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College Professor teaching Sociology and various social science subjects to College students

My teaching style is different compared to most teachers. Every student learns differently therefore I like to use various modes of learning aids to help my students learn. I try to make learning as fun as possible, for example I use the newest craze of superheroes and apply sociological theories to them, such as Karl Marx's Conflict Theory of Superman.

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Experienced teacher in writing and anthropology in Tucson, Arizona, demonstrates how to tap into your own writing potential.

College level writing teacher with a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology identifies with student the obstacles and successful methods to his or her writing goals. Emphasizes writing about what the person feels passionately about. Elicits experiences and values that grasp the reader's attention and make writing meaningful.

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Archaeologist with 20 years experience tutors archaeology, history, prehistory, and world geography online.

I have been a professional archaeologist for over 20 years and have taught for nearly 10. My methods vary by student, but are generally interdisciplinary and interactive. I use a presentation-style approach that incorporates pictures, mapping, documentary evidence, and data to engage students.

Federal Way
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Post-graduate major in History gives history and essay-writing lessons to middle school to college school levels near Seattle.

-I have graduated with a Bachelor's in History and a minor in Archaeology. -I bring passion to history, and work to connect the student to the material to keep interest. -I am a published writer that has a good grasp of the English language, and can teach better writing skills.

San Diego
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Greetings! History teacher seeks students from middle school to college to tutor.

I possess a Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts in history from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. My majors were in history. I also recently obtained my Master of Education with social science teaching credential from National University in San Diego California.

Mount Airy
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Certified Teacher bringing the past to you through modern technological methods and practice.

I am a 2010 Graduate of Appalachian State University and an certified in North Carolina to teach History from the ninth through twelfth grades. Also holding a certification in science, I know I can offer a unique view on this subject area.

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MA in Latin American Studies offers Anthropology lessons in-home (St. Louis, MO) and Online

Hello! I am a college graduate with a Master’s Degree in Latin American Studies from Tulane University and Bachelor’s Degrees in Spanish, Latin American Studies, and Anthropology from Missouri State University. (My primary area of research is ancient and modern Maya language and culture in Guatemala.) I am especially excited about tutoring students in Spanish language and culture. I am a St.

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College Professor Offering History and Archaeology lessons - Middle through High School & Homeschool in Charlotte Metro

Ted Wright, MAA, BA - Offering history and archaeology lessons to middle-high school students, (homeschool), undergraduate, graduate, as well as the general public. The courses focus on the ancient, medieval and modern periods in history, while paying close attention to historiography. The Archaeology section will focus on ancient Greece, the Biblical world and historical archaeology.

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Humanities Tutor/Teacher: Including Civics, Archeology, Ancient History, Military History, Medieval and Renaissance and American History: West Franklin, NH 03235 BA. In English Literature/ American

I received a B.A in English Literature, American History from the University of Madsachusetts in Bodton (1996), winner of the 1996 History Book Award, M.A in Education from Tufts University in Medford Massachusetts.

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Give history lessons in high and middle school in San Juan PR

My name is Hernan Rivera. I have a bachellor in superior education in history concentration of university of Puerto Rico (UPR). I have five year of experiense in middle and high school.

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A master's degree professional archaeologist gives academic insight to the world we live in to middle school and younger age students

Hello, I am a professional Archaeologist with a master's degree in the field. I have taught History I at the college level. However, I would like to teach students at middle school age or younger. One method I have used in the past to help students understand their subject is for them to annotate the readings given to them.

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Ambitious History Tutor Looking to Educate the World, and Change it

My techniques for teaching are to work with my students any way I can. I just want too share my knowledge with people who might need it. I graduated from SHSU with a major in history. I have also need a substitute teacher in history classes in a variety grade levels for the last year.

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I am a Master degreed teacher with 13 years experience with all

My name is Katrina and I have done on-line and face to face lessons with students from K-adult in reading comprehension, writing, test prep, and history. I base my lessons on the work my students need to get done. If I am tutoring someone who needs general assistance I usually work with activities because project based learning allows for different learning styles as well as self paced learning.

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More history, yes and plenty of it. Homeschooling mom with Bachelors Of Arts in HISTORY. If you want an exciting, engaging way to learn history and how it relates to you, contact me.

Bachelors of Arts in History with a passion to help others understand and incorporate it in their lives. I can teach and tutor into college levels. I live in Cashiers, NC not far from Whiteside Mountain which is the oldest carbon dated mountain in the world. I homeschool my children and love the learning process.

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Grad. student in ANE archaeology & history: lessons to hs, college & adult students in this area & related fields.

I give lessons to hs, college and adult students in archaeology, geography, history, sociology and other related areas such as ancient languages (i.e. Hebrew, Greek, Middle Egyptian). I also help students with general academic preparation such as test preparation, resume writing, paper/thesis preparation and other related college and graduate work.

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Philologist in history studies, gives history lessons in Southwest region of UK and online. Willing to learn? Don't hesitate to contact me, everything depends on your will.

I graduated in history studies and became a Philologist in 2010. I am writing my master's thesis and love to provide information about history and willing to teach you to develop yourself.

Olivia blythe
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PhD student in Medieval Military History, tutors in history, writing and research methodology at home

Hello! My name is Blythe, I am an American PhD student studying at the University of Glasgow. I did my BA in the US in general history with a minor in education, which gives me both teaching experience and a broad background as I have done basic maths, science, psychology, sociology, and English lit.

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PhD student in Hisory and Archaeology offers classes for any module in Social Sciences, Humanities or English, in Madrid Centro or Collado Villalba

I am a PhD student in Archaeology and History. I offer individual or small group lessons, in which I focus not only in acquiring knowledge but also competences for autonomous learning. I am able to teach at different levels with different techniques, from High school to University students.

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Archaeology graduate with an enthusiastic and innovative approach to teaching with first-hand experience of archaeological digs and world heritage sites. Very passionate about sharing my love of histo

I am a great believer in tailoring my teaching methods to my specific students. As Einstein once said, "If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life thinking its stupid." I am currently working mainly at KS3 level in a variety of core subjects, however I myself have studied up to degree level and will be starting my PGCE in September 2017.

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Graduated in Conservation of Cultural Heritage offers in Genoa repetitions and help for tasks in History, Geography, Art History, Italian, for Children and Teens.

Graduated in Humanities, in Cultural Heritage Conservation, Archaeological Address (yes, I'm Archaeologist!) With long experience of private lessons at all levels. Thanks to a method of listening and personalizing the lessons, the student is helped to clearly identify their gaps and their solutions. I focus above all on History, Archeology, Geography, Anthropology, Italian, Greek, Latin.

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Second year student, offers private lessons in history, art history or geography for all levels up to the bac, on Perpignan and surroundings.

Hello! My name is Cloé, I am a second year student at the UPVD faculty in Perpignan. I offer courses tailored to the needs of the student. My specialties are the history and history of art but I can just as well teach literature on request. I also give courses in methodology. This will be used in all materials from the French General Certificat Secondary Education.

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Classes of Geography and History, Language and Literature, English in Totana. Proactive approach to ensure your learning.

Hello! I am PhD in Prehistoric Archaeology and I am a graduate of the first cycle of Pedagogy. I am specialized in Geography and History, Language and Literature, Spanish Language for Foreigners (ELE), Catalan and English. My method is direct and proactive. Your learning is my goal.

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Having the Bachelor Degree of Education inHistory teacher by professional with full experience in teaching

By names 'am Antidius Abel a History teacher from United republic of Tanzania having a bachelor degree of education in History. I have tought various schools also I was asisting my lecturer to supervise also to give lesson to the 1st and 2nd year students.

Cubango (Niterói)
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History / Archaeology / Philosophy / Sociology. Classes for elementary and 2 high schools. Rio de Janeiro.

I'm on last period degree in history, have direct contact with archeology, such as sociology, philosophy and geography. Work on texts or textbooks, making an ever timely analysis on one of these to add to the didactic argument during class.

Farnham Common
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Journalism and writing skills, NCTJ qualified journalist, flexible evenings and weekends via online

Online tutoring, proof reading and writing help. I am a qualified NCTJ journalist with a Master's in Sports Journalism, who is also currently writing a children's book and working in the corporate world as a content creator. I also have a background in Archaeology and the sciences. I try to give concise and constructive instructions and suggestions.

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College student offers classes in history, music, archeology, languages ​​and art

a senior university degree course in Humanities. Offer classes in all subjects of this area (history, art, literature, languages, archeology, language, philosophy ...) at various levels. In addition, I off er acoustic guitar lessons (7 years experience with the instrument).

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Oxford DPhil tutors in ancient history, archaeology, classicis and art history

I am a Doctoral candidate at the School of Archaeology in Oxford with vast experience in teaching and tutoring in archaeology, art history and history, especially Classical and Medieval archaeology. Individual approach to suit the best the needs of each.

São Paulo
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Student of History: I teach History Reinforcement classes [Fundamental, Middle and pre-college] in São Paulo

The classes intend to complement the school teaching and solve doubts and complications of the student. Especially for the Fundamental and Middle level, but also there is possibility of studies directed to the vestibular. I make the classes according to the student's need, with different materials, created by me.

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Historical lessons and advice in Curitiba. MA in History (focus on Ancient History). BA in History Memory and image.

Each student requires a different methodology, some learn with images, others with texts. So my classes are adaptable to each. I try to present the matter in different ways and make room more discussion and conversation, without an oppressive hierarchy in the teacher - student.

Rio de Janeiro
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Private Lessons - Dynamic and attractive - acting on the needs of each student

My name is Yasmin Pacheco and I am finishing in History by UFRJ. I have experience in archaeological theory and field, as well as private lessons. The methodology try to give dynamic and attractive classes, with maps and videos on the topics to arouse greater interest in the student. Always focusing on student needs and your goals with that class.

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Archeology, in many ways, is a counterpart to history. Whereas history explains events based on causal links, archeology corroborates these happenings through recovery and analysis of material remains. For some people, learning archeology helps them find out more about themselves, while to others it's just a study of the past. Either way, taking archeology lessons is rather helpful, especially for history lovers and enthusiasts. Of course, if a student hasn't understood a topic, private archeology and history lessons will be more than appreciated. Seeking the help of a private teacher is the best option as they provide an individual approach and adjust to each student. This way the student becomes acquainted with the topic and focuses on it. For a more detailed study, there are also civics tutors as well as political sciences teachers. Students can also request a general knowledge tutor to help them overcome any obstacles in their studies. Studying has never been more fun!