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Dynamic PhD English Teacher to Empower YOU to Excellence in Marietta, GA!

I am a ga certified english teacher with a strong history of bringing students to their highest potential. I do not believe that any student is unteachable, and work hard to foster a trusting relationship with students in my charge.

Widely published non-fiction writer, researcher, editor can help you to improve any business, professional or academic document

I am a widely published non-fiction writer (36 publications), experienced editor and researcher. I am also a retired professor of international management (mba level) at university of texas. If you need help with a research paper, a term paper, a dissertation, business proposal, or non-fiction manuscript, i can assist you in making your english-language writing clear, professional, and compelling.

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Experienced teacher in RI and SE New England looks forward to working with you - homework, test preparation, writing

My students consistently praise my approach and appreciate the tangible results. For the past twenty years, i have worked with young adults and adults who want to get ahead in relation to their knowledge and/or skills.

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University professor provides tutoring in literature, philosopohy, academic writing for HS and University students.

I earned my ba in english literature from providence college in 1968. I hold a med from boston university, a master of divinity from the episcopal divinity school and a master of theology from boston college. In my tutoring, i try to build on a student's current strengths as a first step to improving their academic performance.

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Queens County
Howard Beach tutor with 20 years experience gives writing lessons to students of all ages.

I tailor unique and fun lessons in creative and academic lessons for students of all ages. I hold a master's degree in education. I hold a ba in anthropology that allows me to relate well to students of all backgrounds.

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Essay and writing assistance for all levels by researcher in Pendleton IN

These lessons focus on the english skills the student needs to work on. These include things like grammer, prose, spelling, format of a thesis and others. Format of the lessons depend on if the student would like to work on one large project, like an essay, or shorter projects, like question and written answer.

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Environmental Scientist and Geographer; Teacher / Professor; Testing Coach; Professional and Experienced both in the Field and in the Classroom

I have been teaching for more than the 5 years on my resume. I was the oldest of my sisters and helped raise them with my mother. I went on to become a volunteer coordinator for the bureau of land management in colorado, where i was privileged enough to work with students during the summers. It was during the course of earning my 2nd ms degree in environmental science that i became a teacher.

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WriteClub - The first rule of Write Club is you write. Creatively, business-minded, collegiately, in another language.

Instruction in fiction, longform journalism, autobiography, videography and poetry. For gifted youth, unpublished authors, ap high school test prep students, and english language learners. Work includes co-editing with other students across the globe using microsoft word, googledocs, blogger, and portaportal.

I am a dedicated educator who has many years of teaching experience from teaching Language Arts and Creative Writing to learners from K-college leves!

I have degrees in english & french secondary education. I spent a junior-year-abroad in france and lived with a foreign exchange family. I began teaching high school english when i was a very young twenty-year-old undergraduate and continued to teach classroom language arts until my retirement in 2014. I retired as the creative writing director for a large title 1 urban school district.

I've taught Nuclear Physics to 4th Graders! Retired Ph. D Nuclear Engineer in Savannah, GA and Online

I'm a doctor of nuclear engineering. I have retired from full-time work after years in both us government research and applied teaching in the united arab emirates. I'm familiar with the sat (systematic approach to training) and functionalist methods of teaching, and have worked with dozens of students one-on-one at this point, some from their early career to their own doctorates.

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Doctor of Education with 10 years of experience offers English and writing lessons online

Doctor of education to offer lessons to traditional and non-traditional students via interactive, student-centered learning methods. Students will be able to pose questions and concerns related directly to their needs and have those questions addressed. Students of all levels will be encouraged and supported throughout the learning process.

French Language and Literature (SAT, Ap, IB all levels, French Bac, all college levels

My general area of research is in teaching french and francophone literature and grammar in a second language context to adults but i have also a four year experience in teaching french as a foreign language and a seven year experience in teaching techniques of expression including rhetoric and communication. No annoyance in the classroom, neither for the students, nor for the teacher.

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Weeki Wachee
Dual Enrollment Student with High Honors in High School and State College

I am currently a junior in high school trying to educate others. I try to provide relatable examples and tips to help out students with their classes. I am patient, relaxed, and caring for my students while staying very focused.

Maria del c
MBA, Doctor in Business Administration in Leadership, small business owner, and researcher

Dba in leadership, 2016, strategic nanagement, entrepre b eurship, language arts and economics. I c would like to guide students and help them in theses subjects and help graduate students with their dissertation endevours to aid reaching these goals with success.

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Eccentric College Professor Wants to Help YOU Write More Effectively with Ease

I am not your usual ph. d . I am eccentric and base all my help on real world experience. It's not just your grammar or methodology we'll discuss. Let's learn about how to develop your best tools to move your education and/or career forward with humor, fun, and dignity. If i had to describe my own educational philosophy it would be this: education is about discovery, not drudgery.

Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in the Chicagoland Area Offers Academic Guidance and Subject Expertise

I provide tutorials, coaching, and individualized instruction or consultations for all kinds of academic assignments with an emphasis in the humanities and social sciences. Additionally, i provide customized time management and study skills success plans for students at all levels.

Motivating, inspiring, and compassionate tutor for ACT prep, brainstorming, and editing. I work well with learners across age levels.

I completed my phd in 2006 in social studies and global education at the ohio state university. Between 2006 and 2009, i taught in the college of education at winona state university and successfully served on multiple department, college, university, community, and state-wide committees. During the 2009-10ay i taught introduction to chicano studies and introduction to ethnic studies at st.

Learn to write from an award-winning published author (MFA/PhD-20 years teaching experience)

I'm a published author (mfa/phd) who has taught native/non-native english speakers from secondary through graduate school how to read and write both creatively and analytically. I design lessons based on individual student needs, providing tools that target specific writing and literary challenges.

Justifiably arrogant brainiac wants to tutor online and help folks of all ages and demographics learn to write gooder. I'm under 50 and retired. And happy.

My life is an often contradictory juxtaposition of highly analytical predictive analysis and planning coupled with impulsive, seat-of-my-pants vectors which i can only support via creative instinct and guesswork.

Doctor of Philosophy and Former College Professor here to help you with Philosophy, dissertation and thesis writing, essay writing, and homework from Middle School to Graduate School in Austin

I use the socratic method of asking leading questions to draw out what the student wants to write for their essays. Additionally, i ask the students about their interests so as to develop a rapport with them. Using this rapport i craft examples around their interests to help them better understand the material they are studying.

East Cleveland
Ask me why diversity matters... In Biomimicking, Adult learning and collaborative endeavors

I have experience providing and assisting current and prospective educators with access to computer skills & knowledge. Also, i have trained pre-school, elementary and high school educators in academic & social Activities, for in & outside of the classroom. In addition to that, i have lead meetings and collaborated to Complete documentations according to updated federal and state statues.

[Economics at All Levels With 25 Years of Teaching Experience and Expertise...]

- i am professor of economics with 25-year of teaching and research experience. - i use the learning-centered method of education to realise 100 per cent learning. - i use inclusive and innovative learning styles to make the course interesting and funny. - i use simple and easy learning paths special to every student.

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Retired college prof teaches French, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese and English writing

My approach to teaching foreign languages is for my student and me to read a story in the target language, to learn the grammar deductively, and to discuss the text in the language we're studying. This works for any level.

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Hot Springs
High schooler that has taken several college level writing courses offers tutoring in creative and academic writing, thesis, and general literacy

I am currently a high school senior that attends arkansas school for mathematics, sciences and the arts. I have taken several college level writing courses, and consider one of my best skills to be writing. I offer tutoring to students from grade school to seniors.

Boca Raton
I'm Dr. Andreas, and Art Therapist and Special Education Art Teacher. I've been a teacher since 1970, and have returned to school several times. I enjoy working with secondary, undergraduate and gradu

I have 3 degrees in art, psychology and education. My method of teaching is 1:1 and we work together on your assignments. It is my job to assist you with a hands-on approach, employing technology to supplement this nontraditional methodology. I assist students in editing their assignments to correct their english and research appropriate responses.

Retired in Seattle teaches literature, reading, philosophy, religious studies: all ages, types!

I have been a theater professional, pastor, employment consultant, and have earned a doctorate. I work with individuals and groups of all ages, teaching with passion, humor and respect.

College senior with strong writing and research skills giving lessons to high school and college students

I'm a senior political science major and an educational studies minor at carleton college. I have strong writing skills in research paper at high school and college level. I can give both verbal and written feedback on written assignments, social sciences in particular.

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Doctoral Candidate in Cultural Foundations of Education will give English, Writing, and Literature tutoring to high school, college, and adult students near Youngstown, OH or online

I am a doctoral candidate in cultural foundations of education. I also hold a master of english and a master of education degrees. I have taught college-level english for 10 years. My lessons focus on critical thinking and writing skills with particular attention paid to the written argument.

Johnson City
Graduate Student in Psychology/Sociology with a concentration in Clinical Psychology and provided tutor/mentor services at East Tennessee State University and Club-Z tutoring in subjects ranging from

My name is james kennedy, i graduated as valedictorian at campbell county high school and graduated on the dean's list at east tennessee state university.

Recent College Graduate gives academic tutoring to middle and high school levels in Southcoast Massachusetts

I recently graduated from clark university in worcester, ma and am preparing to apply to law school. As a student i learned best from visuals and self-practice; however i am aware different students learn in different ways. That being said i'm willing to adapt my lesson plan to a way that helps the student learn best and am always researching creative ways to teach.

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School is tough and challenging. However, education and schooling is vital for the academic growth and success of every individual. Part of the challenge in academic life is the completion of the lesson requirements for teachers from different subjects. The Dissertation and thesis’s writing preparation is part of every student’s life. With the help of Dissertation and thesis’s writing preparation teachers, they aid students in finishing their requirements fast and easy through the Dissertation and thesis’s writing preparation lessons. They can serve as English tutors and Dissertation and thesis writing preparation teachers as well that can contribute greatly to the success of every student’s Dissertation and thesis’s writing preparations satisfying the requirements of the lessons given by their teachers. The Dissertation and thesis’s writing preparation lessons would equip them with all the necessary steps needed to complete their tasks. There is also other student assistance offered that includes resume - cover letter’s writing prep lessons, and other supports such as Classics teachers for Ancient Greek.

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I am a DNP student. I doing dissertation on the complications of diabetes specifically diabetic foot ulcers. Health care providers intervention strategies to prevent diabetic foot ulcers in the primary care setting. Diabetic foot ulcers continue...

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English writing and language help from a college-level teacher in the US