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Italian teacher who lived in Italy for years, with degree and experience

Ciao, come stai? If you would like to know what i just wrote, well, i can definitely teach you! I have lived in italy for over 8 years and i have also received my minor in italian. When i teach, i like to make it visual, not just verbal. I like for my students to really get involved in what i'm teaching while still having fun.

Bachelor degree in Esl, give lessons from home all over the world

I am arta aziri from macedonia. English language is a foreign language to me in which i have a bahelor degree. My methodology of teaching depends on the class and based on that i reorganize my structure.

A native speaker, born and raised in Kosovo, teaching Albanian with an innovative and enthusiastic approach

Hello! I am riga, currently a student of anthropology at uel. Born and raised in kosovo, albanian is my mother tongue. I find it extremely satisfying to teach my own language, all while tailoring my lesson plans with enthusiasm and innovation.

Experienced and reliable tutor in English for better performance and more confident. (Location: Berlin)

The lessons are designed so that, together with the student or the student a learning method is developed that enhances the learning process of the respective stakeholders. Many exercises are used, the students actively participate in the hour to stop the lessons. This is to promote the independence, but also the promotion of self-consciousness in the respective shortcoming tray.

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Teaching English, Modern Grec and Albanian in Antibes

Hello everybody. I lived in 3 countries and i speak 5 languages. I teach english, modern grec and albanian. Greek and albanian are my native languages. My main activity is coaching and personnal development. You can take a look at my website :(concealed information) i live in the french riviera, in antibes and i give private or group lessons in greek and in english.

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Ever wanted to learn the Albanian language? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. Albanian is an indoor-European language that is spoken mainly in the Balkan peninsula by almost five million people. In Albania, it is the principal official language while in Kosovo it is a co-official language. As a tourist in such a beautiful country, you would want to interact with the people and learn more about their culture. Moreover, even researchers would have to learn this language if they have to get the necessary information they need. That is why we offer Albanian lessons at a predetermined period of time at reasonable rates. The Albanian teachers taking you through the Albanian lessons are native speakers of this language. So you are sure of learning both the basics and technical terms in the Albanian language. You can also enroll for Slovak and Thaï lessons in case you want to learn the respective languages. Our Romanian tutor and American sign language teachers will also help you if interested in learning from them.

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Christina's request

Bonjour, je suis italo-américaine, résidente à Strasbourg où je vis avec ma famille et travaille. J'ai épousé un citoyen albanais et souhaiterais aprendre sa langue. Nous parlons français en famille, ce qui ne m'aide pas!

1 year ago
(4 reviews)
Accompagnatrice dans l'apprentissage de l'anglais, du grec et de l'albanais à Antibes