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Coral Gables
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Certified Nutrition Specialist Certificant Improves Not Only Your Eating, but also Life Quality

Master of Science in Nutrition from University of Miami Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Tianjin University Bachelor of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering from Hebei University of Technology Certified Nutrition Specialist certificant I took courses ranging from technology to science, unique academic background establishing unique perspective.

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Grover Beach
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Art therapy laced with encouragement for all subjects including life outside school.

I am an over comer who survived childhood dramas a child should not have to endure. This atmosphere of success lead me to painting my way through life. I love oils but teach with acrylics, pastels and /or water color etc... I would love the opportunity to be with the student for a hour and a half with a small snack in-between but one hour is do able.

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OU graduate and Certified Holistic Health coach teaching Nutrition around Norman, OK

I give lessons on holistic health and nutrition to people with little to no nutritional training, to help them connect the dots and understand the complexity and importance of a wellness-focused lifestyle. We begin with macro-nutrients, then micro-nutrients, and so on.

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I will get you A in your classes in both chemistry and biology

I graduated from the University of Toledo with a pharmacology degree, and I just graduated from the university of Connecticut with a nutritional science degree. I have a very strong background in science especially in chemistry and biology. I had 3.8 in both my undergrad and my graduate school study.

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Registered dietitian and nutrition support dietitian in the field for 25+ years. Has taught at colleges.

Bachelor of science degree in nutrition. Masters in business administration. Certified in nutrition support and registered dietitian. I have taught at colleges. I have 25 years experience as a registered dietitian. I have clinical and sales experience. I am able to teach all levels of nutrition: beginner, intermediate and/or advanced.

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Functional Nutrition to help prevent disease and illness and create a Healthy You!

I hold a Masters in Nutrition. I teach an online college course on Sports Nutrition as well as a college level course at a High School on Basic Nutrition. The online course is strictly web based and is mostly lessons and tests with a given deadline. The in class course is a combination of lecture, group discussion and assessment.

New York
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Healthy Lifestyle Coach ! Helping people to be in good shape and mood

Master degree in food industry (quality management in food industry ) 2008-2013 Master degree in biologie 2013-2014 (human genetic) Master degree in nutrition and health 2014-2016 (nutrition and food sciences) Phd degree in public health (toxicology) in ( progress) 2017

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High school gad with high interests in health through physical fitness gives lesson on a health routine through a series of yoga, relaxation, and meditation at basic and intermediate levels. having wo

My name is Clayton and I want to help people to enhance their overall health through things that can benefit a person physically and mentally. I accept anyone who is 18 or older due to the fact that these techniques are unsafe for younger brains. It will be a week long course where we start out at the basics. The first day you will be Kind of introduced to everything.

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Nutrition Tutor, Study Tips for the RD exam, Medical Terminology, Counseling, Eating Disorders

My name is Barbara Truitt, I am a Registered Dietitian, my email address is (concealed information) and my phone number is (concealed information) (EST). I have given live Webinars as well as face to face teaching. As a student, I had taken online classes, I can relate to the discipline it takes to learn via distance/e-learning.

Deer Park
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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist provides tutoring/lessons to beginner and intermediate dietetic students/those interested in nutrition

I am an RDN working in her second year as a dietitian. I can provide lessons with beginner/intermediate dietetic students or others interested in nutrition/wellness. Clinical nutrition is my specialty followed by foodservice. Community Nutrition is not my forte. I believe in providing lessons by leading and allowing the students to problem solve on their own. I like to help guide the way.

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Traditional Health Coach for those looking to improve their well being through the means of a tradtional diet and natural whole food supplementation

I do not have any formal education as one one would see in a diploma. I have been ill for over a year and "cured" myself with the means of research, time, diet, and return to a natural and traditional lifestyle. I am here to help anyone with a need or a want to improve their health and well being.

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Conceptual Health & Psycology, Weight Loss Fitness Increase, Cognitive Enhancement Techniques

Counselor, Trainers, Instructor specializing with TBI, also multiple physical and or psychological issues. Health improvements vis Self Esteem & Self Confidence Masters in Psychology, Bachelor's World Governments Global Religions, Associates Criminal Justice. Master Practitioner (5th Dan) Black Belt Tae Kwon Do, Hap Ki Do, Chi Kung, Qigong. Police/Corrections Advanced Self Defense Instructor.

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Nutritionist diploma of london fitness of all kind health is wealth ... Now in paris

Personalized nutrition programs for pea loss, bodybuilding, athlet, etc. 1-3months of durations according to the results.

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Tips on sport nutrition given by an athlete who has made this theme his work of maturity

A student at Calvin College and a high-level athlete practicing 400m and 800m, as well as the middle distance, I offer nutritional advice from extensive studies that I did as part of my work maturity, Experiences.

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Dietitian with PhD in medicine gives nutrition and dietetics support for all levels, online or at home depending on your needs.

Do you need support for completing you course or university, or just want to get better and deep understanding about nutrition and/or dietetics? I am a nutritionist/dietitian, with PhD in medicine. I have a full pack of knowledge and experience to share with you. Please, send me a message describing your needs, so I can analyse it and suggest you a suitable way for reach you goals.

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Dietitian-nutritionist and master's degree of science and nutrition, 7 years of experience

Courses: - Nutrition - Nutrition of developing countries - Food sciences and technologies - Physio-pathological bases of dietetic - Diets - Culinary techniques I determine with the student his level of knowledge which allows me to realize a framework of progression.

Naoussa studio
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Yoga and relaxation home for individuals and companies, do not hesitate to contact me !

Hello everyone ! My name is Emilie, I'm 24 and I practice yoga for over eight years. I graduated from International Yoga Alliance and I offer home study courses, for individuals and businesses. I can move at your convenience for individual or several courses in the area of ​​Annecy and Geneva.

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Plant-based Nutrition is what I live for. I would like to help share the skill is have learned healing my own body so that others may do the same.

I would provide in depth nutritional information and help you develop a healthy plant-based lifestyle which works for you, as well as put together information packs about various supplements/super-foods which can help you. This can be extended, and i will do everything in my power to help you reclaim your health and vitality.

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Nutrition lessons on diet construction and its constituent parts (online and in person)

A detailed education into diet construction using a hierarchy model. Each part of the diet is broken down and explained in detail. Can be used for ages 18+ also offering education and teaching tools on weight management, weight loss, weight gain and nutrition to optimize performance and health.

Santiago de Compostela
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Nutritionist in Santiago de Compostela. Learning to eat well, lose weight, sports nutrition. weekly schedules.

Cardiovascular diseases are one of the major health problems worldwide and its incidence is increasing every year. One of the risk factors, and if possible the principal, is obesity .... Thus, begins most articles on cardiovascular weight-related diseases, and bring it here to emphasize the importance of food in our health .

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Qualified teacher based in Preston who is also a strength and conditioning coach studying at Masters level. I have great experience teaching and coaching, specialising in areas such as sport, physical

I am a qualified primary teacher that is a strength and conditioning coach studying at Masters level. I am very informal and friendly as I believe if you enjoy learning then you will make the most progress! I cater to all different types of learners across any age range.

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Ethics of loosing weight in todays world, believe, consistency, effectiveness and evaluation.

I have enjoyed gaining knowledge in the health and fitness world for over 4 years and during that period of time I have accomplished a lot with various skills and also applied them on in order to see the outcome. I have experience of working with people of all ages and gender to achieve thier goals I get great satisfaction seeing people achieving their goals.

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Proper Nutrition and Diet is the future for human survival and healthy life

I am a Motivational speaker and a profession in health sciences specifically in Nutrition and Dietetics. I have come out to help people handle some of the lifestyle conditions like obesity.Through my tutorials, I champion proper nutrition for a healthy life.

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Wellness at home or in the office, relaxation therapy, massage, mental preparation, nutrition, diet, personal development

I appeal to all level initially and for any purpose. I would respond to any request, Keeping my rights to refuse requests if it does not meet my ethics. With numerous coaching experiences, I will advise you best. Feel free to contact me to arrange a first appointment to meet us and see my approach to coaching.

Raúl gómez
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Trainer Personal Expert Lost Weight Pilates Fitness Nutrition Trailrunning Running coaching groups

My classes are usually 1 hour. We will work effectively and healthy for maximum results in a multidisciplinary way. Approaching lifestyle, nourishing habits, training, etc. Constant search for perfection. Guaranteed results if you do what I propose. call me and start.

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Yoga, Massage Therapy, Energy Work, Diet, Personal Development, Barcelona and Mataró

My Alchemy Yoga classes are Sivananda based, with influences from Jivamukti, Iyengar, and Ashtanga. They fuse the elements of strength, balance, and flexibility, with a meditative flow, focusing on affirmations.

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Holds a Master 1 STAPS and top athlete gives dietary advice (Reims)

Ended this year my university studies to become a teacher of EPS in parallel to the practice of high-level sport, I offer my advice in terms of nutrition and / or dietetics sport to anyone who needs to be supported in achieving personal goals it will be fixed.

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Tips, Help & Questions / Answers on Nutrition granted in Physics, Sport & Health

I am 19 and I am a first year student of Nutrition and Dietetics in Dutch. I propose to help you regarding the loss or weight gain by creating a special menu, I also recommend everything revolves around food and more answers to your questions + A detailed explanation. I also help in everything that is sport and disease.

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Do you find that you have an interest in diet and nutrition? Do you aspire to start a consultancy business where you give people advice on the same or work with patients in hospitals to help them get their diet right so they can improve their health? Then dietetics is the career for you. You would need to train to become a professional dietitian who assesses, diagnoses and treats health problems related to diet and nutrition. This would be done according to the latest scientific research into food as it relates to health and disease. The starting point is with getting the qualifications. Perhaps you have registered in a college but are finding it difficult to keep up with some of the course subject or you wish to gain higher qualifications. It is a problem that can be rectified by taking private lessons from qualified teachers. You might be wondering where you can find dietetics teachers offering private dietetics lessons. SuperPROF, a US-based website has a comprehensive listing of no less than 100,000 qualified teachers offering lessons in 250 subjects. You can also use the website to find tutors for other subjects you are interested in. You can find a chiromancy tutor, potery teachers, a jewelry design teacher and a tutor offering Genealogy lessons in your locality. Get those lessons and get on track to mastering the subject or skill you are keen on.

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Aryn, found their dietetics tutor

Hi Barbara, I finished my dietetic internship program in November, studied for the exam over a month and then failed it the day before I was to start working as a clinical dietitian at a hospital. I continued to work for the hospital full time...

5 days ago