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Philly based Artist & Art Educator. Let's Make Art. Hire Me to Unleash Your Creativity!

I am a pennsylvania, state certified visual arts teacher. I work with artists and students of all ages, including: pre -k through grades 12, a. p . , college students, adults, and students with special needs. Art is both very subject and personal. My teaching approach is a student centered one, allowing students to find their artist voice.

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I am a drawing and painting teacher. Located in Savannah, Georgia. I give classes in my home and I can also come to you.

Hello there! My name is ms. Salaverria. I am originally from venezuela. I graduated from the prestigious savannah college of art and design with a bachelor of fine arts, painting. I developed different learning techniques that allow your inner voice to guide you. My methods of teaching depends on the level of notion of the student.

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Both classically and conceptually trained visual artist with Russian heritage teaches in both English and Russian

My life has taken me from the soviet underground to a prominent place in the american art world. Born in the soviet union i found my footing alongside now-famous dissident artists before political pressures brought me to the united states as a refugee in the late 1980s.

Artist and Graphic Designer seeks to teach students art in Columbia, MO.

I am a full time graphic designer, artist, and cartoon animator with a bachelors of fine arts degree in digital filmmaking from stephens college in columbia, mo.

Fine Artist Proffesional MFA Teacher for Oil Painting and Drawing Expressionism, Individual Growth

Artist, chef, and educator paul r. Glaviano has been active in fine art, the culinary arts, and education for over thirty years. He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in fine art from the san francisco art institute. He has also managed the café at the art institute and taught students the culinary arts as part of the work-study program at the college.

Nashville based artist with a Bachelors Degree in Studio Art/Painting and Art History

I received my bachelors in studio art from university of new orleans. I currently teach at the classical academy of franklin, grades k-9. I design my lesson plans around time periods and movements in art history. In order to create art we need to know the history behind our techniques.

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Art Teacher gives lessons in art history and visual arts K-12 and beyond in the Charlotte area

I am certified to teach k-12 art in sc and nc. I have a mat from the university of south carolina. I love to teach children and adults of all ages. My favorite part of art is the hands on work and experimentation with different materials and techniques. Of course, you cannot have art without art history and the famous artists, important vocabulary, like elements and principles of art.

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Cartooning! Cartoonist drawing giving lessons from beginner to advanced, Indianapolis, IN - All you need is a Pencil, paper, and ink pen

High school, college, and tons of art training and experience in the field. I've worked for various magazines, newspapers, and schools teaching cartooning and travel the state performing presentations for schools on the art of cartooning. With so much technology, it's sometimes refreshing to just go back to using a pen and paper to create something from scratch.

Experienced Artist and Educator (ESL available) teaching Studio Art and Art History from Ancient to Contemporary.

I hold a masters in painting in painting from syracuse university, ny A bfa in painting from columbus college of art and design, oh And i am currently obtaining my masters of education in art education from university of toledo, oh I have seventeen years of experience teaching students of all ages in multi media.

Kings County
The Art and Techniques of Illustration, with Design and Composition for commercial use.

As a freelance artist my work stems from years of study and techniques learned from attending the school of visual arts. Skills such as composition and design have been the most important, i my opinion, and education on these is vital inorder to execute work that is in demand in today's industry.

New Baltimore
Art lessons given to middle and high school students in Macomb County area.

I have a masters degree in administration. My college classes and high school classes have included many art classes. I am a 20 year member of anchor bay artists and have taken close to a hundred art workshops in oil, watercolor and acrylic painting. Methods of teaching include having all students paint the same painting step by step. Basic painting techniques and application of color and design.

Don't have drawing skills? It's okay, I will be right here to Help.

For drawing you don't need no specific skills, all you need is basic knowledge in shapes and leave everything else to me. I provide all materials, all you need to bring is a pencil/pen (black or blue), 100 sheets college ruled notebook, and appropriate clothes because you will be working with paint.

Delray Beach
Teaching out of the box art in unusual mediums and techniques by local self taught artist

I'm a self taught artist, i create art in various different mediums some conventional, some not, paint, pen and ink, pencil, dyes, food colouring, crayon, sand, chalk, coffee, different genres , sci-fi, pointillism, scribbelism, colored pencillism, abstract, canvas, wood, paper, vynal

Anime to Realistic, Clay, Fun, learn new styles and different ways of seeing art in Yuma AZ

My name is hannah mcdonald, i'm 16 soon to turn 17, i wish to help those interested in art open their ind more. Education level is not a requirement. Kindness and encouragement is given to all my students. When they need it i will point out what might need to be corrected in my eyes, but it is mainly up to them on how they would create they're artwork.

K-12 Art Teacher with 22 years Sub Teaching in SW Michigan gives Private lessons, creating more and more Healthy Hearted Thriving Artists!

I am a michigan certified k-12 art teacher, professional artist and muralist. I have 6 murals in detroit at detroit enterprise academy. My third certification renewal expired in 2015, therefore i still teach home school students by appointment.

South Pasadena
Offering classes in drawing, painting, 2d animation, and general art history. If interested please let me know.

Hello my name is anthony caropino-corbett. I graduated from the california institute of the arts (calarts) with a major in character animation. While at calarts i also dedicated much time to life drawing, painting and installation projects. I was fortunate to work with a team of fellow students on a project commissioned by noted science-fiction author ray bradbury.

Santa Clarita
Fine Art student gives art lessons to anyone. Want to be an artist? I will help you be an artist!

I am a student working on the bachelor's degree on fine art at art center college of design. I entered as a illustration student but changed to fine art to learn deeply about art and art histories. Before being an art student, i was majoring in animal science but i had desire to be an artist since i was kid.

Chinese American world class artist.drawing,water color,calligraphy,Boston area .within 45 minute drive.children 7yrs.and older,adults

I am female chinese artist. 48 yrs old. 5 yrs art school beijing,5yr. Art teacher beijing,teach group or private art classes 2 hrs. $50 each lessons. Teach part time 2 schools andover mass. Children groups saturday mornings,after noon,sunday day and evenings. Drawings,water color,calligraphy,history,etc. Teach in private homes in winchester,newton,arlington,west wood.

Any level drawing/painting lessons in Houston area offered by experienced acrylic painter of 5 years. All ages

My name is angela and i am 22 year old college student. I have been painting/drawing since i was able hold a pencil or paintbrush. I am mostly self-taught, with some formal instruction in public school and university as well as lessons at independent art schools. I enjoying capturing natural landscapes, ocean-dwelling animals and things of the like.

I'm an artist located in Birmingham, AL with a Bachelors in Graphic Design

I'm a graduate of alabama a&m university with. Bachelors degree in graphic design, minoring in telecommunications. I attended the university for five years. I have a natural gift of drawing. Also very creative. Being an artist is my natural gift.

Do what you love create, draw,paint ,sculpt and love others through it.

I give private art lessons to meet the students with the level they are at and push past fears. Teach them to better their skills that they have and stretch them to reach farther.

Interdisciplinary artist facilitates artistic creative process in sculpture, drawing, & installation art.

I am an interdisciplinary artist and creativity coach with 25 years of teaching experience to adults and children in various sculptural techniques. My expertise is in figurative and abstract work that can be executed in clay, metals, and mixed media. I focus on the creative process that involves exploration and experimentation in the medium of choice.

I can teach art from drawing, painting, design, typography and the history

I focused on fine arts in high school and continued my education at the school of visual arts in new york city where i major in graphic design and advertising. At sva, i was able to further my talents and gain knowledge in the history of art, design and typography. I also took classical and jazz classes so i like to introduce music depending on the lesson.

Kings County
Fine Art , Brooklyn , Manhattan , Bachelor of the arts ,

I emphasize that all students are potential artist who view the world from their own perspectives and experiences. These ideas are communicated through explorations with different artist materials; in drawing, painting, collage, arts & crafts , printmaking and sculpture and ceramics either by wheel or by hand. I inspire students to experiment and engage with variety of processes and techniques.

Queens County
Fine Art

Hello, I am a new york city artist who has been trained to teach art therapy, and fine art classes. I studied at cooper union in high school, setting my my foundation deep in the art world. I later studied at seton hall university from 2011-2015.

Artist with 12 years of experience gives Drawing and Painting lessons for students or children with wonder

My name is cheyenne and i give art lessons to people of all ages. I have been doing art for 12 years and this is where my true passion lies. I use things such as pencil, ink, paint, charcoal to do my drawings. I teach more by allowing the children to draw and me giving them helpful tips to better their work.

Mineral Ridge
I am a professional Artist with over 20 years of experience

Hello my name is chris, i have been painting professional for 20 years. I teach students who are willing to learn, listen, and have fun. Painting is designed to bring joy into a person's life. I teach how to use the different colors and lighting to bring the painting to life. It's ok to make mistakes, and see yourself grow.

Learn to draw , sculpt, and/or paint in Renaissance style-from professional artist

My formation as a sculptor infused my artistic view with the fascination of three dimensionality, and with the constant impulse of understanding forms in all angles. Drawing is an obsession for me—line and form in all their aspects have been a constant in my artwork. I am fascinated with the human figure, in all its aspects: physical, spiritual, and natural, social, historical-temporal.

Sioux City
College Graduate gives Art and English Lessons as well as Writing for K-12 Students

Hello! My name is angelica and i give lessons to k-12 students on the following topics: Art history Writing Research English Spanish I am open to lesson structures as each student learns differently. I am also available for bilingual sessions upon request. I have experience working on these topics and the credentials to teach in the following areas that i enjoy.

I'm an easy going kid who just loves to draw that can help others with whatever you'd like to learn.

I am a self taught artist, i mostly do drawing, painting i have little experience. I learned how to draw when i was around the age of 12. I am a high school graduate, i am currently in college but not taking any classes at the moment because i changed my mind about a course i was taking. I am looking into taking more art classes so i could learn more about the meaning of art.

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The artistics definition of drawing is that it is using different drawings instruments to create images and patterns on a paper , canvas or other two-dimensional medium. There is no hard and fast definition or agreement about whether an artist is made or born. However, if you, your child, sibling or someone that you know shows promise with the drawings that they can put down on paper or other medium, then it does no harm to develop this gift and passion. This gift can be refined and shaped for one to become an architect, sketch artist, canvas painter, graphic designer, interior designer or other career where a keen eye and natural inclination towards shapes, dimensions and creating effects is needed. The challenge might be how to get this natural talent honed. The best way would be with private lessons. The challenge with that might be finding one in your area. SuperPROF already went ahead and did that for you. SuperPROF is a US-based website with a listing of 100,000 selected qualified teachers who offer private lessons all around the US. Collectively, they cover 250 subjects. You can find drawing teachers offering private drawing lessons in your area as well as an architecture tutor, cinema teacher, improvisational theater teachers and others offering acting lessons. Get onto SuperPROF, find your tutor and hone your skills.

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Carlos's request

Hi Max, I am planning to head to architecture school next fall but find myself short of drawing experience. I do not consider myself to be a bad artist, just not a very active one. So I am looking for someone who can assign me drawing tasks,...

2 months ago
we learn better with a professional and it is a good investment