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Deaf Barista at Starbucks provides ASL tutor services to all grade levels

My name is Gregory Oxley, I provide tutoring for ASL in all age and grade levels. The tutoring services will vary on the student skills and we will start from that and help the students improve their skills to a point it can be used successfully in life situations. I believe that a combination of fun and work would allow the students to enjoy improving their ASL skills.

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College student majoring in ASL Interpreting. I love ASL and learning more about the language and its culture

I am currently taking ASL 5 and Interpreting Foundations Class. I start with the basics: fingerspelling (beginner), Classifiers (beginner), basic terminology and phrases. I also have experience with body shifting.

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Literacy for English as a Second Language Adults. Learn how to read and write English at your own pace with a supportive and compassionate instructor.

I have a M.A. in Contemplative Education and have been teaching at the post-secondary level for several years. I also have experienced working for "Literacy Volunteers" and the Adult ESL group...and did many 1-1 tutorials, working with both reading and writing skills as well as English idioms. I am patient, kind and have a wonderful sense of humor.

Morris Plains
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Paraprofessional & Sibling to Deaf individuals gives flexible ASL lessons at home

My name is Anissa and I am a sibling to two Deaf siblings. (The difference between “deaf” and “Deaf” will be something you will learn in my tutoring sessions!) I have grown up learning and using, and have taken ASL courses in my college academic career. I am highly expressive and receptive in this language.

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Retiree, fluent in ASL and English to tutor beginners, families and interpreters in training.

Bilingual ASL and English, BS degree in French with substantial coursework in Linguistics, English and some Spanish, 15 credits in American Sign Language. I would love working with young people in training for any professional work using ASL, prospective teachers, interpreters and staff members.

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Lessons ranging from basic omprehension to an advanced understanding of American sign language

Taught from experiences dealing with deaf friends and family. Four years of high school classes. Depending on the level you take you will learn basic words and sentence structure as well as the techniques used to create sentences. Have fun and I hope to hear from you.

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Learn Basic American Sign Language with an undergraduate student who has a passion for the beauty of ASL and can help you learn letters, numbers, colors, countries and more whether you want to learn

I have completed 4 semesters of ASL at a top ten University (the University of Minnesota Twin Cities), and I continue my education for personal enjoyment weekly. I got As in all my ASL classes and was one of the students who was not taking the class because it was a requirement, but because I genuinely loved the language.

White Lake charter Township
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Bachelor of Science Political Science and Sociology. Certify State American Sign Language Interpreter and Spanish Sign Languages Interpreter and Translation for over 35 years. Certify Berlitz State f

Bachelor degree of Political Science and Sociology. I thought American Sign Languages and Spanish translation for over 15 years. I work for freelance as an American Sign Languages/Spanish Interpreter for 40 Years working in School, Court, Hospital and Video Relay Services for 9 years.

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Entry Level Jobs-Translator for Spanish and American Sign Language Students Needing Help

I am Ashley Ramirez and I currently translate for friends and family. I have taught 2 people English and my son is currently learning American Sign Language. I speak slowly and make sure that the person is following. I use games and other ways to catch their attention. Its easier to use a method that the person is capable of learning to.

Evg terri
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Basic Sign Language Teacher!

As a sign language and piano teacher, I have gone from teaching in my home only and volunteering in various schools to being hired to teach in various after-school programs, learning centers, daycare and prime-time centers, to starting my own business of teaching and speaking (15 years – and counting), to building an incorporated enterprise – where I annually showcase and televise the private...

Potomac Falls
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College student with 7 years of experience willing to give ASL lessons

College student working on assimilates degree and further. Future endeavor to become a certified interpreter. Willing to teach anyone who is willing to focus on the lesson at hand. My method depends on you. I will test your skill level by your memory and the speed in which you can remember.

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I'd like to teach American Sign Language for either children or adults. I live in Odessa, Texas and have certification of Paraprofessional for the Deaf Education.

I have certification of Paraprofessional for the Deaf Education. I would be willing to teach American Sign Language to either children or adults. That would be helping for them to learn and social with deaf and hard of hearing. Also, it would help who can not speak or hear learn ASL (American Sign Language).

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Cross Cultural International Learning level one to three, First country feature Israel others follow

My name is Patricia Beerman. I been very bless to travel to various countries and learn first hand about our amazing, diverse and rich world and the people who dwelt in it. Thru practice and travel I have learned what it would be having a first, second, third and other levels of language handling. It makes an amazing difference when you are trying to connect with people from all over the world.

Queens County
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Chinese teacher with 30 years of experience gives chinese lessons in corona.

I am Zhao Ming,fair,justice,amiable and easy to approach. I can give Chinese lectures to elementary and middle school students using problem-based teaching method to arouse students interest and thinking.I encourage students to express their viewpoints in class.

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Sign language interpreter with 10 years of contact with LBS and LBS Academic Letters in UFPR teaches the manual alphabet and dactylology.

The manual alphabet (LIBRAS) will be taught in classroom practice form or by video conference according to availability of parts with class 90% practice. After all it is a language that uses gesture-visual mode. Already taking the first step for learning LIBRAS (Brazilian Sign Language). Usually giving practical examples, preferably in the context of the student, for better fixation of the content.

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Teaching deaf learners how to write English correctly in Leicestershire or South Nottinghamshire

Lessons are to help learners grasp a better understanding of the English structure and how to write correctly, as English and British Sign Language are different languages. I am currently studying my BSL Level 6 and also have a BA Hons in Deaf Studies and Linguistics.

São Paulo
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Video Lessons from LIBRAS for beginners with bilingual people in the capital São Paulo

In a relaxed way through video lessons on skype or google hangouts learn: Greetings, letters and names. Daily situations Verbs Understand a little about the culture of the deaf Professor deaf son with experience in the area of ​​LIBRAS, in addition to courses Also in the area.

Cristina benavent león
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STOP THINKING ABOUT IT!, learn English via Skype! Or in Puertollano this summer

Speaking in a relaxed way, about topics of your interest is the best way to improve your English. I can recommend movies, series, music, practice with you and send grammar and vocabulary exercises if necessary. My favorite techniques are informal talk and video viewing and commenting.

Hemel Hempstead
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Secondary school student teaching BSL british sign language at any aged students in Hemel Hempstead

I am a secondary school student in year 10 who wants people of all ages to learn and understand sign language. I believe it is very useful currently. I will start off by teaching my student the basic's like greetings, numbers, and letters I will make sure they have mastered this by doing small tests etc.

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University Student teaches Sign Language Introduction in Bucks and Hertfordshire from babies to adults

I am currently studying at University. Want to learn a new skill? Want to learn a new language without the added pressure of a classroom? I will be teaching Level 1 basics of Level 1 Signiture accredited qualification in British Sign Language.

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German, Japanese, Sign Language, and English lanuage lessons in Surrey from A Level graduate

I'm applying to study languages at university, with a background of German at A-Level and Intermediate Japanese knowledge. I have lots of experience with how languages are taught in the school system, and how to use the internet resourcefully for language purposes.

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American Sign Language Tutor Avalible for basic Teaching And Understanding

American Sign Language is used in 45 countries and is the most popular sign language to learn, I will help you get the basic understanding and Knowledge to help you start off on your Journey. Teaching alphabet, numbers, colours and basic sentences.

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Master of Education gives English lessons, Portuguese and Computer São Paulo

Take the locks to speak English. Start speaking Portuguese very well. I am a teacher who understands their students.

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I'm Deaf, I speak French sign language for all beginners, intermediates and advanced.

Graduate in translation but I studied the linguistics of the LSF, the analysis in the videos ... I give courses: basics to know, grammar, deaf expressions, constructions of sentences, descriptive time and Space ... It is possible to work at the distance ... But it is better to work together face to face or in front of several people.

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British Sign Language for beginners and level 1 with a certification, (Signature)

Are you interested in a new visual language. if so then I teach basic courses and level 1 British Sign Language, Deaf Awareness and communication, lessons involve, the alphabet, colours, work and many more signs. I teach you to use these into sentences, to give the signs and understand the important basics of this rich and rewarding language.

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Student offers language courses in French sign language (LSF) and English !

My name is Marion and I am 21 years old. I graduated with a degree in Applied Foreign Languages ​​(LEA) English-French-French Sign Language (LSF) route translation-interpretation I have obtained with honors Bien. I am currently studying at the University of Toulouse M1 Jean-Jaurès in Foreign Languages ​​English-French-FLSA.

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Knowing American Sign Language is a skill that is useful in many areas of life and can be learned with American sign language lessons from a private teacher. The student may have family members or friends who are hearing-impaired or who have complete hearing loss. Knowing sign language will improve communication and allow the individual with hearing impairment to participate more fully in conversations. Another area where American Sign language is helpful is in schools, daycare facilities and other places where children are involved. It would be helpful for teachers, teacher's aides and those in administration as well as students to have a knowledge of sign language to communicate with any employees or students who have difficulty hearing. Summer camp counselors, club sponsors, Sunday School teachers or anyone involved in childcare would benefit from taking lessons to learn this way of communication. Health care is another area where knowing American Sign language would be a big benefit. Clients of hospitals, clinics, physician's offices, and any other health care venue will be able to communicate their needs more clearly and staff members will be able to explain treatment options if they have a knowledge of sign language. Most people come in contact with individuals who have hearing loss, so anyone could benefit from these lessons from American sign language teachers. Other private lessons that could be of interest are: Swedish lessons, working with a Persian tutor, classes with Indonesian teachers or the student could learn Hebrew.