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Tutor For Hire,Business, Social Science, ESL, Mandarin Chinese, General Mathematics & History

I have an MBA, BA in Social Science; I am currently working on my Doctorate degree in Psychology, have taught ESL for more than 20 years, do math tutoring, and have studied Mandarin for 20 years. I majored in Entrepreneurship, and can advise you on ways to receive money for your start up business.

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MAT Grad Student Offers Chinese Lessons to Students ( Fluent in Both Chinese and English)

I am a graduate student in Rhode Island School of Design studying to become an art educator. I am originally from Taiwan but graduated with a BA degree at Scripps College. I can speak Chinese and English fluently.

New York
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Professional Qualified Native Chinese Mandarin Teacher. Learn Talk and Write Chinese Now.

Do you want to study chinese? Do you want to learn Chinese very well? Do you want to know about the culture of china? Do you want to know the way of Chinese thinking? Do you want to pass the exam of Chinese……… If you want to study and to know all of this, please connect with me I can help you and teach you what you want to know and let you make progress in Chinese in a short...

Charter Township of Clinton
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Certified Mandarin Teacher with Master's Degree in Teaching and 3 years experiences in Michigan

Dedicated Chinese language teacher with nearly 3 years’ experience developing creative lesson plans and implementing instructional best practices. Full-time teaching in elementary school (K-1) and middle school (grade 6,7 and 8).

San Jose
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Chinese lessons at all levels for all purposes by a Chinese professor with PHD and >20 years teaching experience who lives in San Jose California.

I have studied at a university in Shanghai, China for seven years, received both B.A. and M.A. degrees. I have also studied at a university in the U.S. for six years, received both M.A. and PHD degrees. I have a Connecticut Educator Certificate.

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9-year teaching experience teacher gives both chinese lesson and ESL lessons to all levels

As a native mandarin chinese speaker carries standard chinese and English teaching certificate brings vivid and super fun chinese lessons and ESL lessons to u, I'll design a special plan for each of u and make sure you make a gradual and good progress every single class. ( I have both chinese and English text books offered if u don't have or prefer to use mine.

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M.A. Duke Graduate Chinese Teacher, Fun and Effective Teaching Style, Native Speaker

I spent my first 20 years in Tianjin, my hometown in China, until finishing college education. Holding a Bachelor of Arts degree from Nankai University majoring in Chinese Language and Literature and a B.S. from the neighboring college, Tianjin University, minoring in Business Administration, I like both pure liberal arts and scientific social studies.

North Palm Beach
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ACTFL Chinese certified teacher with 15 years of experiences between California and Florida. I can teach Cantonese dialect too.

● I am a native Chinese from Taiwan. ● I am fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, and Taiwanese dialects. ● I can teach listening, speaking, reading, and writing Chinese in all levels, including HSK test preparation, AP and SAT Chinese. ● My students are required to show and tell, create projects based on themes and task.

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Looking for an ideal tutor for middle school and high school levels in Houston. You just found one! She not only teach students academic skills, but also a career successfully pass. I think that my p

My Name is Sharon. I received BS Chemical Engineering degree at Texas A&M University. I am capable of tutoring, Math, Chemistry, Physics and Chinese for students at middle school and high school levels in Houston. I am passionate of what I do. Tutoring is my next career follow My Mother step.

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Want to learn Chinese/English with a accent-free teacher? Need tutoring for pronunciation? Chinese/English Tutor in Lubbock, TX

I am American Born Chinese. I speak both Chinese and English fluently. I passed the Chinese AP Language and Culture Exam. College Chinese Minor. I cater to the specific needs of the student based on their level and their need. I also teach small children. I have a love for a Chinese Language and Culture.

Glen Carbon
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College Student from China, can tutor Mandarin to any level students near Glen carbon

My name is Alice, I come from China. I speak English well. I'm teaching Mandarin Chinese. I usually discuss with my student about what they wish to learn, and I'll be well prepared before the lesson starts. I also would like to build a good relationship with my student, and share my learning experience with them.

San Diego
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Yoshi's Joy Chinese Class--Please Come and Try!! You can Chinese From Now

In a few words, who are you and to whom do you give lessons (diploma, level, class, characteristics, etc.)? - Your techniques and methods of instruction? (lesson structure) - Your characteristics as a teacher? (methodology) This is the first thing that students will read about your lessons.

Kings County
Min xiu
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Native Chinese speaker gives Chinese lessons in all levels during the summer in NYC. Can teach online or at home.

I was born in China and I am currently a student study in Skidmore College. I have many years of experiences in Chinese and I have learned Chinese since I was in kindergarten. I often speak Chinese with my friends and my family members.

Kings County
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Advanced Chinese by AP class to middle school and high school levels in Brooklyn

My name is Amber Lin. Born in China Currently, study at Brooklyn College I majored in Accounting because my strength is math and I like to use numbers. I have passed AP test in high school which includes reading, writing and listening. It is important to learn an international language. It is my pressure to teach you.

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Cantonese by Native Speaker from Hong Kong - Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced All ages welcome

Local Chinese school in Hong Kong for 15 years Diploma in Legal Studies Associates in Business Studies BSc in Business Management and Marketing Pre-evaluation of your language goal Understanding your level What you want to achieve before we start our class. Class will be causal or I can tailor to your special needs.

Queens County
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New York Experienced Mandarin Chinese Teacher offers flexible lessons. All Materials are customized

I was a RN back in China. After being a nurse less than one year, I made decision to come to here. in 2011, I came to America and started BSN nursing at Emporia State University. Since then, I have been teaching Chinese lessons. I customized all the study material based on students' level and needs. Don't worry, Chinese is not that hard! Trust me.

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Native Chinese Teacher with 7 years of experience teaches Chinese in Orlando

I was born in Xian, China, studied and worked in Beijing. I have been teaching Chinese for 7 years at elementary schools, middle high schools, and universities. I have been teaching pre-school children Chinese at home for 5 years.

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8 years teaching chinese experience to english background student, please contact me

i am undergraduaed student and now study my master in uk. i can teach primary, secondary and diploma chinese level. I always follow textbook and my extra tuition materials. Depends on the studens ability to decide different methods. i am very kind and have passion with my students.

Szu wen
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An teacher with over 10 years experiences seeking for Mandarin teaching position

I am Camille Lin, and currently at a position as a Mandarin teacher in Seattle. I am a dedicated teacher with over 10 years experience in English school teaching, hoping to seek English or Mandarin Teacher position in Seattle.

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Fun ways of learning Chinese with me, well-educated & professional teacher

I am a well-educated professional Chinese and English teacher from Beijing, China. I've been teaching over a decade to different ages and groups. I'm holding a Masters degree in Education which helps me to have enough knowledge to both teaching and understand the need of students. I speak perfect Chinese with standard and clear accent. I know how to motive a learner and inspire him or her.

San Diego
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Chinese Students Learning to speak English like A Native Person in San Diego

I'm a film major currently studying at San Diego Mesa College, being someone who was in ESL and now completely at ease with English, I understand the struggles that many foreign students face, having to deal with a different language, environment, and culture can be overwhelming, stressful, even depressing at times.

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I'm a native Chinese speaker and i'm looking forward to be a mandarine teacher

This is Nancy, my Chinese name is Nan Xia, I graduated from my undergraduate at Tianjin Foreign Studies University at 2013, after one year working in China, I came to Philadelphia to continue my study, i was at Drexel University and now i'm transferring to Villanova University. Back to 2011 I was giving Mandarine lessons to a high school student and college student which are all friends all mine.

Punta Gorda
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Chinese native speaker, certified language teacher with ESL background that can help you achieve your learning goal online

Greetings from Taiwan~ 你好 :) My name is Bryan. I am a Chinese native speaker as well as a certified Chinese teacher by Government. In our lesson we could talk freely using Chinese / English as the medium depending the language level, even if you do not speak any of the above we could still work it out by using multiple lingual texts.

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Chinese tutor for all levels in Central West End, St. Louis.

Hi Everyone, I'm Jiani. I have a Bachelor's degree from Dongbei University in Shenyang, China. I moved to the US in 2015, but have been teaching since 2012. Before I moved to the US I taught English to Chinese students. Now, I teach Chinese to Americans! I specialize in conversation-based classes. That means less focus on books and more focus on speaking.

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Patient tutoring in English writing for speakers of other languages (i specialize in writing help)

Hi :-) My name is Andy and i offer patient help with writing in English for college-aged and adult students. I have a Bachelors Degree in Asian Studies from Florida International University and am currently working on my Masters Degree. Mi nombre is Andy y yo ofresco ayuda paciente escribiendo en ingles para adultos.

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Former Chinese language [professor and international consultant in chinese state of Cameroon, central Africa

Elvis Martial Nzepah, (concealed information) freelance Chinese language translator ,professor,international consultant in Chinese culture work. had worked for the state of Cameroon and Qin chengxiang international trade in that capacity.Belief in the easy chinese language concept; that which given my background in the language design lesson in that light.

Los Angeles
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Native Chinese speaker gives lessons to all levels in Los Angeles CA

I'm a native Chinese (Mandarin) speaker from Taiwan. I came to the U.S. when I was 16. I lived in Seattle for two years and transferred to UCLA in 2014. I am very flexible with my lessons. Since different students have different aspects that they want to strengthen, I usually adjust to what students are looking for.

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Patient Empathetic Teacher With Experience In Cross Cultural Communication. Come Join Me!

I graduated from Augustana College, which is located in Rock Island, Illinois, USA in 2012 with a degree in English, Philosophy, and the Classics. These fields of study and the small intimate nature of my school have informed the way that I teach. I have found that mixing vocabulary and grammar memorization with critical thinking exercises are the best way for student to learn a new language.

Grand Rapids
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Mainly Chinese and secondary Japanese

Hi I am a Chinese girl and I can teach any level of Chinese to anyone who is interested in learning Chinese . And also I can teach Japanese as well for the beginner . I am very patient and warmhearted and will try my best to help you learn Chinese and Japanese. Please let me know if you are interested in learning Chinese and Chinese culture.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced Mandarin Teacher offers interesting Chinese language and culture lessons to whoever is interested in Chinese culture

Carthage College, Master of Education, Teacher Leadership - Bilingual Education Focus - Taught both Freshmen and Sophomore Mandarin Beijing Language and Culture University, Master of Arts, English Literature - Taught Elementary School Mandarin Beijing Language and Culture University, Bachelor of Arts, English - Tutored adults Madarin

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The language with the highest number of native speakers today is Chinese. Originating from a truly wondrous country with a fascinating history and a wall over 13,000 miles in length. Learning Chinese seems to be a difficult task and a tedious one at that. However, with the help of private Chinese teachers it can become rather amusing. Whatever issues a student might have, private Chinese lessons can solve. Teachers are very patient and willing to help the student learn the language by introducing them to Chinese culture as well. They will adapt themselves to students' capabilities and guide them on their way to mastering the language. Should a student develop interest in other foreign languages, they can also look for Hebrew or Dutch lessons, to name a few. Spanish teachers would be glad to help them with Spanish and native Latvian speakers are available as Latvian tutors. Hebrew lessons are also at your disposal with a private Hebrew tutor.