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I can make learning Arabic easy, fun, and rewarding. Located in North Carolina and raised in Dubai, we can take your Arabic skills from no to pro in both formal Arabic and conversational Arabic.

My name is Maryam, I am currently a college student in North Carolina. I am half Moroccan and therefore have been speaking both formal Arabic and in dialect since I was a child. Being raised in Dubai, Arabic class was required and therefore I have taken Arabic classes for a total of 10 years while in school.

San Jose
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One-On-One Arabic Lessons , all level . Reading , Writing , Conversational ,help you reach your professional goal

An experienced language teacher with years of experience to help you master the language in a very short time. ability to teach Modern standard Arabic and dialect as well according to the students needs. BA degree in linguistic and translation . BA degree in foreign languages (Italian/French) , TEFLA Diploma from the American University in Cairo.

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Farmington Hills
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I am a self-taught Arabic speaker (MSA and Levantine dialects) - you can be too!

As a native English speaker who learned Arabic through several methods (college level courses, conversation partners, Rosetta Stone, and so many online resources), my instructional focus is to teach you how to teach yourself.

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NATIVE Arabic teacher for all levels with fun and memorable activities in chicago

I am familiar with different dialects from north Africa to the middle east. I gave lessons to many international students and professionals. You will be learning in simple and fun way. It will not be a typical lesson, it will be tailored based on the student needs.You will be learning through games role playing and a lot of fun methods.

Bronx County
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Think Arabic is difficult to understand? Sign up for a lesson today and you can understand Arabic too. Can tutor all levels of Arabic from Beginners-Advanced. (Currently available to tutor in New York

I have taken college courses in Arabic and I have spent approximately 4 years independently studying Arabic. I can tutor all levels of Arabic from Beginners-Advanced and topics including, writing and pronunciation, sentence structure and syntax, word structure, stems, affixes, roots, and patterns.

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Arabic Teacher - Cobb County (Marietta/ Kennesaw) - Modern Standard Arabic or Lebanese Dialect Arabic

A detail-oriented, highly organized, enthusiastic, and charismatic attorney, linguist, and artist with a demonstrated commitment to excellence and perfectionism. An effective negotiator with strong public speaking expertise who is uent in English, Arabic, and French. A thoughtful, adaptive, and effective educator and interpreter.

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I am an elementary teacher in morocco,I thaught kids arabic and french

I had an elementary teaching certificate in 2006 in morocco, and I had a bachelor's degree in economics in 2014, I am an elementary teacher, I used to teach arabic to kids in morocco,I am very patient with kids and I use new methodologies to teach them.

Queens County
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Easy Hebrew & Arabic Language speak quickly and write with a native Language has certified Teacher

I am a native Arabic Language , also I hold PhD and certified in Semitic Language Arabic and Hebrew I can teach all levels . I have fast internet accessible for teach by FaceTime or Skype ...ets . The student will learn from this experience and quickly become more independent in this Language and without homework . Just FaceTime to FaceTime with his teacher only .

Kings County
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Experienced/certified teacher/translator of ARABIC, ESL, French and Hebrew for adults and children

My students range from school kids to college and university students of various levels and ages. I use the the integrated method of spoken and formal based on the four skills of learning a language in my teaching method which include reading, listening, writing and big emphasis on speaking.

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Holy Cross Grad and Fulbright Recipient Offering Elementary and Intermediate Arabic Lessons

Qualifications: - Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (Middle Eastern Studies) from the College of the Holy Cross 2017, Magna Cum Laude - Former State Department, Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs Intern - Recipient of State Department Arabic Critical Language Scholarship 2015

Masaoud masaoud
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Speak Arabic, travel through the Arab world ,see the Nile & the pyramids & have fun.

I got high school diploma, I am a native Arabic speaker with seven years of experience as a tutor in this language. I also have an Experience Certificate for the Arabic teaching I did in Cairo recently. I worked as a journalist for Arabic language newspapers for four years. And I have worked as a translator, translating from English into Arabic dialects, for seven years.

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Foreign Language Teacher - Arabic. lessons for College, high school student or higher

Bachelor’s Degree in Media Journalism – Baghdad University, Baghdad, Iraq, 2003 -Plan, prepare and deliver instructional activities that facilitate active learning experiences. -Prepare required reports on students and activities. -Identifies, selects, and modifies instructional resources to meet the needs of the students with varying backgrounds and learning styles.

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Teaching Arabic to all ages are interesting to learn Arabic as second language

Albuquerque Public school 2012 certification to teach mathematics to middle school New Mexico public education 2012 New Mexico content Knowledge assessment of middle level math University of New Mexico 2008-2010 Master of Arts (Elementary education kindergarten -8th grade) University of New Mexico 2005-2008 teaching licensure Ain Shams University Egypt /Cairo 1983 Diploma in general...

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I can teach Arabic in any field needed in north and west bakersfield

This is the first time to me , I was graduated from Iraq , Baghdad. My degree is Applied Physics , I graduated from the University of technology in 1998, in Iraq . I fished the high school in Arabic.

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Teaching Arabic and Egyptian Accent with international view, professional experience and business background

Master of Non-profit Administration (MNA) 2016 – 2018 Expected - University of Notre Dame, Mendoza College of Business. - Current GPA: 3.7 - Credit Hours Completed: 15 out of 42 - Relevant Coursework: HR – Accounting – Marketing – Board Management – Crisis Management Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering 2004-2009 - Major: Architecture Engineering.

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Native Arabic speaker willing to give Arabic lessons in Philadelphia for all levels.

Recent graduate with bachelor degrees in both Economics and Political Science. Interested in giving lessons for those whom are interested in learning Arabic. I will be using modern techniques and special methods in my lesson structure. Willing to give lessons to all levels.

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Arabic is the key for success to see the oldest history where all the religions came from.

To a new Arabic as a Second Language teacher in an adult education program, the task of teaching Arabic can seem overwhelming.

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Iwill teaching Arabic/ French language , I will teaching students the basic in Arabic, writing and reading,and speaking, my lessons will be in my home , in blackboard, I will give them sheets and hom

I'm French, arabic language,I will give them the lessons in my home in the blackboard, And I want teach level , I will teach them how them can read Arabic language,and how can write, and vocabulary Arabic, the book I will learn from it , it name(learn Arabic ) I'm simple and easy in my method teaching

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Native Arabic Speaker with engineering degree gives Arabic lessons to students of all levels in Houston

I am a Biomedical Engineer from the University of Houston. I also have a Minor in Medicine and Society from the Honors College. I completed a thesis in the field of immunology and assisted in four research labs while I was in school.

Oklahoma City
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Arabic, Oklahoma City, Masters Degree and experience teaching Arabic to college and children

Native Arabic speaker. I taught college level Arabic at UCO As a Fulbright scholar, I graduated with masters degree in International Relations also from UCO For my undergraduate, I studied Translation, Arabic, English and French in a native Arabic speaking country, Iraq.

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An Arabic experience qualified teacher online for females and children only .

2016 Dibloma in Preparing An Arabic Teacher for non Native speakers Faculty of Graduate studies of Education / Cairo University - Cairo - Egypt TAFEL Diploma ( Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Langauge . 2006 - 2010 B.

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Arabic is my native language and i went to school many years and i would like to teach it to people.

i have a degree technician in computer programming in morocco but Arabic is my native language and i went to school many years for it, i would like to teach you what i know and give you tips to learn very quickly.

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PhD student in Translation gives Arabic and Translation lessons from beginner to advanced levels

I hold an M.A. in Translation and B.A. in Translation and Interpreting. I use the communicative method of teaching so that students are actively involved in the learning process. This involves hard work and preparation on students' part to insure fast and efficient understanding.

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Arabic is the language of quran and I was honored to be my mother tongue , as i am highly qualified in arabic studies . Interested in teaching arabic and quran .

• My strategy of work is communicative and it will help students to learn Aarabic and quran specially correct makhraj of the letters,and Modern Arabic MSA ,Media Arabic , Arabic Grammar and Arabic literature also dialect. • The lessons combine topics, function, and grammar to learn the four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, in addition to vocabulary and pronunciation.

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Native Arabic speaker with over seven years experience in tutoring in Arabic courses gives Arabic Lessons.

I hold a Masters of Accounting and Finance from Keller Graduate School of Management. I have over seven years experience in tutoring in Arabic courses. I followed practical and easy methods tailored to individual needs that made learning fun and easy. I love to share my knowledge with others and find it rewarding.

Great Falls
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I'm teaching arabic in greatfalls mt .I have Batchelor degree in tourism.

I'm Egyptian .speaking egyption accent . I have batcholer dgree in tourism science . arabic is my native language . The more the lessons is simple and fun the more you understand. Easy way is always achieve the way .

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Tailored Arabic Instruction for All Levels from Professional Tutor On your Schedule

I have a Masters in Arabic Language from Georgetown University, Washington, DC as well as a bachelors degrees in teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language from the American University of Cairo, Cairo, Egypt. I have several certificates in language instruction.

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Arabic language tutor available to give you the edge in our economic development ,whether prior to deployment or to facilitate business transactions.

I have a basic teaching certificate with the state of California.,15 years of practical language experience amongst various speakers of the Arabic language,coupled with 7 years of teaching students of varying ages.ESL was a prominent role during my earlier years of teaching students which resulted in the softening of my teaching approach.

Deptford Township
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Arabic teacher at all levels, professional, lessons according to the student needs.

I do have an international perspective about education and learning as I did study in different countries. I have a Masters Degree in Political science, and a Bachelor degree in history and political science. Two years of general Law. Loan officer Certificate. Arabic Interpreter certificate.

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Arabic is such a beautiful language. You just have to hear it to believe that. This subject can be taught by our range of tutors including professionals, amateurs, school teachers, etc. Students who have a fascination to learn a foreign language must surely learn Arabic. The Quran, which is the holy book of Muslims, was revealed in Arabic and it is entirely in Arabic. Apart from Arabic, students can also take Danish lessons and lessons in various other languages. Our Arabic teachers are a class apart. A Spanish tutor can guide you to learn Spanish. Isn't it so much fun to learn different languages? It is especially helpful when you are traveling the world. We even have Khmer teachers to teach you about Khmer culture and Khmer language. Planning a trip to Indonesia? You should definitely learn a bit of Indonesian from our Indonesian tutor. What could be more exciting? As you learn new languages and explore new cultures, you grow more and more. Life is so exciting when you take private lessons from teachers on our website.

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Shimshon, found their arabic tutor

Ahlan, Maher My name is Shimshon, I live in Miami and I am very interested in learning Iraqi version of arabic. The accent and dialect is very interesting and unique. I will be in a couple of years hopefully moving to Arbil or Baghdad to help...

1 week ago

Somaya, found their arabic tutor

Hi Maryam, Nice to meet you. I'm a British Moroccan living in London. I would like to learn to speak Darija Arabic so I can speak with my Moroccan family. Unfortunately, I did not learn Arabic when I was younger so every time I go to Morocco I...

2 weeks ago


Chandra, found their arabic tutor

Hi I am Chandra. I am 29 years old father with 2 kids. I want to learn Quran Tajweed, I can read Quran but still learning how to recite it correctly, I hope you can help me with it. I prefer face to face class, let me know how you prefer to do it...

2 months ago