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Drawing and Painting Lessons in Cincinnati Ohio - Various techniques, All levels covered!

Latin american Artist, I give lessons for all levels. From oil painting techniques to pastels, from painting landscapes to drawing portraits, I offer art instruction in a variety of mediums and subjects. Painting tips, drawing techniques, brushstrokes, and more, that will teach you the tools you need to improve your art.

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Unique Fashion Design Director with 25 years exprience, Home Decor, Apparel, Textiles

I'm a seasoned apparel designer and graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. I have a MBA from the University of Phoenix. I have taught students at the Middle School, High school and College levels. I'm currently an Adjunct Professor at Wayne County Community College, Detroit, Michigan.

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Artist and Graphic Designer seeks to teach students art in Columbia, MO.

I am a full time Graphic Designer, Artist, and Cartoon Animator with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Digital Filmmaking from Stephens College in Columbia, MO.

View Park-Windsor Hills
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LA based Artist gives private Art lessons: drawing, painting ,mosaic..(12 years experience)

Recent graduate from CSUN with a B.A degree in Graphic Design. Working artist that has had shows across LA area. I have also taught mosiac mural/drawing/painting workshops to able and disabled pre-k-12th grade-adults. No problem if you've never done art before.

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Need help with you art skills...Degreed Art teacher for hire in Richmond VA

Hello, my name is Noelle Loving and I am a certified art teacher giving lessons to beginners and intermediate students. I hold degrees in both art education and interior design. I work currently as an art teacher and previously as an interior designer. If you would like to improve your drawing, painting, or design skills, contact me for more information.

Klamath Falls
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College student teaches Virtual Reality Videography and Cinematic Film Making with Multiple Types of 360 Degree Videos

I am a student currently attending school to learn more about 360 degree film making along with normal film making. The lessons I have planned are a hands on learning experience. You will be learning how to edit and position the camera for the best 360 Degree videos.

Kings County
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The Art and Techniques of Illustration, with Design and Composition for commercial use.

As a freelance artist my work stems from years of study and techniques learned from attending the School of Visual Arts. Skills such as composition and design have been the most important, I my opinion, and education on these is vital inorder to execute work that is in demand in today's industry.

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K-12 Art Teacher with 22 years Sub Teaching in SW Michigan gives Private lessons, creating more and more Healthy Hearted Thriving Artists!

I am a Michigan Certified K-12 Art Teacher, Professional Artist and Muralist. I have 6 murals in Detroit at Detroit Enterprise Academy. My Third certification renewal expired in 2015, therefore I still teach home school students by appointment.

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I am an interior architect with three qualifications (diploma, batcholor, master in art design and architectur) from london England, can teach high school, college students. I am an international awar

I work with the students to develop their conceptual thinking and technical ability to deliver their vision to the world. I create a schedule of targets that help the student develop their assignment to a professional level and reach their potential.

Baton Rouge
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Landscape architecture student in Southeast US teaches you how to create dynamic plant designs

I am a current landscape architecture student living in the Southern United States who has experience designing landscapes across the states. I teach the basic design principles needed to create a landscape that is long lasting and easy to follow. Simple ideas lead to extraordinary results with the burden of plant identification easily incorporated into the lessons.

New York
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Learn How To Develop and Eye for Great Photos / Incorporating Design

Hi, Richard here. I am an internationally published photographer studied at NYU / NYC, SVA / NYC, Art Institute / Pittsburgh, PA. In my lessons you will develop an eye of the photographer using composition and design using studio and natural lighting.

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All Subjects and Skill Levels willing to be taught!! (Located in Arizona)

I give lessons in virtually almost any subject and I am also qualified to teach in any level of education. I am willing to travel around the area of the state of Arizona or teach via webcam or instant messenger for remotely-located individuals.

Cleveland Heights
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Illustrator and Concept Artist gives lessons on drawing and digital painting for video games and film.

I currently hold 2 degrees, one is a bachelor’s of fine art degree in Digital Arts from Bowling Green State University where I learned 3d modeling, 3d animation, programming, web design and graphic design. The second degree I hold is a master’s of fine art degree in Illustration (Concept Art Focus) from the Academy of Art University.

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I can teach art from drawing, painting, design, typography and the history

I focused on Fine Arts in High School and continued my education at the School of Visual Arts in New York City where I major in graphic design and advertising. At SVA, I was able to further my talents and gain knowledge in the history of art, design and typography. I also took classical and jazz classes so I like to introduce music depending on the lesson.

Kings County
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Fine Art , Brooklyn , Manhattan , Bachelor of the arts ,

I emphasize that all students are potential artist who view the world from their own perspectives and experiences. These ideas are communicated through explorations with different artist materials; in drawing, painting, collage, arts & crafts , printmaking and sculpture and ceramics either by wheel or by hand . I inspire students to experiment and engage with variety of processes and techniques.

Broken Arrow
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For the love of Arts with Graphite and Color and imagination on media

I was born an artist, but I made my living in engineering drafting. My art is pastel portraits and airbrush illustrations. I love to combine mediums for they all have their benefits. Starting simply with drawing and then into applying color to lines and background. Using traditional art to digital art can be a benefit to the artist and the viewer.

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Spanish Tutor in the Kasilof area, including Kenai and Soldotna. ESL as well

I graduated in 1997 majoring in humanities and they I graduated as an English as a second language teacher. My goal is for you to understand, speak, read and write Spanish.

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College Adjunct Professor offers private lessons in advertising design, marketing, drawing, painting, and branding.

I am an adjunct professor with 20 years of experience in the field of Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design, Broadcast Production, Production Management and Photography.

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Art Designer in Lincoln, Ne sharing color theory, design and drawing techniques

The creative process to a finished product can be a life time journey of learning. What inspires you? I like supporting different styles and techniques and will be a positive force, analyzing light, color and design with you.

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Freelance artist with Bachelors Degree giving lessons in Drawing, Crafts and Painting

I have a background in fashion design and fine arts. I can give lessons in drawing in subjects such as shading, portraits, still-life scenes, proportion, design and lines. I like to teach by way of demonstration, hands-on learning and repetition. I am gentle, understand and patient when it comes to teaching art.

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Arts professor gives art history,drawing,mixed media and painting lessons.If you are interested in art let me teach you to be art savy.

I am a college arts professor. I have 12 years of experience,I work with beginner students on their first year in to the arts journey. I like to have my classes very interactive because I think that's how students really learn the forms.I would love to teach you all the wonderful techniques in mixed media.I specialize in drawing,painting,mixed media and art history.

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Surreal Abstraction: a guide to tapping into your inner creative self. Throw away some rules and get tips that will help you harness a new way of painting. Strech your already creative mind. Internati

I have been drawing and painting with a goal to be a successful artist since the early 1990s. I took a few art classes, but have mostly learned from books and an experimental quest for something beautiful and unique.

Los Angeles
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I'm a art teacher with experience. I used to work with 6 grade and smallest kids. Also I have my program to work with adults. My program including sculpting, drawing painting and handicraft.

I'm a art teacher with experience. I have a bachelor degree in this sphere. I used to work with 6 grade and smallest kids. Also I have my program to work with adults. I gave a private classes for the adults to develop their creativity and I healing to open their creative energy . My program including sculpting, drawing painting and handcrafting.

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Photographer from Shanghai China who can really teach you how to use your camera

I am a photographer from Shanghai China who loves to do hiking in the mountains and take pictures. I have the heart to share with you the way to find and capture all those beautiful seconds in your life in a professional way.

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Individualized arts experiences that will bring energy and focus to your path.

My name is Shakaya. I am a visual arts and creative writing teacher For any age. I have a BA in Fine Arts, and an education degree as well. I hope to coach indivuduals through a personal arts journey.

Poplar Bluff
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Teaching for artistic behavior through drawing, painting sculpture in southeast Missouri. Seventeenyears teaching experience. All ages welcome.

I will teach art to all age levels. I have a degree in art education and 17 years teaching experience. My goals as a teaching artist are to assist students in developing the ability to use creative thinking strategies. While and very interested helping students to develop their artistic skills, I am more interested in process than a perfect outcome.

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Art teacher in the California valley giving art lesson to all ages.

I have been an art teacher and even own an art school for many years. I can teach in many different genres or art styles. I adapt to my students level and needs. I can teach classes or personal one on one coaching.

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Art and Architectural Design, ANTIOCH, BRENTWOOD, PhD, MSc, BSc, University Ass, Professor

PhD in Architecture and Panning, Strathclyde University UK, MSc in Transportation Planning and Engineering, Southampton University UK, MSc (Urban Design)and BSc (Architecture) Cairo University. I have been teaching in Universities in Scotland, Bahrain ,and Egypt. Student centered teaching methodology. Teaching all levels of Art Subjects and Architectural Design.

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Professional expereince in drawing , painting and product design

My name is Rick Byrd, I'm a degreed Industrial Designer from the University of Kansas with a minor in painting. I teach product design and painting from basic drawing/sketching and rendering with detailed understanding of perspective and proportion. In addition create works of art in acrylic, watercolor and charcoal with a detailed understanding of form and proportion.

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Samo painting & design, creatives always make time even when not on time ©

My name is Ali AbiJaoudi. I go by samo... rip Jean-michel Basquiat. I am energetic, outgoing, positive, creative, new, fresh, and mysterious. I am fresh out of high school. I have been producing music, painting, designing, drawing, creating, etc. since 2010.

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It is said that success is 10% talent and 90% perspiration. This means that even the most talented person needs to apply themselves to perfect their skills. This is particularly true when it comes to artistic skills like design. One gets good and increasingly better by challenging oneself to create different designs. What might be a challenge is finding someone who can guide you in exploring different types of designs, creating them and perhaps which career path to choose later on which could as a fashion designer, interior designer, graphic designer and other such design fields. It is a hurdle that SuperPROF smoothly removes for you. The SuperPROF website has a national database of 100,000 teachers in every part of the US offering private lessons in 250 areas. You can use SuperPROF to find design teachers offering private design lessons in your area. You can also find painting and architecture teachers, a cinema teacher and even one offering drawing lessons if you are interested in those too. Get onto SuperPROF, find your tutor and make the most of your design skills.