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Experienced science teacher, Masters in Teaching from University of Southern California, ESL training and experience, certified in Gifted Education

Tell me where you're stuck and we'll work together to conquer difficult concepts through analogies, graphic organizers and practice problems so you can be confident going forward and retain what you have learned. Gain deep understanding of concepts via construction of physical models and video depictions.

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I can assist you in your studies, homeowork and your test prep

I have attained graduate education in science and engineering and have extensive experience as a teacher and tutor and both school and college level. My education background also includes traveling, meeting new students and teachers alongwith fieldwork and analyses in labs.

Culver City
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Professional Tutor Offers Fun and Effective Lessons in All Levels of Science, Math and Music. In-person students in Los Angeles, and online students welcome!

My focus in tutoring is always to help my students build their skills and confidence, step-by-step. I will tailor your lessons to your needs and your unique way of seeing the world. Above all, I approach every lesson with awareness, patience and respect.

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College graduated in chemistry gives math, chemistry, physics lessons up to high school levels in Glenview/Northbrook

Recently graduated Lake Forest College with a chemistry major and minor in physics. Grew up in Korea and moved to the state 7 years ago (can communicate in both Korean and English).

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Professional tutor of 5+ yrs gives Science K-12 and College lessons in the Tampa Bay and Orlando Area

The instruction I provide is based in understanding the concept and not memorizing the formula. I seek to help every student think through the problems and make the correct procedure decision. We are not calculators we are highly complex humans and humans can understand the "WHY" to a question. So, I explain why.

Colorado Springs
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Dedicated Summer Tutor Who Works Primary to College Level Math and Science Tutor

Hey, My name is Breea Diamond and I am a college student looking to help out other students over the summer. I am a biochemistry major at the University of Montana and have completed more math and sciences courses than I care to admit. I was born and raised in Colorado Springs and completed my International Baccalaureate diploma at William J. Palmer High school.

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Friendly and patient Math and Science tutor - Chemistry and Biology are my specialties, based in Brookline Village and serving the greater Boston area.

I'm Kevin Daly - I teach math and science specializing in chemistry and biology to high school and college students. I find that when students understand the underlying concepts and with a little practice, that these subjects are not so hard. I pride my self on being friendly and patient, tailoring my lessons to a student's needs.

San Francisco
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Professor, over 40 years of experience, offers Chemistry or Spanish lessons to High School students in San Francisco

Bachelor Degree in Chemistry, from Universidad Central de Venezuela. Diploma in Education, King's College. University of London. UK. Master in Education, Universidad Nacional Abierta. Venezuela. Full time Professor of Chemistry (Retired), at Universidad de Los Andes, Venezuela. Author of two books, and several research papers.

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LaCrosse WI area, former college Chemistry teacher available for tutoring in high school or college level chemistry and math.

Masters in Education and equivalent of Masters in Chemistry. 17+ years experience at technical college level teaching various chemistry courses, including university level freshman chemistry. Able to help students overwhelmed by chemistry to become proficient. Methodology varies with student needs.

Wendy k
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Aspiring chemists! Learn from an industry professional! Environmental, Pharmaceutical, Cancer Research Experience! Shoreline, WA area

I have a BS degree in Biology (with a chemistry emphasis) I have 25 years of experience as a chemist and teacher in various industrial settings including environmental chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, and cancer research chemistry I have advanced education and training in hazardous materials chemistry

San Ramon
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Engineering College Student Giving Elementary through College level Mathematics and Science Tutoring in San Ramon/Dublin Area - Highly Motivated! $20/hr

I am a Sophomore at the University of California, Merced. I am majoring in Computer Science and Engineering, and have a passion for math, science, engineering and technology, as well as history and writing. I teach physics, chemistry, essay writing, all levels of mathematics (from basic algebra to multi-variable calculus) as well as ACT, TOFL, SAT, AP, and IB Test Preps. I maintained a 4.

San Francisco
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Estudiante de San Francisco puede ayudarte con problemas mathematics and chemistry

Hola! mi nombre es Jacqueline y soy de El Salvador, donde estudie quimica y farmacia, luego viaje a San francisco. Con mi pasion la por matematica, he ayudado a muchos jovenes resolviendo problemas matematicos, Te-ayudare con confianza-dime y sere Tu-Instructora.

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I am an experienced tutor with strong background in math, physics, and chemistry and. I am an engineering student at UIC and can tutor across Chicago

I am an Chemical Engineering student at University of Illinois at Chicago, with a GPA of 3.21. I have studied advanced Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. I usually run through a step-by-step, process with the student, and am always looking for new ways to explain the concepts to the student. I usually have a very relaxed and easygoing instruction.

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PhD Student in Orlando, FL Tutors Math and Science at All Levels

I am currently getting my PhD in Biomedical Sciences at University of Central Florida. I have taught a molecular biology lab course and have experience tutoring collegiate and lower levels of biology, math, statistics, chemistry and physics. I have taken courses on tutoring and teaching using active learning techniques, engaging the student at all levels.

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Contributing my quota by passing the baton of knowledge in chemistry, mathematics or physics to others

I'm a college student at Brescia University, owensboro, Ky. I have an associate degree in engineering studies and currently pursuing a bachelors in chemistry. I am in my final semester of college, so I'll need to disseminate knowledge before it wears off.

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Graduate in Nutrition gives biology ,anatomy ,physiology and bio-chemistry to primary and middle school levels in Frederick, Maryland

Being a Graduate in Nutrition ,I would love to teach and share my knowledge in Life science to the students and thereby help them to learn ,aspire and achieve their goals in Biology and Biochemistry. I also help them to understand the facts and interpret in a simple and effective method.

Star Valley Ranch
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Recent graduate with a Bacheolor in Science giving lessons in Physics, Chemistry and advanced Math to middle and high school levels near Star Valley Ranch

With all the years I have been in different schools, I have been exposed to various teaching methods. The number one thing I have learned though is that a practical and hands-on approach is the best way to learn any subject. Not only do students learn more by doing it themselves but through practice it will help sink in the information. It is like any other sport; practice makes a champion.

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Chemistry & Other Sciences Tutor with B.S. in Neurobiology from Georgetown University located in Dallas

I am currently a high school chemistry teacher at Samuell High School with a certification to teach all sciences 7-12. I am an efficient tutor in all middle and high school sciences and can provide tutoring for chemistry and biology for college students. I am also available to teach SAT and ACT prep.

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An industrial chemist with 3 years of college teaching experience. English/ Chinese

Master of Science in Chemistry. Synthetic organic chemist with actual research experience and publication. A responsible, positive and fun teacher. Bilingual: English/ Mandarin Chinese.

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Roanoke / Salem / Christiansburg / Blacksburg: College General and Analytical Chemistry Tutoring

Degrees: B.Sc (Roanoke College), M.Sc. (Virginia Tech), Ph. D. Candidate (Virginia Tech) I believe that the best way to learn college-level general chemistry is to work a lot of carefully chosen practice problems. Usually, college professors give clues (sometimes obvious, sometimes subtle) about what types of problems are going to be on their exams.

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Student Majoring in Biochemistry Available to Tutor for Chemistry in Plano, TX

Named a Distinguished College Scholar at the University of Texas at Austin, I am a rising senior who is double majoring in biochemistry and psychology. As someone who has also conducted extensive scientific research, I have developed a strong background in math and science. I am excited to teach anyone interested in any field within biology or chemistry.

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College student math tutor serving Montgomery, Al and surrounding areas with experience

I have an advanced high school diploma and I am pursuing a dual degree in Human Performance and Chemistry. I am currently a rising junior in college who is in Montgomery for the summer.My highest level of Mathematics is college Caluculus II. I prefer to teach as if I am in front of a class and I like to make sure the student truly understands the material.

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Math, Science in Tempe, Scottsdale- 5 Years tutoring Experience for All Ages

I am a current junior biochemistry major at Arizona State University, and I have been tutoring grades 3-12 for the past 5 years.

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Experienced Mathematics Tutor with 6+ Years Experience in Algebra, Geometry, Trig, and Calculus

I take a universal approach to tutoring, emphasizing organizational development, time management, goal-oriented planning, and conceptual understanding, in addition to academic performance. Additionally, I provide my students with video tutorials and study materials to aid their learning outside of our sessions.

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Professional Chemist with 3 years of chemistry teaching experience at the University level

I have earned PhD in chemistry from Howard University. I have been privileged to teaching general chemistry and analytical chemistry as a Teaching Assistant and Chemistry Instructor at the University.

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A Chemist provides math and chemistry tutoring service up to undergraduate level.

I confidently believe that I am a great tutor, who can help students to improve their knowledge and test-taking skills. Nonetheless, an important thing, which many tutors don’t pay attention to, is that students sometimes have struggles because of their mental problem including stresses, oppression, and ugly memories with subjects, etc.

San Diego
Dr. alan
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Individual Online & Face-to-Face Expert College-level Tutoring in GenChem, OrgChem, BioChem & MCAT Preparation, San Diego

Online individual tutoring is provided by using interactive Skype with screen-sharing. The screen-sharing feature permits chemical structures and reaction mechanisms to be drawn in real time during tutorial sessions. All visual materials thereby generated are saved as jpg files and then are sent to students at the conclusion of each session.

St. Louis
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Evan the Chem Wizard! I have a BS in Chemistry! I adapt my lessons to how you learn! Learn or your money back! I can travel anywhere in St. Louis!

Learning chemistry is difficult. Period. That's why it's vital to have a patient tutor who has previously mastered the topic. To make learning chemistry easier, I constantly focus on the roots of chemistry, most of which are overlooked in a classroom. After a brief lecture and Q&A, we then test the waters with some questions that encourage critical thinking before moving on to the next topic.

San Marcos
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College student in biochemistry offering chemistry and math lessons to middle school and high school levels in San Marcos Texas

I am an honors college student at Texas State University studying biochemistry who tutors those in elementary, middle, and high school. I like to use what the students already know and guide them towards a better understanding of whatever is causing them trouble. I use lots of examples and guide students step by step through them.

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Former chemistry teacher happy to help at the high school level. Go Cocks!!

I have a B.S. from USC and a M.Ed. from Columbia College. I taught chemistry for 17 years at a local high school. My lessons are delivered as Microsoft powerpoints and Google slides. I am patient, most days :-), and am happy to move at a pace that YOU are comfortable with. I want chemistry to be an ENJOYABLE learning experience.

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The entire world is made up of individual elements. From gases and liquids to solids, there are dozens of elements that are either pure in form or, when combined together, make specific chemical reactions. The study of chemistry is really the study of life down to its smallest form. Breaking down life to individual elements can prove tricky though. Chemistry does also require the understanding of certain mathematical formulas, broken down in sometimes confusing chemical forms. For a student who is struggling to grasp this sort of information, it is necessary to utilize the assistance of private teachers who can produce tailor create chemistry private lessons. These individual lesson plans are designed to help a student in what they are struggling with and reinforce what they already know.

Chemistry private teachers are available for most forms of chemistry, ranging from organic chemistry to medicine private lessons. Even the organic chemistry private teachers are available. No matter what course title a student is struggling with or what sort of information a child requires help with, the tutors and private teachers are available to help every step of the way so the child can improve their grades and their overall understanding.

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Shan , found their chemistry tutor

I need someone to take my college chemistry 2 final. I need it in order to graduate and I'm failing. I've been to the Chem tutors on campus and they did not help too much! Need someone to take the test in person Friday 12-2:15 . Will pay !!

1 month ago