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French and Wolof lessons for all levels from NATIVE in Dallas

I'm originally from senegal I teach french and Wolof, languages are keys to many doors I to teach these languages using a simple tool but necessary to be fluent which is 100% involvement of the student.

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Learning Made Easy: Learning is FUN (Master's Degree - Level Instructor, Masters in Psychology) Contact ME

I have a Masters in Psychology, with a second unfinished Masters Degree in Clinical Counseling. I have a Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice and a minor in African American Studies. I am a certified Procurement Agent who worked in Sales, Marketing and Promotions, Negotiations, and Customers Service for over 15 years.

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Qualified and Experienced Educator here to help you improve your results, guaranteed!

I have a Bachelors Degree in Education as well as 4 years experience in teaching all primary school subjects in English/Afrikaans. I can make you fall in love with Maths with results guaranteed! I assist each student according to his or her individual needs and strenghts. I'm a born teacher that is driven by the success of my students.

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Learn Afrikaans easily and quickly! Afrikaans is one of the most beautiful and expressive languages ‚Äčin the world and it's super easy to learn.

Since Afrikaans is a language that you speak from your chest (like German and Dutch) it is not only fun to speak, it is also perfect for insults! I have never encountered a language that is as expressive as Afrikaans. If you are interested in learning Dutch, Afrikaans is a great place to start. I am South African, and I love my mother tongue. I also speak English and French.

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Afrikaans is among the youngest languages in the world spoken by around eight million people. English speakers can learn it easily since the language has Germanic origins. Learning a new language can be tough especially when you are getting to learn it for the first time. However, our Afrikaans teachers can help you learn it in a short time since they are native speakers. You can enroll for the Afrikaans lessons and start by learning basic grammar lessons, simple phrases and words before advancing to technical subjects. Anyone planning to visit South Africa can learn the language as it one of eh official languages spoken in that country. SuperPROF also offers similar lessons where you can enroll for Danish lessons to learn the Danish language as well as learn Latvian. Moreover, we have Indonesian tutor and French teachers who can help you with learning Indonesian language and French language respectively.