needs. Granollers or nearby.

I am a psychologist and i have over 9 years of experience with children and young people with various difficulties and profiles. I am very flexible and look for the best way to make them understand their tasks. I am studying a master in diagnosis and new diseases.

Business School graduate offers academing support for multilevel applicants in Marseille and around

Business school graduate in marketing and entrepreneurship, i have previously studied in prep school. I acquired an effective methodology and a good level in mathematics, french, english, economy. During my education i have given several french lessons and math and tutoring for students of different levels (primary , college and high school).

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La Coruña
School tutor for children: Spanish, grammar, reading, English, math, science, and more

I am venezuelan-spanish. I lived 8 years in the united states (chicago and miami). Now, study tourism at the university of coruña. I like to learn and share experiences with others. I teach all kinds of people. My classes are very flexible and based on what the student needs: school help, speaking, grammar, etc. The class adapts depending on your needs.

Classical objects, ITALIAN for Foreigners, ENGLISH + help for homework and thesys writing!

I offer all my expertise and passion to anyone willing to give himself a challenge and to improve. I combined classical studies with a specific didactic training of english language and italian for foreigners teaching (ditals). My lessons are about: - italian and classical objects (greek, latin) - italian for foreigners - english I also offer support for homework and thesys writing.

I teach all students to 1 of the ESO I don't care what kind of object I need To te teach

I'm a man of 17 years in 2nd high school of social and legal sciences, my goal is to teach children a methodology to study and help them overcome any course of primary of the best and most fun way possible, without burdening the student and great atmosphere.

María josé
Qualified teacher for private English lessons in Mostoles (teens and adults). English for living!

Communicative methodology. Strengthening school support lessons learned and encouraging the ability to relate contents of the student. I try to encourage them to think for themselves and to achieve a deep and lasting learning. My explanations and content are based on current issues that may be easy to understand and prove to be motivating for the student.

Law school student provides assistance for private lessons in various subjects

Young law student, i offer my help in various subjects ranging from languages ​​to philosophy through the history and geography. My classes are for children from 6 years to 17 years. My courses are tailored to the student's needs and gaps.

English classes (all levels), language tutoring and art history and music. Valladolid center

I have a degree in art history. I am 25 and have just completed a master of heritage management in las palmas. I have the title of the first certificate, i practiced english in ireland and i am reciiclándolo in the eoi. I have also the title of professional education in the specialty of viola the conservatory of valladolid. I have a high cultural level, i love literature, cinema and music.

Currently Master Student in business school (Master of Marketing & Communication), previously student in training classes for Top schools in France in litterature, gives courses in Reims in Humanities

Currently student in business school ( courses marketing & communications), i previously obtained the scientific bachelor with honors and followed the preparatory classes (litterature studies with history and geography as major) for 3 years which allowed me to get a double ba in history and geography and a sub-eligibility at "ecole normale supérieure".

L'Hospitalet de Llobregat
Medicine student who can teach all kind of subjects to ESO or Primary students. In English, Spanish or Catalan.

Hi. I'm maria, i am a medicine student and have always liked children, that is why i have spent four years by tutoring students of eso and primary. These can be of any speciality, both science and letters. Moreover, also in english (i have the title advanced cambridge).

Before you learn, you have to know HOW to learn. I provide my students with the METHOD to learn in the way that suits their ability. Naples.

Degree in archaeology, classical high school diploma, i know the issues that studying ancient languages causes, and i understand how it is difficult to make the right choice after your diploma. My teaching strategy is primarily based on understanding the true potential of my students. I want to be for them a guide in their future choices, both in educational and professional fields.

Paris 16e
Student at HEC Paris provides tutoring and home tuitions for primary/middle and high school students

I chaimaa, a 2nd year student at hec paris (great business school), i was able to integrate the school after two years of technological prépas. I acquired a fairly substantial experience in education through private lessons and courses as a temporary teacher in high schools in casablanca, to allow me to offer tutoring services and homework help.

(2 reviews)
Student in business school at the European Business School, I give private lessons for 3 years now in all the

I validated a bac es and was just one on a tray post-renowned business school in paris, i agree to both primary students that terminal. I can adapt depending on the student profile and level; my first goal is to get my students to their difficulties. It is necessary for my hand to perform regular monitoring with each of my students to progress at their own pace.

Superprof of French and Modern Literature for spectacular progress !! You will love it !

I am always passionate by literature. I like to share, transmit and help others so that they have more ease and joy to practice french through literature. I like to find fun and enjoyable techniques adapted to the profiles of my students. Sometimes it is necessary to return to a point of grammar and methodology to advance more effectively in their work.

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School systems need all of the help they are able to get. With more and more public schools closing down, it becomes that much more difficult for teachers, as they face larger classrooms with often more than 30 students at a time. Of course, this also makes it difficult for the students as well, especially with the students who need the extra attention. There are simply times where certain students need more attention in order to learn a given topic. If this is not possible, they simply are going to fall behind and struggle in their classwork. Due to this, the student needs to take advantage of the private teachers and the school support private lessons they are able to provide them. Whether it is history private lessons or assistance from mathematics private teachers, all of this is possible with the help of each private teacher and their ability to work with each student. The school support private teachers can sit down with the student and go over what they are struggling with. No matter the kind of subject it is, they can identify the problem and offer help with the wide range of potential topics.