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Unique Fashion Design Director with 25 years exprience, Home Decor, Apparel, Textiles
Art history

I'm a seasoned apparel designer and graduate of fashion institute of technology in new york city. I have a mba from the university of phoenix. I have taught students at the middle school, high school and college levels. I'm currently an adjunct professor at wayne county community college, detroit, michigan.

Farmington Hills
Retired Mathematics Instructor with over 20 years experience in tutoring all levels of Mathematics

My goal in education is to provide a comfortable learning experience for my students and identify their strengths and weaknesses so that we can improve their abilities in learning.

ESL/TESOL - Kalamazoo, MI - TESOL Certified - Giving lessons to students who want to learn English

I am a recent bachelor of science in english from central michigan university.

College student in mathematics gives math and physics lessons all levels in kalamazoo and portage

I am a junior at western michigan university, my major is secondary mathematics with a minor in physics. I have experience in calculus, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and general physics. I plan to be a math teacher in the future and am using this to gain experience and practice what i have learned.

Grand Rapids
Success Developer for the Professional that aspires to excellence in the world
Creative writing

I have creatively managed, marketed, taught, trained, and sold by developing people, professionals, artisans, and advocates into excellent doers and makers that entered the business world as successful capable servicers to small businesses and fortune 500 companies throughout the world.

Grand Rapids
College graduate in environmental science and future teacher gives lessons in physical science, algebra, and mathematics from elementary to middle school in Grand Rapids, MI

I hold a bachelor's degree in natural resource management/environmental science from grand valley state university and i am planning to pursue a master's in education once i am accepted into school. I hope to provide help with science and math lessons to students from 1st-8th grade.

Clarinet Lessons for Beginner and Elementary and Middle School Players: Eleven year Player

I love sharing my passion for music and band with clarinet players who are just starting out. I have books for beginner and advanced students and access to lots of fun, creative pieces. I use practice time cards that will ensure the student is working at home on his/her own that the parent will sign off on. I believe the more you invest, the more return you will reap.

Primary and Middle School Homework Tutor and After School Care--English Specialist and Literature Enthusiast
Homework help

I am a 20 year-old junior in college with an extensive background in working with middle school kids as well as elementary school kids.

Grand Rapids
Social Sciences. A broad field of tutoring available for growth in many subjects!

I have a b. s . In social sciences from liberty university in lynchburg, va. I use the gradual release method in my classroom. It allows the student to take full ownership of their understanding and expertise. I believe a teacher is merely a guide to student success, much as a lighthouse is merely a guide to ships on a successful journey.

Grand Rapids
Economics. Help with major concepts from a common sense perspective to help connect economics to real life experiences.

I have a b. s . In social sciences from liberty university in lynchburg, va. I use the gradual release method in my classroom. It allows the student to take full ownership of their understanding and expertise. I believe a teacher is merely a guide to student success, much as a lighthouse is merely a guide to ships on a successful journey.

College student in electric engineering. located in Dearborn. The Math wiz. ☆

Honors math student since the 8th grade. Extremely helpful keeping it simple and easy. Received a 30 on the mathematics standardized state test. Knows shortcuts to expedite the learning experience. Extremely patience and willing to work at the pace of the person seeking help.

Native spanish speaker with an engineering degree is teaching spanish and math, covering Troy and sorrounding cities.

I am a native spanish speaker with an engineering degree who teaches spanish language at a coloquial, formal or technical level and also teaches math in subjects like geometry, pre-algebra and trigonometry among others, it will be my pleasure working with you!

Flint, MI Area After School Help Available Currently By Web Cam Only
Homework help

I graduated from genesee high school in 2009 earning 4 extra credits. I also attended colorado technical university online for the past 2 years in pursuit of my bachelor of science in criminal justice with a concentration in human services.

Prof Bartels provides lessons in psychology, sociology and general knowledge at the college level in the Capital District NY

I am finishing my dissertation for my phd in psychology at capella university. I earned my master's degree in psychology at adelphi university and my bachelor's degree in psychology with a minor in sociology at russell sage college in troy.

Arabic is the key for success to see the oldest history where all the religions came from.

To a new arabic as a second language teacher in an adult education program, the task of teaching arabic can seem overwhelming.

English major that gives lessons to middle school and high school students.

My name is brittany and i am an english major. I have a high school diploma and i graduated with honors. In high school i took advanced placement english/literature classes and received a's and b's. I have been a tutor for about six years now. I am a tutor that has a lot of patience. I love to help others receive their education.

Thorough and engaging private music instruction! I teach wind instruments from basic to advanced levels with a specialty in low brass.
Music theory

I am an msu college of music graduate with a specialty in low brass instruments who teaches beginning and intermediate wind instrumentalists. I've taught myself some basic proficiency on the ukulele which i also feel qualified to instruct. Furthermore, i have a strong concept of music theory and can teach that as well.

Learn from an enthuistic, motivated, skille and trained teacher ... Happy Learning

Phd. Commerce (in process, university of punjab, pakistan) Ms – management (university of management and technology, pakistan) Acca (affliate, ftc, london) Masters of business administration – (hamdard university, gold medal) Masters of commerce.

Grand Rapids
Math Mastery at all levels and Scientific exploration in Biology and Chemistry.

I was lucky enough to be chosen to attend the upward bound project starting after my sophomore year of high school. We were taught a variety of subjects usually for college preparation in our chosen fields and i chose math, computer , and physical education. I went on to take every math class i could in high school.

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Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor
Best opportunity to study, learn and boost up your knowledge at home

I am master of engineering in mechanical engineering who wants to help curious young student to love what they are learning. My focus will be on improving the aptitude of students so that their learning power increases with increase in knowledge.

Grand Rapids
Great flexible and experienced tutor, I teach many subjects and work with you to maximize your learning and achieve your goals.
Homework help

Graduate of ucsd and m. d . Degree from saint louis university, i have extensive experience tutoring and teaching a myriad of subjects. I earned a psychology degree and medical degree and use both in my teaching of many different student type including special needs.

Grand Rapids
Mainly Chinese and secondary Japanese

Hi i am a chinese girl and i can teach any level of chinese to anyone who is interested in learning chinese. And also i can teach japanese as well for the beginner. I am very patient and warmhearted and will try my best to help you learn chinese and japanese. Please let me know if you are interested in learning chinese and chinese culture.

Experienced Editor and Writing and Reading Teacher/Tutor with Master's Degree in Creative Writing and Bachelor's Degree in English
Academic tutoring

I have a bachelor's degree in english and a master's degree in creative writing (with pedagogy and literature coursework). I have specific experience writing and teaching creative nonfiction, as well as years of editing experience. I can give you the tools you need to be a successful writer as well as proofread and edit your work. I specialize in memoir writing.

Sophomore resume and cover builder in Detroit with medical assistant ongoing
Resume / Cover letter writing prep

I am a medical assistant seeking to help sophomores build a great resume and cover letter. My technique are to make the cover letter be a fill out on who the person is without seeing them.

Senior high school student offering help in English to middle school and high school levels in Windsor, ON

My name is haley straub. In june 2017, i will graduate from fj brennan high school and from there i will pursue a bachelor's degree in english literature. I provide lessons for anyone struggling in english from primary school to high school. I am a confident and interpersonal tutor who understands and meets a students needs.

Grand Rapids
French conversation, Gramar, humanity live in grand rapids. I have a Master degree and a bachelor degree in french from University of California Davis

I am a native french speaker who graduated from university of california berkeley then transfer to uc davis. I am curently a grad student at the gvsu grand rapids studying public health ( mph). I teach mostly by visualisation oof manuscrits, books and picture describing the lesson been studied. In less most of my students are able to communicate in french.

Any high school math subject tutored reasonable rates teacher for 25 yrs master degree detroit mi area

High school cass tech 1983 College bs michigan state university mathematics 1992 College ma university of detroit math education 1996 I am a very good tutor i know my math and i relate well to students because i had to work hard at it

Elementary my dear We Will Learn all of this English,Math, Social Studies, Science,Spelling,
Homework help

I have studied business, creative writing, and english at wayne state university. I've participated in a multitude of certification and licensing courses that consisted, but not limited to, transcription, programming, technology, and real estate.

Grand Rapids
College Student in English/Education/History Gives Lessons to Middle School and High School Students in Michigan
Homework help

My name is taylor and i am a college senior at grand valley state university. I study english and history (with a bias toward literature). Below, i have listed several statements that accurately describe my beliefs and style of teaching. - i believe teachers should strive to make learning fun for students.

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