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Rowland Heights
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Play to learn Spanish and English at home with a Colombian native teacher now

Just if it's required I use a book method, because it gives structure to the process but also I develop classes with Montessori students or new school methods. I've developed several games to wrap up the class and practice the things that they are learning currently.

Jersey City
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Native Dutch speaker with teaching experience and background in Educational Sciences

Native Dutch speaker with ample teaching (adults and adolescences) and research experience (PhD). I have a background in Educational Sciences and thus know how to create effective learning environments.

Peachtree City
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Medical School student / UGA Alum for Spanish, French, and biology/chemistry tutoring

Hello, my name is Brinkley, and I am a medical school student at Mercer University. I graduated with Honors from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Arts in Romance languages (with Spanish and French), as well as a Bachelor of Science in biology. I have a flexible schedule and will work with you to meet wherever is most convenient.

Rio de Janeiro
(6 reviews)

Professor of English and Dutch, who studied and lived in the US, with several years of experience. I am not Brazilian, but speak enough Portuguese. I have experience with all levels.

I am a person who likes to help others. I use humor in my classes (with enough chance for students to tell me what they want to learn) to make learning a pleasant thing. My specialties are conversation, grammar and vocabulary, but I have experience with all disciplines.

Marseille 6e
(2 reviews)
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Dutch teacher, with 3 years of experience and a lot of enthusiasm, gives private lessons

I give private lessons to beginners and more advanced students. I help my students to overcome their fear of speaking Dutch and I'm really good in explaining the grammar. I worked in Brussels, but for personal reasons I had the chance to come and live in France, so I started giving online courses.

Paris 15e
(1 review)
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CPF Certified instructor gives English/ Dutch/ French classes by visio conference Paris, Strasbourg, Nice, Lyon, Toulouse, Nantes, Rennes, Brest, Lille

We are all different, the way we learn is different from a person to another. My teaching is based on social preferences e.g.- introvert, extrovert-, if you're more creative or structured in your learning approach. This special test is the 1st step to our collaboration.

São Paulo
(1 review)
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Private lessons (online / classroom) English (business, technical, nautico), German and Dutch. Also preparing for BULATS, TOEFL, IELTS

Obviously because I teach three different languages, I use several methodologies. It depends on the language and specialized area desired by the student, in addition to his knowledge level. The most appropriate methodology is then combined with the special needs and interests of the student.

(1 review)
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English and Dutch teacher, business languages coaching, conversation groups [children - teens - adults] (Mons region)

Germanic languages philologist , teacher at secondary school and coach for companies, I founded the company NOLIMIET to offset the lack of Dutch and English mastery in professional- or academic-related fields.

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Dutch Undergraduate student in Communication and Media at Bournemouth University teaching Dutch

I never taught any Dutch lessons before, but I'm native Dutch. I started "learning" Dutch (reading and writing) around the same time that I learned my first English words. I know how it's like to be struggling with learning a second language, so I would be the right fit to help you out.

(1 review)
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My objective is to achieve X10 YOUR established goals. Start today!

Hello! First of all, you already have my highest respect for coming so far: wanting to learn English and reading MY post, which I appreciate very much. Really. Thank you! My objective is to achieve X10 YOUR established goals in English. What: X10? Yes, that’s what I will try. Together with you. I cannot do it alone.

(3 reviews)

Professor of English and foreign language speaker gives English lessons in the Lille region

Trainer experienced English / German / Dutch courses gives home Lille region. evening classes for adults and tutoring courses for retraining adults ongoing access to oral and situations of everyday life during the English / German / Dutch languages ​​experienced trainer gives English courses / German home Lille region , experience in training centers, school support organizations, enterprises.

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Graduate student teaching Dutch speaking and writing lessons in Canterbury Kent

Learning how to speak and write Dutch will be your ultimate gateway to explore one of the most vibrant cities in Europe,Amsterdam! The lessons are interactive practical and fun with the opportunity to learn typical Dutch words to find your way in Dutch-land. Learning about Dutch literature is another way to explore the Dutch language...

San Vicente del Raspeig
(1 review)
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Humanist can help with humanistic studies in Alicante to approve all subjects

My name is Anastasia, I am a student in UA history. I am developing as a humanist and I have a very broad knowledge of various subjects. I can help with languages, modern and dead, and all pure letters (philosophy, history, ...), I can also help with greater efficiency in studying.

Rio de Janeiro
(1 review)

Perfect Dutch - Dutch lessons in Rio de Janeiro / Skype - teacher licensed by the Vrije University of Amsterdam with 10+ years of experience

Dutch lessons for all levels. The courses follow the structure of a textbook and every lesson includes vocabulary, grammar and cultural aspects. Special eight lesson course preparing for the Civil Integration exam.

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Belgian Engineer gives languages classes in mother tongues (Dutch, Englisch and French) in Berlin

I am an engineer so I have no teaching background. But I worked with children for over 10 years, so I understand that they learn more by doing, than by reading in books. This is why my classes are active, we go outside and speak, or go to a market and see all the different products inside.

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Professional teaches English and Dutch to individuals and groups, at all levels

Sociologist - Kingston University, London, UK Master in International Affairs- Johns Hopkins University, USA More than 30 years of experience at international level in business and international cooperation; fluent in 7 languages; worked and lived in a dozen countries and visited more than 60 countries across six continents.

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Bilingual Dutch, I teach Dutch (I'm bilingual) All ages. MADRID. Learn from the Spanish or English

I give private lessons in Dutch, you can learn from the Spanish or the English. You can learn from scratch, or if you are already advanced I can help you improve it, whether written or spoken. Flexibility for people, no matter how old you are, you can learn if taught well.

1st lesson offered free !

Student in foreign languages ​​teaches Dutch and German from college to high school in Paris

My name is Loraine van Rij, I am half-French, half-Dutch and I graduated from the University of Paris-Sorbonne in June 2016 : Master's degree in Foreign Applied Languages Dutch-English-German. I therefore offer courses in Dutch, English and German.

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Serious student teaches Dutch, English and/or French for everyone of every age

I am a law student (bilingual course) at the KULeuven University in collaboration with the University of Saint-Louis. My mother tongue is French but I've been educated in Dutch since kindergarden at the Heilig-Hart College in Tervuren. After high school I've spent one year in the United States at Ferris State University (Michigan) to improve my English.

(1 review)
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I speak fluent French, Dutch and English and am very good at languages.

I'm in my last year at Sint-Jan Berchmans and speak French (native), Dutch and English. I have a very good contact with languages, if not a true passion and love helping people to master a certain fluidity in the language they want to learn.

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Mathematics, languages ​​(English, French, Russian, Dutch) in Valencia, experencia three years as School Manager (tutor)

I am Luiza Andreyan, tutor of mathematics and languages. I have classes with students of primary, secondary and other levels as well. The courses consist of theory and practice and also with a very dynamic and active student's participation.

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Student in Languages ​​gives English - Dutch - French lessons in the area of Liege-Verviers

Adaptation of teaching based on student needs. I work by following a manual, by thematically or by skill (written, oral, audition, reading). I am currently in BAC 2 of my training teacher of Germanic languages, and I am lucky to have a little experience with my previous internships.

1st lesson offered free !

Give private lessons for all levels Engl / NDLS region Binche Mons charleroi

Hello everybody! I am 25 years old and I am graduated of bachelors two related to languages. A bachelor as an executive assistant who is now my job and another bachelor in tourism. I am a cool teacher and I take the time it takes to explain.

São Paulo
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Dutch teacher in São Paulo created the Netherlands. Dutch native level. communicative and dynamic method.

The classes are fully personalized and focused on the individual goal of each student and respecting their personal preferences of method, topics, objectives and contents to be learned. For general courses: communicative approach, with an emphasis on the ability to understand conversations as well and skillfully communicate in Dutch. I also offer Dutch lessons for the inburgeringsexamen.

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Dutch courses on several levels by a Dutch teacher at the University

Goedendag! I am Vincent, Dutch and Dutch teacher at the University of Strasbourg. I did French studies (Master) at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. I teach at different levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. My teaching methods are dynamic and have a communicative approach.

1st lesson offered free !

Emigrated Dutch girl living in Kenya can help you with basic Dutch language skills

I am a Dutch girl who emigrated to Kenya, Africa where I nowadays live with my husband and dog. I studied International Tourism Management and have a big passion for traveling and cultures. I have been in many countries and worked on several cruise ships with people from all over the world.

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I am a professional trainer in languages ​​for children and adults.

My name is Esta De Coninck, I am independent trainer, company name Estatrads I offer different courses for adults: beginner - intermediate - development: commercial - tourism And for children: Discovery: 4-6 years, introduction: 7 - 10 years Tutoring: College - High School - IUT

Adriaan johan
1st lesson offered free !

I am a Dutch online teacher. You only need internet and Skype.

For all levels, from absolute beginners till conversation. From the start, I combine grammar with the first conversational skills. After each lesson, you will receive homework for the next session. I can also prepare you for the "inburgeringsexamen" or for NT2.

1st lesson offered free !

Individual Language Lessons by University Graduate in English Lit. French, English & Dutch.

• Graduated from Utrecht University (Netherlands) • Degree: English Language and Culture • Two years of experience (tutoring of English and French) • Experience in tutoring at any level (adults, students and college students) • I try to determine my lessons in accordance with the person's personal interests and needs.

1st lesson offered free !

Student gives courses for secondary school pupils every evening during the week

I am a student at the University of Namur in Germanic languages. I propose to give courses to students who are in secondary school. My course is based on the four main skills in language learning (hearing, reading, writing and speaking) with a specific work focused on mastering each skill.

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Dutch is the native language of the Netherlands and is even the official language in some areas of the Caribbean. It is also spoken all over Europe. While close to German, it is also very close to English, making it a good choice for English speaking students who want to learn a second language. Our teachers will help you learn this beautiful language through private lessons. Working with a teacher to learn another language is crucial, since you will need help with pronunciation, syntax and practice speaking out loud. Because Dutch is not one of the top three foreign languages in the US (Spanish, French, and Italian), it can often be difficult to find someone to work with. This is where our professional Dutch teachers are ready to step in and help. Start working with one today! Our Dutch lessons are not the only option if you are looking to learn a new and interesting language. Some of the other exciting options are working with Japanese teachers, a Hungarian tutor, or even taking Yiddish lessons.