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English Online: Master's Degree in TESOL and 12 years of teaching experience

I have been teaching since 2004 and have an ed. M in tesol. I have taught in the u. s . a . And abroad. I am fluent in spanish and am also a published writer. I love teaching and love helping my students reach their goals and take advantage of all the opportunities that learning english has to offer.

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Salem Township
Native English speaker gives speaking practice to students abroad: 6 years teaching experience in South Korea

I taught english (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) to korean students for six years while living in seoul. The most important goal for my students was for them to gain confidence and be okay with making mistakes; it's a a big part of the learning process! I enjoy teaching using real-world materials, and helped tutor a nun in conversational english while she was working on her phd.

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Learn Turkish language from a language expert with 9 years teaching experience

I have ba degree on turkish language and literature from bosphorus university and ma degree on education in english. In my lessons, i use communicative approach mostly. So, you need to be ready to use the language and have chance to practice it. I can teach anyone who is interested in learning a new language or anyone who is willing to do business with turkish language.

Learn business, professional & conversational English through guided exploration of materials that are carefully selected to be most relevant to your learning objectives.

I am the author/producer of 30+ books and videos on professional & business cross-cultural communication, multi-cultural team-building, and international business management. I am a retired professor of international management for the university of texas at dallas.

Patient Experienced American English Teacher - Test Prep and Interview Prep (BA and TESOL Cert)

- i help students improve their english speaking, writing, reading, and comprehension skills. - i design lessons that include information relevant to each individual student's needs. - i can help you prepare for interviews, exams, and us citizenship. - i offer engaging lessons and give the student every opportunity to ask questions and speak as much as possible.

Rapid City
Tutor For Hire,Business, Social Science, ESL, Mandarin Chinese, General Mathematics & History

I have an mba, ba in social science; i am currently working on my doctorate degree in psychology, have taught esl for more than 20 years, do math tutoring, and have studied mandarin for 20 years. I majored in entrepreneurship, and can advise you on ways to receive money for your start up business.

New York
A tutor with 10 years of experience in teaching English! Click here

I am a foreign languages tutor with 10 years of experience, and i am looking to develop professional network and to traget students. I am a hardworking professional and a skilled teacher. I graduated with honors in 2007. Then, i got the second teaching category after only a year of teaching in 2010 and worked for two years as a freelance translator.

Bronx County
Learning the language is by conversing with other people which can be fun

My methods in teaching or helping to learn a new language, like esl, is to engage the student in conversation, so they will not be afraid to make sentences and feel bad when they make a mistake. We all learn on mistakes and this is where practice is for.

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Saint Clairsville
Spanish and English teacher for middle school and high school levels in Belmont County, Ohio

Possess a bachelor’s degree in spanish and a master’s degree in esol, along with two years plus teaching experience. Seeking an opportunity in a corporate environment utilizing the skills acquired in my academic training and professional experience.

American Born UIUC Graduate, TESOL Certified Teacher To Teach ESL Students E

I graduated from the university of illinois at urbana-champaign in 1996. I have worked in the education sector for almost ten years. I recently earned a tesol certificate which i will use to help non-native english speakers become familiar with spoken and written american english.

A partnership to help you reach your goals as a bilingual individual - french and english.

Authentic resources that students can relate to. To make learning a second language interesting, the facilitator must use material that is relevant to every day living for the learner. I have a passion for learning languages and hope to convey this feeling to my students.

South Miami
English/ESL Trainer and Tutor for Adults and all ages. Native speaker, Professional Trainer

Professional certificate as adult trainer. Trained in france at level 'bac +2' through afpa - accredited training center. 15 years of experience in training and tutoring in france, south africa, internationally and recently in usa. Adult, student and child training and tutoring. Business english, social english, toeic and university exam preparation, children's groups.

Enlist the help of an experienced English, Chinese, Japanese expert to excel!

I am an experienced educator who have taught from elementary to college level, and adults. I am a trained linguist and professor who can help you or your child in their subject matters of interest. I believe in working with my learners to meet their learning goals, and to motivate them to meet the goals. I use authentic materials, and encourage my learners to use resources to improve.

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Attack English language learning and win! Be successful! I teach academic English to all levels.

I possess a master’s degree in education, an advanced tesol certification (teachers of english as a second or other language), and a bachelor of arts degree in classical archaeology with a minor in latin literature.

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Experienced English and ESL teacher gives classes online, in person or at home.

I have been teaching for more than 30 years. I've taught many different classes in english literature and esl. Primarily, i have worked with high school students and adults, both as a tutor and a classroom teacher. I work hard to engage the student(s), making them feel comfortable and the right amount of challenge. I am very organized and make sure the class is varied and never boring.

In the matter of urgency for the hiring of tutors in the world

My name is pierre kablan and i teach from high school to college and university students. In my view, a great teacher is like a great artist who uses basic tools to transform raw materials into valuable assets of society. However, great artists may not have the best tools or best skills – they are recognized because of their passion and their unique perspective of the world.

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Phd Candidate with 10 years of English Teaching Experience gives ESL lessons to students worldwide

After graduating with a bachelor degree in english language and literature, as well as a state teaching certification in teaching english as a second language and a master’s degree in applied linguistics and research in higher education, i embarked on my teaching journey. I have taught english to many levels, ranging from preschoolers and high school students to university students.

Experienced University graduate providing fun, exciting & rewarding ESL tutoring classes online!

Greetings! My name is tiffini and i am delighted to meet you! I am a native english speaker from the united states, currently residing in california. As an english instructor, i am intelligent, personable and outgoing. I encompass a deep passion for learning and teaching others.

ESL/TESOL - Kalamazoo, MI - TESOL Certified - Giving lessons to students who want to learn English

I am a recent bachelor of science in english from central michigan university.

Shannon nicole
Los Angeles
Experienced and Personable Cross-Cultural Communication and American Business English Expert via Skype

Cross-cultural communication and american business expert with 16 years of experience working with international professionals and expatriates from around the globe. I believe that language is much more than grammar. It is a communication tool that reflects the way the culture views the world.

Chinese / English language teacher. I've taught all levels and all ages.

I've taught english and chinese to both adults and children. I emphasize spoken chinese which is more important in the beginning because it's a tonal language and you have to learn to distinguish and duplicate the various tones of chinese.

Kings County
French Tutor Université Paris-Sorbonne IV in Brooklyn, offering lessons for all levels

Education - licence en lettres classiques université paris-sorbonne iv Master littérature anglaise université de genève (automne 2017) My background is in french, latin, and greek language.

(1 reviews)
College student (Linguistics & Spanish major) in Oswego, NY looking to tutor Spanish

I will be graduating from suny oswego in may with a bachelor of arts in linguistics and spanish. I will be attending graduate school beginning in august in monterey, ca with a focus on international education management. My goal is to run language immersion programs for college students.

Pompano Beach
A native Colombian lady tutor Spanish for beginners to advance level in a fun way

Four semesters of journalism in colombia south america Five to six classes left to complete an early childhood degree in the usa Various training to work with children in educational activities and how to work teaching adults too Cda child development associate to work with infants Cda child development associate to work with preschool age children Pact parents as teacher certified to work...

Princeton Ph.D. and published author teaches French, Spanish, and English to ages 11-70

I learned french from my father, between birth and 4 years of age and spanish from my aunt, between three and 11. I took french and spanish all through school, with a double major in french and spanish in college (hunter). I received my m. a . In french from stanford university, my m. a . In spanish from stanford university, and my m. a . And ph. d . From princeton university.

Mountain View
A professional with MA in Linguistics. Teaching Russian, English (ESL) and beginner Italian.

Hi all, My name is gala. I was born and raised in russia, studied and lived in russia, united kingdom, israel and the united states. I have a ba and ma in linguistics, teaching and translation and a ba in communications. I'm teaching russian, english and italian for beginners. I have been teaching now and then for about 6 years now my methods of teaching vary depending on students needs.

Buffalo Grove
Professional French teacher with 15 years of experience and extensive international training in the field

Bonjour! Je m'appelle mme mcnally et je suis professeur de français depuis 15 ans. Le français est ma passion! Sharing this passion for the language and the cultures it represents with others and lighting a life-long desire to learn is my goal.

Experienced language teacher gives Spanish, English and French lessons to all levels in Miami

I am a language teacher skilled in motivating and mentoring students of all ages and learning levels. Enthusiastic and dedicated to creating an enjoyable, inviting and dynamic learning atmosphere, implementing traditional and innovative methods to motivate students to learn a language while focusing on their individual needs.

Conversation is an art form. Learn effective tools and techniques to master English conversation

Hi, i'm jessica. I'm an esl teacher with over 8 years experience. Born and raised in the unites states, while also living overseas for many years- i understand the needs of different students. I teach everyone from beginner to advanced.

Retired English Teacher Cdertified in ESL provides online instruction for Intermediate and Adult Learners. Also certified in Business English

I am a retired teacher of english and a retired high school principal. I completed my esl certification in july of 2015 for the purpose of continuing my teaching career after retirement. My goal is to move to costa roica and continue with my online studenst once i have relocated there. While living in costa rica i also plan to study spanish.

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You want to learn English, you need the language for a job, or you just moved to an English speaking country and want to communicate with others? SuperPROF has the most qualified English as a Foreign Language teachers that will give you high-class and easy to understand ESL lessons, to make you become fluent in English as quickly as possible. No more worries about wrong syntax, grammar, or pronunciation. We know that English as a Foreign Language can be hard to learn, but our teachers will make it very easy for you. With private lessons you learn faster and get maximum learning results, because the teacher is only focused on you. You have a gift for languages? Then you may also find interest in our Estonian - and Yiddish lessons, or Swahili teachers or a Danish tutor. Decide today for an English speaking future and for more job possibilities. SuperPROF makes it possible.

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Joanna's request

Hi Sébastien My name is Joanna, I am 33 and I am from Mexico. My husband and I recently moved to Geneva, and we are going to live here for one year. I am a humanitarian aid worker, having working experience in different countries such as...

5 days ago
Progressez en anglais rapidement avec un professeur canadien hautement qualifié et dynamique

Lorraine's request

Hello! good morning. I am actually trying to find someone to do the minutes of a meeting. I have the audio file and I would like to hire someone to do the transcription. I can pay you for the amount of time you spend on it. I just need to transcript...

3 weeks ago
Cours d'anglais, traductions, stages en entreprise ou stages individuels. Sorties linguistiques ludiques.

Alice's request

Hello, I need your help urgently to check my English resume and to have advices to make it more English. It is urgent because I should send it to a company by Thursday 8th. Could you please tell me how you work and the cost ? Thanks. Sincerely,

2 months ago
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English Online: Master's Degree in TESOL and 12 years of teaching experience