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English Online: Master's Degree in Education/Teaching English and 12 years of teaching experience

I have been teaching since 2004 and have an ed. M in tesol, teaching english to speakers of other languages. I have taught in the u. s . a . And abroad. I am fluent in spanish and am also a published writer. I have taught students of all levels and ages. I teach english online to both native and non-native speakers.

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Long Beach
Retired National Board Certified Teacher Middle Childhood Specialist Ages seven through thirteen

I am a recently retired national board certified teacher and administrator. I am fluent in spanish and have taught in full bilingual settings. I have a bachelor of arts in liberal studies with a k-12 life teaching credential. I also have a masters of science in educational administration.

Dynamic PhD English Teacher to Empower YOU to Excellence in Marietta, GA!

I am a ga certified english teacher with a strong history of bringing students to their highest potential. I do not believe that any student is unteachable, and work hard to foster a trusting relationship with students in my charge.

Rock Hill
Personalized Online Tutoring for College-Bound Middle and High School Students, College Students

I teach each student as an individual by determining their abilities, finding the gaps in their education and starting from there. I read samples of each students' work and ask questions to get to know them. I teach critical thinking and expect hard work. I don't lecture, but expect the student to read materials and discuss what's been read. This forces them to think.

Learn professional & business English while mastering the subtle aspects of multicultural business and professional communications.

Improve your business english & multicultural communications skills simultaneously My students are business professionals working in multicultural business environments, either as managers or members of multi-cultural teams or working with multicultural clients/customers.

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New York
NYC College Student gives lessons in Academia & DJing online or in-person!

I received my nys high school regents diploma in 2011. I am currently in the process of receiving my b. s . From cuny city college of new york in biomedical engineering. I tailor every session to the needs of my student. I guide my students in prioritizing by asking what they need to get done before our next session and then we work from there.

English Language Arts Tutor. Essex/Union Counties NJ. Masters in Education. Degrees from Duke and Rutgers.

Hi there! My name is krystal reddick. I have a bachelor's degree from duke university and a master's in elementary education from rutgers university. I taught high school english courses at an independent day school for 5 years. And have also worked as a substitute teacher and a paraprofessional. My methodology is very much open-ended.

Better your English today for conversational skills at work or socializing now

Ba in english/art - may 2015 Masters in tesol - may 2017 I am currently finishing my degree in tesol at the university at buffalo.

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I am offering English for high school/college and students needing additional help!

I have a ba in human resources management and a masters in education with a minor in english and counseling. I tutor on the high school and college level and my technique is to help you not necessarily love, but be able to understand and pass your english classes. My methodology of teaching is to guide students in the areas where they have strengths and to bolster them in areas of weakness.

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Wesley Chapel
English teacher in Tampa FL. Masters degree in Accounting. Great and easy method of teaching with me

I am fluent in english but not native / i can teach you grammar, lets say levels ( entry , pre - intermedieate , intermediate and advanced. My lesson will take you 60 min. I have also home work for you. And after every 5 lessons i will give you small test to check the result.

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Queens County
Certified teacher will help you or your child reach their full potential!

I have a ba in anthropology, which allows me to be respectful of other cultures. My masters is in education. I tailor lessons for each student depending their individual needs i have been tutoring for nearly twenty years and make learning fun.

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College student in Business offers writing, reading, and math lessons and homework help to junior high and high school students in Phoenix and Scottsdale

I am a sophomore in college with a huge passion for the written arts. I have loved reading and analysis and writing for as long as i could remember. I like to teach by asking questions that guide students to find the answers themselves. Furthermore, i love helping students learn the right questions to ask so they can also learn to teach themselves.

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Master of Fine Arts in Writing and Consciousness educates through conversation lessons with you about writing, reading, English.

I enjoy working with people at the middle school, college and adult education levels. We cover what needs to be learned while always addressing the concerns of the student. I am most interested in the original meaning of educate, "educare' from latin means 'to bring out the best'.

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University professor provides tutoring in literature, philosopohy, academic writing for HS and University students.

I earned my ba in english literature from providence college in 1968. I hold a med from boston university, a master of divinity from the episcopal divinity school and a master of theology from boston college. In my tutoring, i try to build on a student's current strengths as a first step to improving their academic performance.

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College Student Proficient in English Tutors Those Needing Help in Writing and Proofreading

Hello! My name is christine and i am a college student with a newfound interest in language learning, with my first and current challenge being russian. As someone who understands how hard it is to learn a new language, my native proficiency in english and willingness to help others has inspired me to work with those learning the english language.

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San Jose
Academic Writing & Critical Thinking for English, ESL, Literature, and courses requiring academic essays

Education Graduate coursework in english composition, sfsu–2013-14 Bachelor of arts in humanities, magna cum laude, sfsu–2013. • area of concentration: modern and ancient japanese culture and history • additional coursework and areas of interest outside of concentration: technical and marketing writing, journalism, and communications law. • overall sfsu gpa: 3.

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University of Pennsylvania Student Tutoring in English, Writing, and Reading to Middle-High Schoolers

I'm a senior at the university of pennsylvania studying linguistics and american sign language. I have tutored throughout high school as well as college (in american sign language and english). I now offer my services to middle and high school students in any area related to english. I generally allow my students to dictate the tutoring sessions according to their own learning styles.

PRINCETON and CALTECH and MIT bound math and physics students should look here

Oh say can you see by the dons early light what so probably we hailed were so gallantly streaming whose broad stripes and bright stars through the pair raw plus fight and the rockets red glare in the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that our flag was still there

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New York
NYU Graduate offering homework help in multiple subjects to all levels in NYC

Bachelor of science in business from nyu stern school of business Major in finance, minor in computer science Work with students to understand base level knowledge and personal learning styles (visual, auditory, or kinesthetic).

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Highland Falls
Online English, ESL and Writing Tutor based near West Point, New York with Masters degree offering individualized lessons for college students and adult learners

My name is meghan dower-rogers and i offer one-on-one classes to college students and adult learners at all levels. I develop lessons to meet individual student needs and interests and i use feedback as a tool to ensure the best possible student experience. I have a friendly and approachable teaching style.

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Charter Township of Clinton
English/History Literacy and Reading Tutor from Primary to Secondary Education. Can Also Assist with Essay Writing. Well Knowledged in both MLA and Chicago Format.

Graduated high school with honours. Did a partial history and english degree before i moved to the us. Well versed in both english and general history; including writing styles and formats for essay writing. I can tutor children from primary school up to senior year of high school. Also have a partial degree in childhood education; including working with special needs children.

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Essay and writing assistance for all levels by researcher in Pendleton IN

These lessons focus on the english skills the student needs to work on. These include things like grammer, prose, spelling, format of a thesis and others. Format of the lessons depend on if the student would like to work on one large project, like an essay, or shorter projects, like question and written answer.

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Ocean View
Academic Tutor coaches and tutors students in all academic areas or grade levels to promote educational excellence.

I offer customized, one-on-one sessions in all academic areas for grades k-12. My programs are tailored to student needs and learning styles. I provide a positive environment in which students can identify their own learning styles, recognize their strengths, meet new challenges, and gain enhanced confidence and self-esteem.

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Seasoned teacher helps with Reading, Writing, Literature for MS, HS and College in Indianapolis

I am a teacher with almost 20 years of experience from grades 1 all the way to tutoring college students. I have worked as a classroom teacher, reading interventionist, literature teacher, private tutor and more. I enjoy working one on one with students and finding their strengths and weaknesses and using them to help create a plan of intervention.

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Premier Tutor/Instructor with Global and Interdisciplinary Experience teaching various subjects in Liberal Arts and Humanities from Secondary School to Higher Education in Denver

International tefl academy chicago, illinois, usa Tefl/tesol certificate (a1 level, highest distinction) june 2013 University of colorado at denver denver, colorado, usa m . a . u . s .

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PhD in English provides lessons and assistance with writing, research, analysis, projects, homework, and test prep in Austin, TX or via Webcam

I am originally from philadelphia but now live in austin, texas. I have a phd in english from penn state university. I can help students—in elementary school, college, or graduate school—perform at their highest level. My goal is for a student to complete each session feeling more confident about his or her abilities, and thus more capable of accomplishing whatever task they have before them.

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Environmental Scientist and Geographer; Teacher / Professor; Testing Coach; Professional and Experienced both in the Field and in the Classroom

I have been teaching for more than the 5 years on my resume. I was the oldest of my sisters and helped raise them with my mother. I went on to become a volunteer coordinator for the bureau of land management in colorado, where i was privileged enough to work with students during the summers. It was during the course of earning my 2nd ms degree in environmental science that i became a teacher.

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WriteClub - The first rule of Write Club is you write. Creatively, business-minded, collegiately, in another language.

Instruction in fiction, longform journalism, autobiography, videography and poetry. For gifted youth, unpublished authors, ap high school test prep students, and english language learners. Work includes co-editing with other students across the globe using microsoft word, googledocs, blogger, and portaportal.

Xuan an
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I am a UC Berkeley graduate looking to tutor in English language and literature

I graduated from uc berkeley (ba with high distinction, 2015) in english and history. I teach and research in the areas of literacy, anglophone literature, cultural studies, and literary theory and history. I give english lessons mainly at the junior high, high school, and college levels. My lessons focus on literacy to literary analysis to essay writing.

West hartford
Ph.D. writing coach and editor in greater Hartford specializing in college essays and research papers.

Since i work more as a coach than as an instructor, i work with the student to help him or her develop the topic, theme or hypothesis for the essay or research paper. Then we work through the stages of turning that topic into an essay or paper that can be submitted with an application or to a teacher.

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From learning about great authors to understanding the appropriate way of writing, English is a class that provides insightful information not only about properly using the language, but it helps broaden the minds of readers of English by introducing students to some of the best and brightest writers of the language. Due to this, it is important for anyone who speaks English to take up English lessons from an English professor and teacher. With all of the courses provided for individuals of different understanding levels, those enrolled can read and learn about stories from early English, through Shakespeare and up to present day English. With the help of the English teachers available and the English lessons they provide, individuals can comprehend and learn the essential elements of using the English language. Now, there are other languages taught, should someone not find themselves interested in English. There are Latin and philosophy lessons, as well ash an ancient Greek teacher. For those who want business help, there are Resume - cover letter’s writing prep teachers.

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Nick's request

Hi, I am contacting you today for information on private tutoring to improve my language arts in English. My education level is high school and I work as a full time marketer at a concert company in Beverly Hills. Primary reason I want to...

2 days ago
West Hollywood
Creative techniques for writer's block, etc.

Douglas's request

Hola Melina !! I am interested in English classes, for reasons of travel, study, etc. Do you have time?, What are you schedules available? How much is the price per hour class? Do you speak Spanish? Gracias por su respuesta

1 month ago
Kings County
University Instructor Offering Lessons in Writing, Reading, Literature, English, Spanish, and Film

Abdullah's request

Hello Iam ABDULLAH I live in jonesboro.AR and study at the Institute of ESL I am a novice student I want to help me in learning and conversation. I want you to my study for a month five days a week and help me to talk. thank you

1 month ago
English teacher at a public high school in Chicago provides tutoring in English, writing, reading, and...