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Inef, Personal Trainer: for all ages and a variety of sports in Zaragoza

The methodology will vary depending on the students, whether they are individual or group and the specificity of the class sessions. I try to make the most entertaining and relaxed classes possible, without losing sight of the objective of the meeting and the students.

Sidi Ifni-Nou Alacant (Alicante)
Swimming, Climbing or Personal Trainer for Beginners in Alicante. Health, Balance & To be strong to be usefull.

I'm technician top of sports and mountain guide. I can teach to swim, to climb or to be fit for everyone who want to learn new things, to have fun and ┬┐why not? To be usefull with your own body.

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There is just something about being able to get out into nature and to truly become free from all of what is holding people back in society. Climbing is a natural instinct and activity that people start to do at a young age, yet stop as they age. However, it is a fantastic workout and loads of fun, which is exactly why so many more people return to rock climbing. With this in mind though, someone should not just hit the nearest mountain range or cliff and start climbing. Instead, they need to seek out climbing lessons from experienced climbing teachers. These climbing teachers can introduce them to a new world they never knew existed. Of course, climbing is not going to be for everyone. That is exactly why there are so many other class options out there. A fitness instructor can provide zumba lessons for this interested. There is also an African dance teacher and Krav Maga teachers as well for those who want to take on this activity.