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Charles a.
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USCF Level IV National Chess Coach. I am one of only eleven people in the U.S to earn this title from the United States Chess Federation.

Rapid Comprehension Thru Effective Teaching (RCTET) is the method I have invented. Having the ability to remember how chess occurred to me I have invented a new way to learn the game. This is especially important for today's 21st century students. The old method of teaching chess has lost multitudes of students who found learning to play the game way too cumbersome.

Fort Smith
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Beginner Chess Instruction to students of all ages in Fort Smith, Arkansas

My ongoing status in chess is as an intermediate level player. I study extensively on and the USCF chess sites. My chess library is fairly large, and increasing slowly. Currently my studies include beginner openings, chess tactics and board skills.

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Tutoring of new levels, where student surpasses that from whom was educated and abkve average knowledge is given or shown and exemplified

Highschool Graduate 2010 overachieved and rarely surpassed. ROTC military preparation classes. I'm also a natural gamer, whether it be video or card games onto more educational sports and organized physically based & sorted ball or objective games and activities.

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Experienced tournament player in lincoln, ne with over five years experience teaching chess to all ages. Includes theory, tactics and tournament strategies.

Class B Chess player (top 15% of rated players in the country) Can start from scratch or tighten up weaknesses in your game. Lessons in opening theory, tactics, endgame theory. Strategies for success in tournaments outside of gameplay. In chess, like most other activities, it's really important to develop good habits and purpose in every move.

San Diego
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You, too can become a Grand Master! Or, at least, have a lot of fun!

My father taught me to play chess when I wad a child. I can teach you, no matter how old you are! The rules are easy, the strategies, complex.

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Gaming Instructor: Chess, Poker, Scrabble and other board and card games, Euro games in particular.

I have a PhD in math from UC Berkeley, a Master's degree in physics from the University of Chicago, and a Bachelor's degree in physics from the University of Michigan. In addition, I have take several courses in programming and have learned basic Web development.

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Chess and Poker coach for beginners from a former Chess State Champion.

I am a very experienced Chess player. I can teach the basics in the easiest way and help you understand the more complex variations without difficulty. Openings, Mid game, End game, all will be taught. I am also a poker player and will show you the best ways to learn the game and get a hang of it.

Boca Raton
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Chess: New Horizons

I have over 56 years of play, and won many local tournaments. I won 2nd place in the Florida Senior Open, 2014. I have beaten masters and experts in tournaments. I play tournament and social test.

La Plata
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Wanna be the best and knock out all the rest I'm the teacher for you

I'm a guy who loves games and chess and love to share what I know

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Coach chess since I was 15 years old, beginner to experienced (1800 maximum élo)

Hello, I started chess at age 4 years and they have never left me since! I can train students from beginner level confirmed with an appetite for tactical work and personality. Indeed, I adapt my course so that students quickly found his style of play and moving towards a comprehensive learning in this direction.

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Chess ongoing Reel or via Skype, by an International GrandMaster 2500 elo

My lessons are more expensive than other vendors, but with more insight you actually save time and money. That's not my claim, that's what my students are saying. ABOUT ME (briefly!) French International GrandMaster (IGM), 38 yold, living in Courbevoie near Paris. About my lessons: While I can give any kind of courses (prepared in advance, correspondence courses, etc ..

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I give private lessons I chess player in Rome Agonist lessons for all levels

I offer lessons in chess at home in Rome and province in my home for beginners and children, and is for all levels. I 27 years agonist player through my lessons and best network consoliderete your game through consolidate.

(6 reviews)
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During chess fun, educational & interactive !! 15 years of experience in chess.

I graduated animator and chess arbiter by the French Chess Federation. I have an excellent education, I can adapt to each one always making sure that it remains playful. I was also the director of several videos in 2015 and 2016 for the Federation (championships of France, top12 etc.).

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MA graduate in history gives thoughtful online tuition in history and English

I regard myself as a patient and reassuring figure capable of raising the confidence of my students. Usually I begin by introducing the topic, taking approximately ten minutes; the class becomes more interactive from there. In the final ten minutes, my mission is to ask thought-provoking question to measure understanding.

Ciudad de México
Saulo antonio
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Chess teacher, teaches chess classes for children and adults at basic and intermediate level CDMX

I am a teacher with 5 years of experience giving classes to people with no notions of the game, where classes are not only limited to playing with the teacher, also promoting other games that motivate the ability to analyze.

Greater London
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Highly qualified maths tutor with an experience of 5years and a chess player and a coach for more than 15 years conducting lessons for advanced to until beginner level.

I'm highly qualified and very experienced Maths and Chess tutor whom conduct lessons in London through tutorfair website. I create a short note for every lesson in Maths therefore it's easy for the students to remember the lesson. Students needs to explain about the lesson they learnt according to their understanding which explains me how much they understood the lesson.

Santa Bárbara D'Oeste
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Chess lessons for all levels! Learn with someone who loves the game!

I have played chess since I was 15 years old and I had the opportunity to play in various tournaments and championships. I have an excellent relationship with several teachers, instructors, masters and great masters of the game, having had the opportunity to study and learn from great players.

1st lesson offered free !

CHESS player tournament National Instructor FSI-CONI proposes courses / online / home lessons PROVINCE-MILANO-LECCO-MONZA

My name is Richard and I am a INSTRUCTOR NATIONAL FSI-CONI (Italian Chess Federation - Italian National Olympic Committee). It organizes individual lectures and specific courses (individual and collective) that meet both the needs of the beginner, and the particular demands of the tournament player.

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Chess player for 15 years gives lessons on Amiens and also Abbeville

A club player for more than 15 years, my chess courses are for beginners as well as seasoned players. My respective elos in slow and fast parts are 2100 and 2300. Bases, openings, finals, tactical problems .. we will approach the area where the student wishes to progress.

1st lesson offered free !

Communication and • Knowledge of voice modulation • Accent neutralization • Other communicational skills • Voice process training

I believe that teaching is the holiest & the noblest of all the professions. I myself want to offer myself to the field of teaching. I believe that learning by teaching and teaching by learning is what helps one to achieve the aims of education. Simply to be a teacher is an honest and sincere dream of my life.

(2 reviews)
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Do you want to learn playing chess or improve your level? Professor entitled in Zaragoza

Scheduled content classes that evolves in difficulty gradually with the student: from beginners (knowledge of the board and pieces) to studying openings, tactics, endgames, review, comment and study games, analysis of positions, play games vs. me, monitoring and customized preparation repertoire. Classes for all ages. As you progress, I'll advise the championships in which you can participate.

Tempio Pausania
(2 reviews)
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Private chess lessons for children and adults in Italian and / or English

In my chess career I had the pleasure to teach chess in schools and chess clubs as well as privately, having students starting from the age of three and up to late adulthood.

1st lesson offered free !

Moderator Teacher of Chess very experienced game offers lessons for children and adults

I offer chess courses for children and adults of all levels. . I have the best educational materials (books, workbooks, computer and multi-media) that make learning both serious and playful. Introduction to the game rules. Progressive learning tactics and strategy.

1st lesson offered free !

Chess lessons for beginners / Fast results guaranteed / Shared enthousiasm / Paris Region

Discovered the game at 4 years old, I was trained by Grandmasters in Russia, the country of the greatest chess champions. Having played and won tournaments at regional level in the south of France, I'm sharing my experience with beginners with a unique pedagogy, the one that made me love this game during my childhood. I approach the game in a completely different way, the way of my teachers.

Petruta alisia
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Chess Trainer for people who love chess and want to learn more

Currently, I am a student at University of Leeds. I am a professional chess player.I have started when i was a child and I participated in many tournaments for 12 years,obtaining prizes at national, European and world level. I am passionate about this sport and because i have learned a lot , developed myself and changed my life.

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International Grandmaster chess gives during any level in Moselle, Luxembourg and on the Internet

International Grandmaster since 2007, in my 16 years. Ranked 2615 Trainer for several years with experience at all levels (club players in the world top), I offer courses tailored to the expectations and goals of the student. Contact me for more information.

Paris 10e
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Young Master International provides ongoing chess catchy all levels / public, to Paris, home or Skype

These chess courses are suitable for every players (from beginners to club players), young and old ones. My goal is to share my passion and experience to the "noble game" through exercise, through understanding parts of strong players, openings, final ... that will show you the aesthetics of this game! I also favor the convenience especially when the course is for a child.

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Good team player, passionate, and very serious about chess offers chess tuition

I am passionate and a serious player; after only 3 years I have regular performances in tournaments around 2000 ELO. 1st ELO 1730. A former student at the Lycee Henri IV and HEC, I applied my working methods to chess and you will get valuable knowledge in all phases of the game and many references to books and articles.

(1 review)
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Nutrition Student in the City of Queretaro offering Health Sciences, English and Chess lessons

Classes for students of health sciences who wish to learn or regulate related aspects in the area. Also English lessons with Cambridge TKT certification for KET, PET, FCE and IELTS. Chess player and teacher for all levels. PPP methodology. Introduction to the subject, practice and production based on learnt aspects. Pedagogy of self-education and personal growth.

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Chess is an intellectual game where the objective is to checkmate the opponent's king by placing him under threat of capture that he cannot escape. The game has come a long way from 6th Century India where it was first played to being part of the curriculum in some schools. It is also played internationally in world championships for men and women and world junior championships for children. There is also the Chess Olympiad which is international and there are also the Blitz and Rapid World Championships, Correspondence Chess World Championship and the World Computer Chess Championship among other international chess competitions. If your dream is to compete in chess, and win, you need to do all you can to brush up your skills. The best way to do so is with private lessons where you will get one-on-one attention. The impediment might be with finding private chess teachers in your area. SuperPROF, a US-based website, removes this hurdle with a listing of 100,000 selected teachers offering private lesson in 250 subjects all around the US. You can find a tutor to give you private chess lessons in your locality as well as other areas you may be interested in. You can find a juggling teacher, a first aid teacher, a tutor offering bridge lessons and other hobbies teachers. Get you tutor and sharpen those skills.

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Greer, found their chess tutor

Looking for a chess instructor for my 7 year old son Thomas. We have been playing together and doing workbooks for about 2 years and I think he would get more out of working with someone else. Look forward to meeting. Thanks

1 week ago