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Certified Teacher in Home Ec Education gives cooking lessons to any age in Philadelphia

My name is kelly gregory, and i love to cook! I have my degree in family and consumer science education (which means i've taken a lot of college cooking classes) My classes range from the basics of knife skills and saute techniques to how to make a perfect stir-fry. I love to have fun, laugh, and learn! I have a laid-back teaching technique where we can learn at your pace.

Cooking for all levels who wants that extra pizazz on there plates

Studied at star career academy n. y . c . 22 years cooking in nyc restaurants. Since the age of 14. My technique is hands on, precise and intricate. By the end of a lesson you will fell more than comfortable handling the tools and product of the day. I am an easy going chef with the flare of the dramatic, giving you the feel of real kitchen life.

San Ramon
My days have been filled with the joy of teaching, and it's an awesome give and take. In the kitchen though, there is only my imagination, creativity, bravery, artistry. It impacts only my husband w

I have been in the kitchen since i can remember. My grandpa baked traditional danish deserts. My grandma make a macaroni and cheese casserole. My dad created well seasoned gourmet meals. My mom made breakfast for dinner. I was given a cook book and utensils as an odd christmas present, but wow i still use that cookbook more often than any.

Culinary arts graduate gives cooking and food handling lessons to whoever is willing to learn

Graduated from culinary arts, willing to teach anybody that wants to learn about handling and cooking food, will teach both theory and the actual practice of cooking in a fun and easy way to learn how to cook food from different countries around the world

Truth or Consequences
Learn Cooking from a Professional Organic Farm to Table Chef of 40 Years

Healthy cooking has been my passion for most of my life. Food as good medicine is part of a balanced sustainable exciting lifestyle as my way of being and my gift. Taught as farm to table, all levels, starts with the freshest most accessible foods is always best for health and flavor. Food prepared and shared with good intent boosts the quality of energy and vitality that sustains us.

(1 reviews)
Le Cordon Bleu Trained Graduate and Experienced Chef/Pastry Chef in Denver Colorado

I graduated from scottsdale culinary institute, an accredited le cordon bleu school. I worked at tante louise (a premier french restaurant) for my apprenticeship after culinary school. I learned a lot from some of denver's best chef's. Before leaving tante louise to explore new culinary adventures i had become the pastry chef.

Lebanese Self Employed Budding Cake Decorator: Let's Make Lebanese Food and Bake/Decorate Cakes for Dessert!

I baked with my (late) mother for over 20 years, and while i'm still learning (isn't there always more to learn), i've got a pretty good handle on how to make the best desserts and turn them into works of art. I am of lebanese american heritage and learned how to make some good stuff over the years.

Costa Mesa
World travelled multi lingual teacher gives fun healthy cooking lessons in Orange County

Cordon bleu courses Lived in france, spain, italy Friendly, welcoming Took cooking classes, lived on a farm helping to cook and sourcing fresh produce Into good health and organic foods amd even growing it Master's degree in art history, minor in sociology and nutrition

Cook Fearlessly! With My Help Learn To Understand Recipes, Flavor, And Beyond!

I'm a great cook. I learned from my mother the best way to make many foods. Not classically trained but can help you learn enough to make foods that are good and some that are good for you. Have a recipe you're afraid to try without guidance? I'm your best bet. I've been cooking for over 15 years.

Turkish food & meze & antres & middle eastern cousin by Turk

Turkish food will be teaching you by videos:) Middles eastern / mediterrenian food for everyone. Traditional and delicious 15 minutes meal to slow cooking dinner nights. By the way im a master psychologist, so that we can make a quick session You wont be regret.

Elk Grove
Experienced Chef knowledgeable in all aspects of cooking looking to share his knowledge in the sacramento area, Fairfield, Vacaville, Stockton all ok too. 22 years in the profession.

Hello, i am a chef with over 20 years of experience in the kitchen. If you are looking to learn how to cook i would like to help you. I am experienced in multiple cuisines such as french, chinese, thai, traditional american (comfort foods) contemporary american and many more. I am also skilled in baking as well, from cakes, pies, quick breads and more.

Commended junior high school student giving pvt. cooking lessons in the Conroe, TX area

My name is john lynn meeks and i am currently receiving my eighth grade education and, i am 13 years old willing to give lessons to the age group of 5 to 10 years old.

Culinary Educator, Experience in Teaching as well as Culinary Certification and Variety of Food Service Experience

I have a degree in family and consumer sciences (formerly home economics) with a desire to teach food and nutrition or food science. I also am dual certified as in culinary arts as well as baking. I am passionate about food as well as teaching.

East Bethany
Food Service Worker with five years experience gives cooking and baking lessons in Western New York

I am an individual who has a great deal of experience with cooking and baking. In college, i studied tourism and hospitality management. Throughout my lifetime, i have worked in various jobs that have involved using various cooking and baking techniques. I hope to teach students of all levels and skill sets.

In home, culinary and healthy living, in Grand Rapids, coaching and cooking

Various culinary employment experiences. Russian cuisine and other ethnic cuisine specialties. Healthy and earth based culinary. Diet and nutritional planning. Great in home personal chef. As an instructor, fun inventive and free to learn at your own pace. Some college and 5 plus years of professional culinary experience.

Single Survival Cooking

Cooking lessons for the grown and flown phase of life and for young families. Comfort foods like your grandmother made and fresh, healthy options, also.

Ormond Beach
My name is Paul. Learn how to do Gourmet Cooking from a Pro!

My cooking lessons are adapted to the students' level of cooking aptitude and gives them the tools to fall even deeper in love with preparing food for others. Fundamentals and sound technique are the cornerstones of delicious food based for the home or professional kitchen.

WANT TO LEARN HOW TO COOK KOREAN DISHES? I also teach other Asian dishes as well! YOU NAME IT, I CAN TEACH!

Can cook all types. You name it, i can teach! I've been cooking since the age of 8. I am pro at cooking asian dishes, as well as other american dishes. I don't go by the recipe, i like to do my own thing because it always tastes better that way. I can break it down to the easiest way possible so you can do it on your own once it's taught.

Highland Heights
Professional chef offers cooking lessons and culinary theory to Northern Kentucky area.

I am a 24 year old chef with classical training at the art institute of ohio- cincinnati. I was one semester short of graduating, but a car accident left me without a way to travel to finish school. Bust rest assured, i am every bit as capable as any chef with a degree. I currently work as a lead chef at flik dining with previous work as a pastry chef at horseshoe casino (now known as jack casino).

Traditional cooking, baking, shopping, gardening for a healthier and more fullfilling lifestyle

My education stems from an illness. After research and finding out that the medicines i was taking, the food i was eating, and the environment around me were the cause of my illness, i changed all that. I support the traditional way of living. I start with the basics and work from there.

Toms River
Chef with 27 years experience willing to teach the basics and more advanced methods in your home. Must be in the Toms River, Holiday City ares.

I am a culinary school graduate that has worked in both small and large establishments with a variety of cuisines. I will base my lessons for a home based cook for flavorful dishes with leftovers for the next day. I can also tailor the items based on dietary requirements.

Experienced Old School Chef

Culinary arts graduate in 2000, have worked under many chefs to solidify my type of cooking. I enjoy coaching and mentoring those who wish to learn more about culinary. My method as a teacher is to show you step by step and go from there. Everyone learns at a different level and has their own style of that. So i like to change my style of teaching to fit your level.

Come to the Table with Brenda, how to from scratch and more.

I am an lady that loves to cook and likes to help others learn to cook. I was taught at a young age, therefore i am willing to teach any age to cook.

East Northport
Everyday cooking for the everyday person

I am a professional culinary arts graduate. I love to teach and make cooking fun, for all ages. It is my job to make sure that you understand everything! I am enthusiastic. I can teach you as little or as much as you need.

Anchor Point
Learn the basics of good wholesome cooking. Meals from scratch made easy.

I have a culinary degree plus forty years in the food service industry. From las vegas to disney world and from antarctica to alaska i have ran some of the nicest dinner houses and fed scientists and fishermen. In a few short lessons i will teach you how to cook for two or twenty using wholesome ingredients and basic recipes.

Learn to cook using simple recipes and advanced techniques while having FUN!!

Chef graduated from culinary school at epcc. I have worked for over 12 years in the industry, as cook and chef, with a deep background on asian (chinese, thai, japanese and korean) styles and techniques as well as italian, american comfort food, latin and mexican. I can teach from how to do a simple breakfast consisting on scrambled eggs to a fine dinning style romantic dinner.

(2 reviews)
Paris 1er
Cooking is my passion, I'm italian, desserts are my speciality, I will teach you some secret about cooking!

I am italian. Actually i spent 6 years in france, i am a personal trainer and nutrition consultant. My classes are for anyone who wants to learn how to cook basic or more sophisticated dishes, discover italian cuisine and its secrets, and those who want to learn to eat healthier. I'll cook for you, and with you.

(2 reviews)
Did you say Carbonara? Avete detto Carbonara? Learn to make real Italian food with me

This course is for all people passionate about italian food that would learn to make real italian food with ingredients entirely italian that can be found in grenoble! Professor of italian language, mother tongue, a native of rome. .

South Shields
Cookery (baking, Asian and healthy) and maths and English for special needs children and adults

I teach maths and english for speciial needs students in primary age and adults who needs maths and english. Also i teach asian cookery for adults and and for school children who wish to learn baking. I will be explaining the work and will be doing examples during the lesson and proved home work, i will do s recap before every lesson. Cookery lesson i explain or if needed i do demonstrate.

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If there is one skill someone should learn how to master it is cooking. While this doesn't mean someone needs to become a professional chief working in Paris or New York, being able to properly cook can help improve food at home and make life just that much more enjoyable. With the help of cooking teachers, individuals can receive personalized, specific cooking lessons that focus on improving the way someone cooks at home. This way, from preparing a delicious desert to mouthwatering main course, there is a way so increase the flavor and overall desire of the food. There is no shortage to what someone can learn with cooking as even the great chiefs of the world can learn a thing or two. Now is the time for someone to start their own cooking experience. There are other options and classes available than just cooking lessons. Interior design teachers or a framing teacher can instruct on specific art forms while potery lessons and even a magic lesson can help stimulate the mind.