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Am Masters in Electronics and communication with teaching experience registered for Ph.D

Classroom teaching with innovative teaching methodologies and handled practical lab sessions for engineering students in Bangalore India. Handled private tuitions for mathematics and science for school students. Patient teacher known for efficient delivery of the toughest concepts even.

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College graduate teaching computer skills and electronics technology in the Newport area

I am an electrical engineer offering lessons in computer skills and electronics technology

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Adjunct Computer instructor, CompTIA A+ certified, living in the York PA area offering help in computer technology

Have spent 30 years self employed in the computer business doing repairs, up-grades and custom building. Taught for 6 years at HACC Lancaster and am currently teaching as an Agjunct Computer Instructor at YTI York.

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In applied physics engineer gives during electronic / mechanical / programming on the basin Annecien

Hello, physical engineer applied to Epagny and former student of preparatory classes for schools physical Specialty / Engineering Sciences, I give science lessons for 7 years. From a jovial and "how-to" natural, my motto is the students' understanding of scientific fields with examples and cultures and historical points.

Paris 10e
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Engineer / experienced teacher dual expertise Computers and Electronics teaches privately in Paris and surroundings

I'm an engineer software development (R & D), I offer special courses in computer science, programming and electronics. I also help you to realize your projects. 1-Introduction to computers Office: Learning how to use Word, Excel, Powerpoint. Internet: navigation, search tips, .. PC Maintenance: formatting, installing Windows dual boot, etc ..

Zoe rose
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Electronics roehampton A+ Love all members treat with respect and have fun

Teach children and adult how to control their electronic and if it broken you can mend and I have been studying this my whole life and can show you what to do electronic grades is high so be prepared ❤️

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Computer Engineer is offered to tutor support and reinforcement to subjects of mathematics, logic, artificial intelligence, robotics, etc.

CLASSES OFFERED Certified Engineer computer engineer dedicated to developing enterprise software, certified and experienced in training, teaches private lessons online in the afternoon or Saturday. - Subjects Computer Engineering Degree and Professional Modules. - Learn programming languages ​​Pascal, C, C ++ and C #, Java (certificate), Visual Basic.

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A 1st Class Hons Electronics, Electrical, Control and Automation Engineer with over 7years practical expertise. Students can be assured of excellent tuition in assignments, lab tasks and projects.

For the past ten years I`ve tought groups of students up to the graduate degree level in Mathematics, Further/Advanced/Engineering Mathematics, Electrical and Electronic Engineering as well as Control and Automation. Impacting core and deep rooted academic knowledge in students is my ultimate goal.

Belo Horizonte
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Engineering student teaches elementary and middle school at Belo Horizonte. Let's go guys!!!

In my high school, I did not know how much the exact area was fascinating. I will adopt the simple method in which I have used it, practice. Let us together understand, study and understand the universe of calculations. I taught several group classes in addition to specific IT training.

São Paulo
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Basic Internet, computation and smartphones for adults and seniors | home classes São Paulo

Classes aimed at beginners in the world of computers, smartphones and internet, aiming to train and prepare students in a dynamic and practical way to access and use with efficiency social networks, email, word, excel, chats, online shopping and etc.

Papantla de Olarte
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Mechatronic Engineer; UNAM entitled teaches mathematics, physics, electricity and basic engineering sciences in Poza Rica, Papantla, Tuxpan and neighboring areas in the beautiful state of looks

teaching classes, theory and practice of basic engineering sciences such as (algebra, analytic geometry, physics, applied mathematics, electricity and magnetism, etc ...

Bracknell Forest
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Passionate Tutor for Your Future. Shape it in the way you work.

I teach to a range of classes from GCSE upto pre graduate level. My lessons offer a wide range such as activities and plenty of IT work and getting groups to work in groups. However ensuring knowledge is assessed on a regular basis is also important.

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Electrical engineer maths, physics and technical training classes in Sobral -Ceará

My classes are to facilitate the understanding of the disciplines that involve calculation, to challenge students who seek more knowledge and to train professionals in the area of ​​electrotechnology, always seeking to show the beauties that only science and technology can bring.

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Custom classes for Higher Education Electronics Electrical Robotic Automatic Mathematical Statistics

More than fifteen years of experience in teaching for Higher Education and Baccalaureate. Extensive experience in matters of science and technology. custom classes focused on the needs and academic needs of each student. classroom / online tutorials.

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University student with 1 year work experience in VHDL and Digital Design gives lessons in Coventry

I'm a student of electronic engineering and I have finished 1 year placement in Vienna. I worked on a signal generator project. I would like to share my knowledge about FPGAs, VHDL and digital design skills that I have acquired in the industry.

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C c++ Linux python tcl embedded systems socket programming threads networking

Job or Study oriented teaching or traing C c++ Linux python tcl embedded systems socket programming threads networking C c++ Linux python tcl embedded systems socket programming threads networking C c++ Linux python tcl embedded systems socket programming threads networking

Englefield Green
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Provide private Tution For Electrical & Electronics engineering ( Control Systems)

I am electrical engineer which has done master with specialization in control system. I teach control system to undergraduate students. My way of teaching is to focus on understanding of the concepts of every topic.

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Digital Teaching on softwares and prototyping tools for architectural conception (CAM / CAO)

I can provide teaching, tutoring and help on the following subjects : - Tools: 3D Printing - 3D Scanning - CNC Milling - Laser Cutting / Arduino Prototyping / Drone Prototyping - Software: Rhinoceros 3D - Grasshopper 3D / Other on demand - Scripting: Processing - Unity - Unreal Engine / Web Design

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Tuition Mathematics and Technical Subjects address Electronics Computer Telecommunications Elementary Medium University

Experienced teacher of Private and Public School gives lessons even at home, for students from elementary schools to university (roughly Faculty of Engineering).

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Computer Course and Basic electronic or depth for all levels and all students

Student in Computer Science, I propose to use my knowledge to help you computer. I can work on using Windows (XP, seven, 8 and 10) on office software, etc ... I can also help you with the use of tablets and smartphones.

Ciudad de México
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Engineering student teaches math and physics to secondary and high scool students

Regularization for any student of secondary and highscool school in the subjects of physics and mathematics. simple explanation of concepts and problem solving guided to understand each methodology. pleasant, clear and simple classes. Exercises to practice at home and recommended bibliography.

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FPGS professor, University FPGM and Informatics - Programming, DB, Electronics, Digital Systems, Software Engineering, etc.

If you need a push or just start from scratch with any matter related to the computer I'm your teacher. I have experience in higher grades and college, so I can teach any matter related to computer science. Me learn the basis and why we study what we have to learn. The practical approach of my classes is what will easily internalize the theory.

San Luis Potosí
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Post electronic audio and music production, electricity and diagnostic and audio and video signals. San Luis Potosi, SLP

IT Engineer with experience on acoustics, music and post production (Avid, Adobe AU). Students will develop and increase their self-criticist hability targeted to their actions and procedures, grounding the steps on clear knowledge, with pragmatic tasks that allow diversify aptitudes.

São José dos Campos
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Teaching electronics and computting. 18 years of experience. São José dos Campos.

I am a professor specializing in electronics in general and specific areas in the computer field. My methods are apostilamento, indication of references, withdrawal doubts any means (email, m telephone, video, direct access to the computer, etc.) and face (When there are adequate means and materials for both).

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Student in Industrial Computing gives computer courses: initiation, programming (C / ++, HTML, Java ...)

I am currently studying in 2nd year of DUT GEII (University Technology Diploma in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) in computing specialty. I can give programming courses (C, C ++, HTML, Java, Python, Bash, Assembler ...) and all types of computer literacy for all levels.

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Specialized training in Renewable Energy: Design of the facilities, cost assessment, the

I am a talented and dedicated teacher; I exercise very often with variable level learners to give them technical skills Proven electricity, electronics and solar energy; what fascinates me is the result created by the active teaching method which consists in putting the learner at the center of learning by encouraging the production of content by models or questions

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Global Academy Gijón: personalized instruction with optimal results for secondary school and university

Industrial engineer teaches at the level of secondary school and university. Global Studies Centre is an academy that has more than 15 years of dedication to teaching with optimal results. Our goal is that students acquire knowledge and develop to improve and optimize its resources. We adapt to schedules and groups level to the different needs of each student with individual monitoring.

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Let me help you with electronics, electrics, and engineering. 15 years experience

Relaxed and informal. I use different teaching methods to suit the learner. Please advise on any learning difficulties, so I can adapt my methods to help you. Also, please advise me which subjects you need assistance with, so I can design bespoke lesson plans to suit your needs.

Neney w.
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Maths, computer, electronics and physical logical signal processing rigonometrie teacher

Administrator training or Tivoli TSM servers (IBM France) Certificate Administrator UNIX / Windows / Novell Netware and C / C ++ Institute IFTIM / FRANCE DUT in telecommunications and computer network engineering (GTR) - IUT Villetaneuse DUT in Electrical Engineering and industrial data, Option: Electronics and Automatisme- IUT Cergy Pontoise.

Reggio Calabria
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Electronics Engineer offers lessons of analog and digital Electronics, Informatics and Microcontrollers, online and at home

Dear all, I am a PhD student in Information Engineering at the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria. I am graduated in Electronic Engineering at the University of Calabria with full marks. Currently in addition to teaching, I deal with research in the electrical and electronic measures field. I give lessons of Analog and Digital Electronics, VHDL, Electrical, Computer and Microcontrollers.

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Learning electronics is important, not only for those who are looking to move into the electronics industry but for just about anyone. Electronics can be a person's friend, but if they do not know how to properly use the electricity and the electronic device in general, they might face dangerous consequences. In order to prepare someone for just about anything, electronics teachers can provide assistance in learning a wide range about the topic thanks to the individualized electronics lessons. These lessons are designed to assist just about anyone in their quest to learn more on the subject. For those individuals who are interested in expanding their learning but want to do so in other areas, there are other kinds of instructions available. This includes telecommunications lessons and help from databases teachers. A computer programming tutor can shed light on the rather interesting and in-depth line of IT programming, plus a graphic design instructor can help more artistic based individuals expand their knowledge on design and on the computer programs.