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Sinking Spring
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Making History by Traveling Through Time...Finding Adventure as we go along. We are in for a great trip.

I have taken advanced history courses in college, and have particular strengths in US History and Church History. I have a keen interest in the American Civil War, in all its glory. I believe that I am very well-read in many areas of history, and am passionate about the subject. I have earned two Masters' degrees, one in Religious Studies.

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College Professor with 10+ years experience tutors in all Social Science areas

I am a college History professor that has taught all social sciences ranging from 8th grade to graduate level courses. I have been tutoring as well for the last few years. I can tailor a lesson for you on a specific subject or series of events; or, I can provide tutoring over a wide range of material based on your specific needs.

Bronx County
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Former New York high school history & English teacher can enliven history and writing for NYC students

I don't depend on text books or rigid lessons. Instead I introduce students to historical experiences through stories and dramatic examples. Then I help you learn to think and write about them. Teaching materials include movies, novels, short stories, songs, poetry and field trips. Lessons will include discussion, debate, simulations of such things as the Underground Railroad during the U.S.

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World & American History Instructor/Tutor in Springfield Missouri that makes learning fun

My technique is simple in nature and depth in practice. I want to find out what makes your learning yours due to an individualized approach that benefits the individual and the class when appropriate. I have have heard from previous students that they each got something different than one another.

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College communications instructor with over 15 years experience in news media gives journalism, civics, and government lessons in the greater Nashville area.

I am an experienced educator with a master's degree in Communication Arts. I believe in instructing students about current events and how government and media works by immersing themselves in the various types of traditional and new media, and by using classroom and online methods to explore, identify, and understand the world around us.

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US History and Political Science Teacher searching for Students in the Montgomery Area

My education level is this: Dec. 2000, Bachelor of Science, Troy State University, Montgomery (AL) Aug. 2001-July 2004 Masters of Liberal Arts ABT, Auburn University at Montgomery (AL) (Did not graduate) I use the traditional methods of instruction, which include the Socratic method.

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Teacher gives social studies lessons to middle school and high school students around the Boulder, Colorado area.

Hello students! I am a certified teacher for the state of Colorado. I can give lessons involving social studies: history, government, geography, etc.

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Political Theory / MPA Graduate Student offering ( government / political science / philosophy / history )tutoring lessons

University of West Georgia: Masters of Public Administration (Political Theory / Psychology) IN PROGRESS University of West Georgia: Bachelors of Science - Political Science and Government (Psychology Minor) //in progress toward Doctoral and Professorship paths// //youtube lessons and lectures coming soon//

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History Teacher Shares Mystery Adventure and DISCOVERY in the World of History

Education is one of the most cherished gifts to receive and to be shared with others - and it's on going. Successful tutoring skills are utilized for Middle, High School and College levels.

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Certified Teacher in Houston Texas for EC through 6th grade, certified in Louisiana as well. I tutor online or in my home.

My Master's Degree is from Warner University. I majored in Education with a concentration in Curriculum & Instruction. My Bachelor's of Arts Degree is from Louisiana Tech University, I majored in Merchandising and in Consumer Affairs. I have been teaching for 15 years.

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Creative, caring, competant career teacher wants to tutor (human science, history, academic subjects, arithmetic, use of Englsis language- reading, writing, composition) near Sumter & Camden SC

In Turkey, one definition of who is a teacher, is “One who leads you from the darkness to the light – the darkness of ignorance, light of understanding.” This is a poetic expression of the inner wish of every true teacher – it is my wish.

Jennifer a.
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Geography MA; Education BSEd and MEd, Elementary and Social Studies, Pittsburgh, PA

I am a "forty something" teacher living in the Pittsburgh, PA area with nearly 20 years experience as a teacher. I will give lessons to whoever asks if I can meet the topic content that they seek. The lesson structure may vary depending on the request. I have used various methods, with lecture being the most frequent, but visual aids, etc. are often used in conjunction.

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History major giving lessons and tutoring sessions in Cape Girardeau County to Grade School and College students.

I have a graduate degree in History with areas in classical world history and American history. I have taught a wide range of students in the past. Lessons will be based on individual needs and techniques will be creative and hands on learning.

San Diego
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Greetings! History teacher seeks students from middle school to college to tutor.

I possess a Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts in history from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. My majors were in history. I also recently obtained my Master of Education with social science teaching credential from National University in San Diego California.

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Astounding Adventures in Sensational Social Studies Sometimes with Maps and Sometimes Not

I am an experienced K12 and college educator, offering courses for enjoyment, tutoring for credit classes, and adventures in the social studies areas addressing a variety of learning styles as well as stages of learners. My goal is to get people excited about history.

Mount Airy
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Certified Teacher bringing the past to you through modern technological methods and practice.

I am a 2010 Graduate of Appalachian State University and an certified in North Carolina to teach History from the ninth through twelfth grades. Also holding a certification in science, I know I can offer a unique view on this subject area.

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Hold a Master's in International Economics offering tutoring for history and government/civics

I have a Bachelor's in Political Science with a Minor in History from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. I also have a Master's in International Commerce and Policy from the Schar School of Public Policy at George Mason University.

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Experienced and Patient Masters Psychology and Other Subjects and Exam Prep Teacher and Motivator

PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY ●Instructed General Education Development and English as a Second Language; ●Developed and implemented specialized tutoring programs and lesson plans for at-risk students; ●Provided academic leadership for the Department of Academic Affairs; ●Associate Faculty member for multiple Psychology programs; ●Planned and implemented fund budgets, fiscal...

Grand Rapids
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Social Sciences. A broad field of tutoring available for growth in many subjects!

I have a B.S. in Social Sciences from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. I use the gradual release method in my classroom. It allows the student to take full ownership of their understanding and expertise. I believe a teacher is merely a guide to student success, much as a lighthouse is merely a guide to ships on a successful journey.

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When looking back to History, we can be well prepared for the future.

Educated in a Christian-education training program, I have been a teacher since 1998. Social Studies is simply story-telling...story-telling of the human race. I strive to make the study of Social Studies as simple as retelling your favorite story, but with actual real-life characters.

South Burlington
Dr. andrea
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I am a Doctor of Education living in Moretown Vermont. I teach Real World Ethics for better decision-making, Philosophy and Writing. Looking forward to teaching.

I am an unabashed enthusiast in the journey of becoming wise, in teaching and learning, engaging students to further expand the human experience and the foundation of knowledge. I enjoy the contemplation of ideas.

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Knowledgeable History Tutor, Current Events, BA in History, MA International Relations, Finishing Doctorate

Colorado Technical University, Colorado Springs, CO 08/2015-Present Doctorate of Management (pursuing online) Northcentral University, Prescott Valley, AZ 09/2011 –08/2015 PhD in Education: Education / Organizational Leadership (pursuing online) American Public University System, Charles Town, WV Degree, 08/2011 Master of...

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Political Science/History/Public Speaking Tutor: Experienced Help for All Students in these Subjects

Political Science (B.S.) graduate, with a minor in history available to tutor on any relevant subjects. Specialties include American and Russian History, American Civics, and Political Campaigns/Grassroots Organization. Able to tie relevant subjects into lessons, better connecting students with the current political environment.

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Certified public school teacher - history & social sciences. Over 100 credits in history and social sciences. BA in history & MS in Economics. Will tutor locally & online in history, economics & any o

BA summa cum laude in History, MS in Economics (GPA - 4.0), Certified public school teacher - History & Social Sciences Composite - Grades 7 - 12. I also have earned a BSN in Nursing )GPA - 4.0) and worked as a Registered Nurse for over 20 years. I specialize in assisting with homework, writing assignments, test preparation and all types of review for standardized testing.

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History Teacher (Government, Historical Perspectives, Current Events, Economics, Geography, US History, World History, Social Studies, Political Science and Indiana History)...Assist with GED prep and

BA Political Science/Pre-Law Indiana Teaching License in History Secondary Education (Social Studies, Geography, Government, Historical Perspectives, Current Events, Citizenship, Economics, World History, US History, and Indiana History) grades 5-12 GED prep Credit Recovery Substitute Teacher 15+ years working with Troubled Youth in a Home-Based or School-Based Setting...

New York
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Modern Language Instructor and all-around tutor in NYC teaches all age ranges

Some of the things which allow my work to stand out, is the age range of students I have had the privelage of tutoring. This has given me the tools to prepare students/clients of all ages for success. In addition the wide range of subjects I am comfortable with and have had experience teaching is unique and families can hire one tutor for multiple subjects.

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Be such a political expert the pundits will look really dumb

I have 18 years of journalism experience, covering politics and world events. Next, I've earned two Master's Degrees in social sciences, studying groups and cultures. To start out, I earned a Bachelor's in history and political science. Add to that 6 years of military experience. I can make you a social studies expert.

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High school graduate gives lessons to junior high or high school students on geography, civics, and U.S history.

I won't tech like an average teacher. I'm 18 so I can relate to a the Jr. high-High School age range. I passed 6th grade geography and 8th grade civics as well as High School American history and World history at the top of my class.

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High School Social Studies Teacher gives History, Civics, and Geography gives lesons to middle and high school levels in Bangor

I am a certified High School Social Studies teacher for an alternative education program. I have 19 years experience in teaching freshman through seniors lessons in Geography, World History, Civics, and U.S. History. These classes are for credits toward a high school diploma. My lesson structure uses direct instruction through lectures and teacher-led demonstrations.

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Jr High teacher that tutors in psychology from gville who teaches History

I am a junior high Texas history teacher. I have a Masters degree in Applied Psychology and want to help students expand on their subject. I believe in helping students obtain critical thinking skills so that they can be successful in their future career path.

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