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Cartooning! Cartoonist drawing giving lessons from beginner to advanced, Indianapolis, IN - All you need is a Pencil, paper, and ink pen

High school, college, and tons of art training and experience in the field. I've worked for various magazines, newspapers, and schools teaching cartooning and travel the state performing presentations for schools on the art of cartooning. With so much technology, it's sometimes refreshing to just go back to using a pen and paper to create something from scratch.

Kings County
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The Art and Techniques of Illustration, with Design and Composition for commercial use.

As a freelance artist my work stems from years of study and techniques learned from attending the School of Visual Arts. Skills such as composition and design have been the most important, I my opinion, and education on these is vital inorder to execute work that is in demand in today's industry.

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Professional Artist gives art lessons in basic to advance drawing all ages

Master of Science, Package Design from Pratt Insititute, Brooklyn, NY Bachelor of Art, Studio Art in Printmaking from Plymouth State University Plymouth, NH. Undergraduate degree fine arts program including classes in drawing, watercolor, oil painting, printmaking; etchings, silkscreen and woodcuts.

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English Tutor In America -College graduate tutors English online for minimum wage price.

I'm a college graduate who majored in communication studies with a concentration in public speaking. I am a native English speaker. I have experience speaking in public, writing papers in English, and teaching English for online companies. I wish to teach online for minimum wage prices.

Port St. Lucie
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If you want to learn to draw, you come to the right place

I have been drawing for the past 33 years. I have taken art classes since the third grade. I specialize in cartoon art. Art can be a great way to showcase your talents. I have sold a few of my drawings. The best of my art is actually self-taught.

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Art teacher in the California valley giving art lesson to all ages.

I have been an art teacher and even own an art school for many years. I can teach in many different genres or art styles. I adapt to my students level and needs. I can teach classes or personal one on one coaching.

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To one art student to another- Trying to help when I can

I'm an art student on the way to an uncertain world. The only comfort comes from drawing and I want to share this comfort with others. I have an associates and am almost done with a bachelor's. Probably going for my Masters as well.

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College student, experience in drawing, painting, printmaking and therapeutic art advocate.

From Knoxville, TN -- Art 1, (2 semesters) Advanced Art: Printmaking, Psychology/Sociology, AP Literature & Composition. 23 on ACT Currently attending college in middle TN. Courses focusing in printmaking, drawing, as well as human psychology, philosophy, and english. Educated in general astrology as well.

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Learn your skills the right way, to make the art you want! With an associate degree (4.0) in graphic arts, professionally trained artist seeks to share knowledge throughout Kitsap county WA, and the i

Hello my name is Matt Borges, and I am an artist and graphic designer. I always get a sense of joy showing aspiring artists and designers the foundation for acquiring effective art skills. The fundamental analysis of the elements and principals of art and design is the key to understanding creative decisions in art.

West Deptford
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Professional illustrator gives various art lessons in the S. Jersey area

I have a Degree in Illustration from The University of The Arts. My lessons are for anyone looking to start drawing/ painting/ illustrating or anyone who is looking to improve on their skills.

Kings County
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Artist / Teacher with a lifetime of experience teaching art and cartooning.

I teach art to students at all levels: from beginner to advanced. We learn by doing and we use traditional techniques and learn the fundamentals of color and perspective and progress from rough sketches to highly polished works of art.

Wichita Falls
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I am offering art lessons at a really low price. If you are interested, give me a call.

My name is Joseph. I have a high school diploma and a year of college under my belt. I've been drawing since I was a young kid and have loved it ever since. I would like to share that love with my students and help them achieve their artistic goals.

Kings County
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Let's Create Comix! This class would cover the basics of comics art

I graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a Bachelors degree in Illustration. My lessons will start with character design, page and panel layout stressing visual storytelling. I'll show how to get what's in your head onto the page.

West Memphis
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Fine Artist giving lessons to advance skills in art in the Memphis area

I graduated college in 1992 with a BA in Art. I've always advanced in creating artworks. Life happened and I have had many jobs. My lessons are fluent. I have a set goal that we try to get to with the finished piece. I'm fairly not strict.

Harker Heights
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College student in Design with 10+ yrs digital art experience gives art lessons in digital media

My name is Vanessa, and I'm currently a design student in the University of Texas at Austin. My specialty is in digital art, and I am eager to pass on the skills I've acquired over the last 10 years of my digital art experience. Lessons will be held over screen capture methods and voice calls, where the student can see my screen and I can see theirs.

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Digital Artist BFA grad gives lessons and critiques in drawing, storytelling, and the fundamentals of art online and in Nashville

During my BFA in Digital Art, I had experience with many tools and methods of art making. We started from the fundamentals of art, from learning about how colors work, shading, lighting, composition, and how to communicate well in critique. By my final year, we were working mostly conceptually, understanding how art communicates to viewers, keeping in mind historical contexts and psychology.

West Orange
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Professional Cartoonist gives lessons on drawing comics and creating comic art

I'm a 2011 Graduate of the renowned Kubert School of Cartooning & Graphic Art. I enjoy, encourage, and help students with all aspects of the creative process of comics, writing, penciling, inking, lettering, and coloring.

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South Jersey Art/culinary Teacher for children or adults

A very patient and fun teacher, looking to help you express and hone your talent while explaining fundamentals learned through experience. Versed in basic to advanced watercolor, drawing, acrylic, sculpture and oil painting. Education was partially private, theory in color and design completed at Drexel University. Sculpture, and painting were completed in formal classes at Camden County College.

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Drawing, Painting, Comics, Design, Calligraphy, UpState-Ny, Bachelors-Fine Arts, MFA in progress progress

Hello! I am an Adirondack Artist. I give lessons to all ages. I teach drawing and hope to teach other classes. I have my Bachelor's in Fine Arts but am not tied to a university so I do not provide official diplomas but I can help teach you how to master the art of drawing! Each week I will provide the necessary info to complete the weekly drawing assignment.

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Nothing to it, but to do it

I graduated from Cypress Springs High School. I am a born artist. I got my gift from God. l've been drawing since i was 1 or 2 yrs old. I can teach anyone how to draw. Its all in your mind.

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Artist with B.A. in Art teaches Drawing and Painting classes Online or in Austin Tx area for all Age groups

I am a lifelong artist with a B.A. in Studio Arts and minor in Theater teaching everyone of all skill levels and all ages who have the passion for learning and doing art. I do a bit of everything in the art world so my structure for teaching is to show you how to do a technique rather than just telling you how because I'd love to be making art right alongside you.

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Young graduated from the school emile cohl gives painting lessons, graphic design, illustration, cartoon, sketch, drawing from observation, any particular level home on Lyon

Hello, Graduate School EMILE COHL, Lyon, and graduate school IPESAA (Montpellier) I give lessons for all levels, adapted according to the needs and desires! --------------------------------------- ALL LEVELS DURING DRAWING I offers classes for ALL , beginners / students / confirmed: - Illustration - Comics - Graphics and desktop publishing (photoshop, illustrator, indesign) - Painting - Sculpture...

1st lesson offered free !

Tutor of Fine Arts - Can teach at request or offer mini/extensive courses for beginners!

(My listed adress for obviouse reasons, is not my home adress, but that of a nice caffee less than 4 miles from my home, and am willing to meat students or people couriouse about what, and how i am willing to teach at this location if desired before any home meets. The cafee happens to also boast a nice collection of local art itself). Teaching is one of the best ways to learn.

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Drawing lessons: initiation & improvement - studied at prep Gobelins and actually studying in video game school / cinema 2D - 3D

Hello, I am Morgane, 19 years old and art student. I offer drawing lessons for all levels, but especially for beginners seeking to improve or introductory courses in drawing and creative arts (help in plastic art also) for younger people.

Lyon 7e
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Fascinated by the culture (music and artisitque) gives art classes for beginners

Fascinated by the culture (music and art), I give art classes for beginners Hi, My name Vianney, I'm 24 and I'm studying music in preparation of a Master teaching, to teach music college and conservatory student for access to upper poles. Moreover I acquired some technical fine arts through training. Some items are available from my photos.

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Special drawing classes for everyone (child or teen / adult) at home

Hello, I introduce myself, Niels Roman, student at Emile Cohl in 3rd year. I give drawing lessons in ALL its forms, drawing, painting (watercolor, gouache, acrylic), ink and even photoshop, digital painting by tablet ... My specialty is the comic but I am prowled on all. I can train in academic drawing, but also in manga style, European comic style and american comics.

(3 reviews)
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Comic Strip and drawing / Author of comics and Illustrator / Painter

Hello, I am a young cartoonist and illustrator / painter. I propose courses of narrative drawing and comics. I also teaches art classes in any form for amateur and more experienced. I can help you develop your imagination, or just strengthen you in all technical drawing. I also make preparations for competitions and coaching comics projects.

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Literary Masters Graduate tutor with specialist Knowledge in English Literature and Fine Art

I provide lessons for A level, Undergraduate and Masters level students in the subject areas of illustration, painting, printmaking,installation art, English Language and Literature. As a tutor I aim to encourage and inspire my students to reach their full potential.

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Studies at the St Luc Institute in Brussels: Graduate in Plastic Arts, option comics, I also do painting on canvas, I am located in Merignac

I have the level of studies to teach drawing, but my life course makes that I have not validated the last year in Brussels. I became ill and I am now looking for work as a disabled worker in this area that I enjoy. My disability is not motor, I have a medical treatment that helps me to fight moments of great fatigue. I love to transmit, to invest and to listen to others.

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Illustrator and graphic designer in Milan offers drawing and watercolor painting lessons with beginners eager to learn

I'm Elisa, 25 years old, illustrator and graphic designer, with many years of experience. I graduated at the "Scuola del Fumetto" in Milan. I'm a cheerful teacher, patient and I love my classes to be informal. I think that if someone's having fun, he learns better. This does not mean that you should take lightly my lesson.

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