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Both classically and conceptually trained visual artist with Russian heritage teaches in both English and Russian

My life has taken me from the Soviet underground to a prominent place in the American art world. Born in the Soviet Union I found my footing alongside now-famous dissident artists before political pressures brought me to the United States as a refugee in the late 1980s.

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Drawing and Painting Lessons in Cincinnati Ohio - Various techniques, All levels covered!

Latin american Artist, I give lessons for all levels. From oil painting techniques to pastels, from painting landscapes to drawing portraits, I offer art instruction in a variety of mediums and subjects. Painting tips, drawing techniques, brushstrokes, and more, that will teach you the tools you need to improve your art.

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Unique Fashion Design Director with 25 years exprience, Home Decor, Apparel, Textiles

I'm a seasoned apparel designer and graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. I have a MBA from the University of Phoenix. I have taught students at the Middle School, High school and College levels. I'm currently an Adjunct Professor at Wayne County Community College, Detroit, Michigan.

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Artist and Graphic Designer seeks to teach students art in Columbia, MO.

I am a full time Graphic Designer, Artist, and Cartoon Animator with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Digital Filmmaking from Stephens College in Columbia, MO.

San Diego
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Architect and sculptor with 40+ years of experience teaches the creative method to students of all ages in San Diego.

I am considered by my peers to be an architect's architect. I have undergraduate and graduate degrees from the Schools of Architecture at Cambridge and Columbia Universities. I have taught and lectured design there and at Pratt, Cooper Union, Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute, Cranbrook Academy and Montana State University. I teach a process that enables prioritization.

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Beginning Drawing, Acryllic & Watercolor Painting Lessons in Maggie Valley NC at home. MFA in Studio Art/painting

Hello! I received my BA in Studio Art at UNC Wilmington and my Master's of Fine Arts/Studio Art at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee NC. I love to paint in acrylic and watercolors but have knowledge in pastels, drawing and pen and ink, and 2D design. I create compositions from nature, people, and social commentary in a realistic to imaginary style.

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Art tutor, Kahului, HI. I believe that everyone is an artist in their own way.

I have a Bachelor's degree in biology with emphasis in cell and molecular biology, chemistry minor, and an Associate of Arts degree with emphasis in Fine Art/Studio Art. I tutor middle school through college freshman levels. My teaching method is not "one size fits all." I endeavor to meet students where they are and work to understand their needs and their level, and work with them from there.

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Veteran drawing artist for hire to teach. Personal and academic experience included.

I have a BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design. This degree is in fine arts. Among the courses I took to earn my degree were two drawing courses. I had been drawing since I was young, around the age of nine years old.

San Francisco
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Fine Arts Drawing, Watercolor, and Oil Painting for Beginners by Painting Artist

My name is Carmie, and I give Beginning level lessons on drawing, watercolor, and oil painting techniques. My form of instructions are very simple. I usually give a brief intro while performing some demonstrations for my students. I am very patient and helpful, as well as enjoy seeing the progress of someone learning new skills in fine art.

View Park-Windsor Hills
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LA based Artist gives private Art lessons: drawing, painting ,mosaic..(12 years experience)

Recent graduate from CSUN with a B.A degree in Graphic Design. Working artist that has had shows across LA area. I have also taught mosiac mural/drawing/painting workshops to able and disabled pre-k-12th grade-adults. No problem if you've never done art before.

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Need help with you art skills...Degreed Art teacher for hire in Richmond VA

Hello, my name is Noelle Loving and I am a certified art teacher giving lessons to beginners and intermediate students. I hold degrees in both art education and interior design. I work currently as an art teacher and previously as an interior designer. If you would like to improve your drawing, painting, or design skills, contact me for more information.

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Art Teacher gives lessons in art history and visual arts K-12 and beyond in the Charlotte area

I am certified to teach K-12 Art in SC and NC. I have a MAT from the University of South Carolina. I love to teach children and adults of all ages. My favorite part of Art is the hands on work and experimentation with different materials and techniques. Of course, you cannot have Art without Art history and the famous artists, important vocabulary, like elements and principles of Art.

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Cartooning! Cartoonist drawing giving lessons from beginner to advanced, Indianapolis, IN - All you need is a Pencil, paper, and ink pen

High school, college, and tons of art training and experience in the field. I've worked for various magazines, newspapers, and schools teaching cartooning and travel the state performing presentations for schools on the art of cartooning. With so much technology, it's sometimes refreshing to just go back to using a pen and paper to create something from scratch.

Kings County
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The Art and Techniques of Illustration, with Design and Composition for commercial use.

As a freelance artist my work stems from years of study and techniques learned from attending the School of Visual Arts. Skills such as composition and design have been the most important, I my opinion, and education on these is vital inorder to execute work that is in demand in today's industry.

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K-12 Art Teacher with 22 years Sub Teaching in SW Michigan gives Private lessons, creating more and more Healthy Hearted Thriving Artists!

I am a Michigan Certified K-12 Art Teacher, Professional Artist and Muralist. I have 6 murals in Detroit at Detroit Enterprise Academy. My Third certification renewal expired in 2015, therefore I still teach home school students by appointment.

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Any level drawing/painting lessons in Houston area offered by experienced acrylic painter of 5 years. All ages

My name is Angela and I am 22 year old college student. I have been painting/drawing since I was able hold a pencil or paintbrush. I am mostly self-taught, with some formal instruction in public school and university as well as lessons at independent art schools. I enjoying capturing natural landscapes, ocean-dwelling animals and things of the like.

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Professional Artist gives art lessons in basic to advance drawing all ages

Master of Science, Package Design from Pratt Insititute, Brooklyn, NY Bachelor of Art, Studio Art in Printmaking from Plymouth State University Plymouth, NH. Undergraduate degree fine arts program including classes in drawing, watercolor, oil painting, printmaking; etchings, silkscreen and woodcuts.

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Current College Art Education student gives lessons in life drawing and sketchbook art

Current Art Education College student at University of Southern Maine looking to give lessons in drawing from life and creating sketchbooks at a beginner level. Students will learn how to creatively draw/paint their surroundings and how to build a sketchbook using multimedia materials.

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Art and Architecture Professor - AutoCAD lessons / Rendering Animation classes today!

Bachelor of Science in Architecture from The Cooper Union Brookdale Community College –Lincroft, NJ – Adjunct Professor September 2004 to May 2014 Outstanding Adjunct Professor Award 2009-2010 Construction Documents – I teach a class of typically (15-20) students to produce all of the drawings necessary to build a single family residence with an addition of their own design.

E. dominic
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Art Instruction and Portfolio Help by AP Studio Art Teacher in California

E. Dominic Black is a professional artist and art teacher with a B.A. in Art and a Master’s Degree in Education. He is the painting and drawing instructor at San Dimas High School, where he has taught basic, advanced and AP Studio art for over sixteen years. On weekends, Mr.

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Artistic learning, such as drawing, sculpture, and photography begins here. Greenville, Sc. College art student.

I am a junior at Converse College where I major in Art Therapy. I teach the basics of drawing, painting, sculpture, pottery, and photography. Art is not something one simply does, it is feeling and compassion blending with what one knows to be true of reality. Anyone can make art.

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All Subjects and Skill Levels willing to be taught!! (Located in Arizona)

I give lessons in virtually almost any subject and I am also qualified to teach in any level of education. I am willing to travel around the area of the state of Arizona or teach via webcam or instant messenger for remotely-located individuals.

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I'm an artist located in Birmingham, AL with a Bachelors in Graphic Design

I'm a graduate of Alabama A&M University with. Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design, Minoring in Telecommunications. I attended the University for five years. I have a natural gift of Drawing. Also very Creative. Being an artist is my natural gift.

Bronx County
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Jolee's NYC Shift Gear Art Class. For Illustration, photography and graphic design.

Wood Tobe Coburn is where I studied Graphic Design. Most of my foundation, however, is self teaching. I found that during school I'd read ahead in my design to be extra prepared. Yes, a bit nerdy but Very relatable. My method of learning and teaching is like a pyramid - I help you understand what makes everything in art.

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English Tutor In America -College graduate tutors English online for minimum wage price.

I'm a college graduate who majored in communication studies with a concentration in public speaking. I am a native English speaker. I have experience speaking in public, writing papers in English, and teaching English for online companies. I wish to teach online for minimum wage prices.

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Want help with your Historical knowledge? Need Geo help? Need Scientific backing?

I attended Central Washington University. I received my BA in Interdisciplinary studies there in 2015. I am currently writing a book about WWII and working on my Masters degree in History. I am also tutoring some of the local High school students already with their History and science studies.

Cleveland Heights
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Illustrator and Concept Artist gives lessons on drawing and digital painting for video games and film.

I currently hold 2 degrees, one is a bachelor’s of fine art degree in Digital Arts from Bowling Green State University where I learned 3d modeling, 3d animation, programming, web design and graphic design. The second degree I hold is a master’s of fine art degree in Illustration (Concept Art Focus) from the Academy of Art University.

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I am a Lebanese Artist, Teaching Painting and Drawing is my passion.

I am Zeina Waked a Lebanese painter, giving Painting and Drawing Lessons for students at all age. As a teacher, my desire is to share the love of colors with my students. I have the facility for engaging with students at their level of understanding. I do my best to give the highest quality feedback on student work.

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Interdisciplinary artist facilitates artistic creative process in sculpture, drawing, & installation art.

I am an interdisciplinary artist and creativity coach with 25 years of teaching experience to adults and children in various sculptural techniques. My expertise is in figurative and abstract work that can be executed in clay, metals, and mixed media. I focus on the creative process that involves exploration and experimentation in the medium of choice.

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I can teach art from drawing, painting, design, typography and the history

I focused on Fine Arts in High School and continued my education at the School of Visual Arts in New York City where I major in graphic design and advertising. At SVA, I was able to further my talents and gain knowledge in the history of art, design and typography. I also took classical and jazz classes so I like to introduce music depending on the lesson.

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The artistics definition of drawing is that it is using different drawings instruments to create images and patterns on a paper , canvas or other two-dimensional medium. There is no hard and fast definition or agreement about whether an artist is made or born. However, if you, your child, sibling or someone that you know shows promise with the drawings that they can put down on paper or other medium, then it does no harm to develop this gift and passion. This gift can be refined and shaped for one to become an architect, sketch artist, canvas painter, graphic designer, interior designer or other career where a keen eye and natural inclination towards shapes, dimensions and creating effects is needed. The challenge might be how to get this natural talent honed. The best way would be with private lessons. The challenge with that might be finding one in your area. SuperPROF already went ahead and did that for you. SuperPROF is a US-based website with a listing of 100,000 selected qualified teachers who offer private lessons all around the US. Collectively, they cover 250 subjects. You can find drawing teachers offering private drawing lessons in your area as well as an architecture tutor, cinema teacher, improvisational theater teachers and others offering acting lessons. Get onto SuperPROF, find your tutor and hone your skills.

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Dinah, found their drawing tutor

Hi Lauren, I am seeking art lessons on behalf of my 16-year-old daughter Sarah. She is interested in both drawing and painting. She is self-taught but would like to advance further under the guidance of a professional. This summer she would like...

4 days ago

drawing teacher

Masterful Art Teacher

Norma, found their drawing tutor

My granddaughter is 15 and wants to learn more about anatomy drawing. She is staying with me for the next 5 weeks and would like to learn while here. She is very talented and loves drawing both on paper and on the computer.

2 weeks ago

Ellen, found their drawing tutor

Hi Tatiana, I am trying to illustrate my own children's book, it is a Christian book. I am 31 years old, and I haven't finished my drawing course that I attempted to take when I was 21, and I need someone who would be willing to guide in order to...

3 weeks ago