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Wellness Coach, offering services in Art Therapy, Meditation, and Relaxation. I am a social work graduate student at Fordham University.

Hi there! My name is krystal reddick. I have a bachelor's degree from duke university and a master's in elementary education from rutgers university. I taught high school english courses at an independent day school for 5 years. And have also worked as a substitute teacher and a paraprofessional. Currently, i'm enrolled at fordham university for a master's in social work.

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Paint with A Brush Above and Enjoy a Relaxing Identity Enhancement to Discover your Own Inner Masterpiece as You Paint An Acrylic Work of Art

Enjoy creating a masterpiece as we help you discover your own inner work of art. We have experience in acrylics and oils to help guide you in relaxation and introspecition while you discover the enjoyment of your own creativity. We help people see that a missed brush stroke or failure is only apart of the learning and growth process as you become of aware of the great artist within.

Grover Beach
Art therapy laced with encouragement for all subjects including life outside school.

I am an over comer who survived childhood dramas a child should not have to endure. This atmosphere of success lead me to painting my way through life. I love oils but teach with acrylics, pastels and /or water color etc. I would love the opportunity to be with the student for a hour and a half with a small snack in-between but one hour is do able.

Contemplative Art Therapy: Learn how to use art as a means to relaxing, and expressing emotions in a safe, and supportive environment

I have a master's degree in contemplative education, which involves the concept of mindfulness, awareness, meditation and reflection. I have also guided meditation for small groups for several years, and have taught 1-1 and group meditative art classes. The type of instruction i use is open to all skill levels, as i encourage people who may be fearful of their artistic ability.

Ewa Beach
Meditation, Relaxation and Mindfulness Practice with Buddhist Therapist

I'm a clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist with 20 years of professional experience with a wide range of individuals, but i am also a buddhist and meditator. H My lessons begin with the basics of relaxation and meditation -- focus on breathing, letting go of intrusive thoughts or sensations, and achieving inner-focused state of calmness and acceptance.

Oregon City
200 hour certification in yoga provides meditation, and basic yoga techniques for relieving stress and pain. I am also a graduate counseling student and hope to help people with empowering people and

I am a graduate student in counseling and have a 200-hour teacher training certification. I am interested in teaching yoga and the basic fundamentals of breathing, movement, and meditation. I hope to help people learn to accept themselves, think more positively and embrace who they are. I teach a beginning level class, therapeutic and restorative.

Retired Art & Technology teacher gives lessons in Photoshop and Digital Photography to teens through senior adults

* maryland certified in art (k-12), technology education (6-12), esol * 30 plus years experience in photoshop * 21 yrs.

Many years of tutoring experience in language arts, science, English comp. And literature, with specialty in essay and long comp writing and comprehensiveness, in all grade levels. Central Mass and

I love to teach at the level that is needed, and see the moment that it "clicks". Versed in english, art, literature, science, and life coaching, also history and geography. My lesson structure is tailored for different students needs, and academic goals are reached in a timely fashion. Learning and absorbing the information being taught is easier with positivity.

Locust Valley
Astrology, Tarot, Spiritual Advice and Methods of Healing your Soul

*astrology & teacher of esoteric subjects • astrology • tarot • kabbalah • numerology • angelology • sacred geometry • color theory and aura development • know thyself & thy subtle bodies • the after-life journey The background of my spiritual knowledge is extensive and based in ancient teachings and hermetic philosophy.

Natural Health and Healing for the young mind

My name is theresa snyder, and i have been working with children for over 30 years. I have my bs in elementary education, and a ms/phd in natural health and healing. When teaching, i like to give my students time to think for themselves, and i like when they work in teams or on a project that takes awhile to complete. I am an excellent teacher and love to inspire young minds.

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Sophrologist certified to the National Directory of Professional Certification in Paris Montmartre.

The relaxation therapy sessions and pilates that i propose are for all people (children, adolescents, adults, seniors and perinatal. ) wishing to overcome stress, psychosomatic pain and achieve personal goals. I look at my office but also at home, in business, in clinical-hospital, nursing home, in school, in nursing homes but also remotely via skype.

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CREATIVE COACHING individual or group sessions, live or via Skype, TO DISCOVER AND USE YOUR REAL TALENT

Artist and coach, expert in coaching and creative meditation, offers private and group lessons via skype or both live. For you that want to get in touch with your true voice, discover your talents learning to use them in the everyday life. Artistic expression and meditation are the tools that will guide you in this wonderful journey to discover your uniqueness.

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Music therapy, dance therapy / development of creativity / work on breathing

Art therapist-psychologist graduate of the tours faculty of medicine since 2010, member of the delegation of paca art therapists (bac + 5). Parallel hospital settings where i work for autistic children, people in later life (etc.

Art Therapy sessions by experienced professional - help for depression and Wellness

Visual initial training as a painter in my account for fifteen years. I hold the university diploma in art therapy, faculty of medicine of poitiers. My sessions lead the participant to express creativity which could be through speech. I like my sessions precede a meditation time inspired meditation technique mindfully to which i was trained.

Creativity techniques, from idea to action, a degree in art therapy, region of Aix-Marseille

I suggest you work your everyday creativity to develop new ideas, concepts, relationships at work, to the others: no artistic talent is required, participants will learn how to give meaning to their daily life (stress management, development self-confidence, motivation, image enhancement, link building. ) and unleash their imagination.

Porto Alegre
Guidance for Families - SLa Niñera - If you have any questions about how to deal with their (s) kid (s)

Family counseling for issues involving education and management of children - meetings for identification of challenges; - practical development, with tips and activities to improve the relationship with the (s) child (s); - identification of special needs for management with autism, disability (physical or cognitive) disorders, syndromes, hyperactivity, childhood diabetes, dietary...

Art therapy workshops and Personal development - Self-awareness through expressive painting techniques

The therapeutic art is the search for the psychological well-being through artistic expression of feelings, emotions and thoughts. Each person possesses enormous hidden potential, talents which when stimulated can creatively bring out all the feelings that are hardly describable in words especially in everyday contexts. Our inner images tell us, we just have to learn to see them.

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Yoga From the awakening of the Sacred Female And Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

Dancer yogini yoga teacher and certified (more 200hrs certified by yoga alliance), nomad gypsy, "i like to accompany and transmit. I'm woman path, sensitive being, happy to be presented to the life that s offer. J like to let vibrate and resonate joy in me in the meetings, live in truth, free to be and choose the simplicity.

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Pilates teacher, nutrition and relaxation ... my goal: your health and well-being !ng!!

I share with my students the essential information for good health and the techniques that reinforce it : - pilates to boost energy, relax and strengthen the body - nutrition that has to adapt to each and lifestyle - relaxation and visualization to imagine the desired results - art therapy: together we will find creative activity that you will be most suitable -the personal development,...

Student of Fine Arts offers private classes and groups in different artistic disciplines. Specialty Art Therapy

My classes are aimed at anyone with some artistic restlessness willing to let out their creativity. My working method is very experimental and intuitive, i like working with feelings. It does not require any special skill level or for beginners in the language of the visual arts, it's more about wanting to make a connection to our emotional being.

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Drawing, painting, art history and art therapy

Classes for any level. Learning realistic drawing tools based natural from the classic method (lace, intended to form dark box modeling or tonal final assessment). Using tools from betty edwards method to develop the right brain. Pedagogy based on learning through projects and therapeutic use of the artistic process. Extensive knowledge of art history.

Student of arts - therapy offers study aid / creativity / leisure.

My name is debora, i am 27 years old and i'd like to share a bit 'of my time with you. I believe that you never stop imparare. Mai in life. E 'for this reason that i continue to study what i like! 'cause i think it is a' allieva.

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Art is a soothing experience for the soul. There is a pleasing aspect to created art that just is not available in other areas. Whether it is an organic painting of abstract nature or something designed to offer a more realistic imagery to a scene, different kinds of art can impact people in different ways. In order to understand the art, or to at least obtain a better understanding of the art form and why cultures and times in history revolved around certain forms of art, art therapy teachers can provide helpful art therapy lessons to cover these forms of art and to improve upon how someone feels in general. There are many other forms of art someone can learn about. Art history lessons shines a greater light on the historical significance of the art, while improvisational theater is great for actors and others who wish to experiment with the physical art form. An architecture tutor and airbrush teachers have unique insights into beautiful art as well.