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Bronx County
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Former New York high school history & English teacher can enliven history and writing for NYC students

I don't depend on text books or rigid lessons. Instead I introduce students to historical experiences through stories and dramatic examples. Then I help you learn to think and write about them. Teaching materials include movies, novels, short stories, songs, poetry and field trips. Lessons will include discussion, debate, simulations of such things as the Underground Railroad during the U.S.

North Mankato
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Science enthusiast, physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, social studies, history, mythology, and earth sciences

I am a graduate of the prestigious University of Minnesota - Twin Cities in two of their undergraduate colleges. In their college of science and engineering, I graduated with a degree in Earth Sciences, which emphasizes Geochemistry and Hydrogeology, and in the university's college of liberal arts, I graduated with a degree in Linguistics.

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Teacher gives social studies lessons to middle school and high school students around the Boulder, Colorado area.

Hello students! I am a certified teacher for the state of Colorado. I can give lessons involving social studies: history, government, geography, etc.

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Philosophy and Creative Writing graduate in Austin wants to help you understand how the world works and to communicate that knowledge to others.

Socrates and Jesus are amazing teachers, and their methods are my inspiration. Stories and critical thinking are the keys to opening the door of lifelong education. We are wired to remember stories more than lists of facts, so the knowledge gained from them will stay with us forever.

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Natural science, geology and geography lessons by a UT graduate student with TA experience

I create engaging lessons for primary, secondary and university level students that will help you understand processes that shape our Earth and other planets. My geology lessons frequently involve model building with every day materials so you can get a hands-on feel for Earth processes.

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History Teacher Shares Mystery Adventure and DISCOVERY in the World of History

Education is one of the most cherished gifts to receive and to be shared with others - and it's on going. Successful tutoring skills are utilized for Middle, High School and College levels.

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Certified Teacher in Houston Texas for EC through 6th grade, certified in Louisiana as well. I tutor online or in my home.

My Master's Degree is from Warner University. I majored in Education with a concentration in Curriculum & Instruction. My Bachelor's of Arts Degree is from Louisiana Tech University, I majored in Merchandising and in Consumer Affairs. I have been teaching for 15 years.

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Archaeologist with 20 years experience tutors archaeology, history, prehistory, and world geography online.

I have been a professional archaeologist for over 20 years and have taught for nearly 10. My methods vary by student, but are generally interdisciplinary and interactive. I use a presentation-style approach that incorporates pictures, mapping, documentary evidence, and data to engage students.

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History- Social Studies Tutoring/ Assistance from Certified Secondary Social Studies Teacher (5th Grade-12th Grade)

Bachelors of Arts in Education (Secondary Social Studies) from Fairmont State University Masters in Multi-Categorical Special Education with Autism from Fairmont State University I have taught in public schools for a total of 7 years. I served as a substitute for 2 years before taking full time positions the last 5 years.

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Creative, caring, competant career teacher wants to tutor (human science, history, academic subjects, arithmetic, use of Englsis language- reading, writing, composition) near Sumter & Camden SC

In Turkey, one definition of who is a teacher, is β€œOne who leads you from the darkness to the light – the darkness of ignorance, light of understanding.” This is a poetic expression of the inner wish of every true teacher – it is my wish.

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World History Teacher Having a BA in History and having a Masters in using Adult Teaching Strategies in Missouri online

I help Students who need additional help in their studies. I am someone who graduated from a non-traditional High School then pursued a BA in History then a BS in Secondary Education in order to allow students to have the best education. I then desired to help Adults with Education in Social Studies.

Villa Hills
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Kentucky teacher with BA in Ed. and MA in Ed. that loves History

I am a teacher at the high school level. I currently supervise a computer lab in which my students are taking their course through an online program called Plato. My students are in the grade levels of 9th - 12th grade. I tried to plan according to the multiple intelligence of my students.

Jennifer a.
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Geography MA; Education BSEd and MEd, Elementary and Social Studies, Pittsburgh, PA

I am a "forty something" teacher living in the Pittsburgh, PA area with nearly 20 years experience as a teacher. I will give lessons to whoever asks if I can meet the topic content that they seek. The lesson structure may vary depending on the request. I have used various methods, with lecture being the most frequent, but visual aids, etc. are often used in conjunction.

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Bachelors degree in psychology, minor in social work; tutoring in psych, sociology, counseling, and writing/research

I have completed an associate of arts from Jefferson Community College in upstate NY, and a B.A. in Psychology, minoring in social work at Limestone College in SC.

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History major giving lessons and tutoring sessions in Cape Girardeau County to Grade School and College students.

I have a graduate degree in History with areas in classical world history and American history. I have taught a wide range of students in the past. Lessons will be based on individual needs and techniques will be creative and hands on learning.

San Diego
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Greetings! History teacher seeks students from middle school to college to tutor.

I possess a Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts in history from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. My majors were in history. I also recently obtained my Master of Education with social science teaching credential from National University in San Diego California.

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Astounding Adventures in Sensational Social Studies Sometimes with Maps and Sometimes Not

I am an experienced K12 and college educator, offering courses for enjoyment, tutoring for credit classes, and adventures in the social studies areas addressing a variety of learning styles as well as stages of learners. My goal is to get people excited about history.

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Finding where you are on a map so you can learn what happened there.

I intend on giving lessons to anyone struggling with history: especially American History and geography of any kind up to a somewhat lower level, but I am also flexible! My intentions are to answer questions you may have and you will have the time allotted to come up with any questions you may have for me or if I need to teach or explain something so that you would understand.

Sugar Land
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Human science is my life! 4.0 in Masters Program... I do this!

I recently just completed my Masters of Social and Behavioral Sciences. I have taught for the public school system for over 6 years here in Texas. I am originally from Michigan where I began my teaching career. I also specialize in Special Education. I have a unique teaching style whereas I catch the attention of my students to help them successfully reach their academic goals.

St. Augustine
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Recent college graduate offers tutoring for history and social studies in St Augustine

I graduated from UNF in April 2017 with a bachelor's in History and a minor in Political Science. I hope to be teaching in St Johns County soon, but will be happy to provide lessons in history, geography, and social studies. Classes will be tailored to individual student needs.

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Think History is Boring? It's not the Subject but who's teaching it! Let Me Help You!

I am one who's not your typical geek, but just someone who loves History. I have a Bachelors of arts in History with a Minor in Women Studies. I'm also obtaining my masters in Sociology. History isn't about just learning dates and dead people, but becoming investigators and challenging the truth. Finding different Sources to validate the existence of a person or Civilization.

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Hold a Master's in International Economics offering tutoring for history and government/civics

I have a Bachelor's in Political Science with a Minor in History from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. I also have a Master's in International Commerce and Policy from the Schar School of Public Policy at George Mason University.

Grand Rapids
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Social Sciences. A broad field of tutoring available for growth in many subjects!

I have a B.S. in Social Sciences from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. I use the gradual release method in my classroom. It allows the student to take full ownership of their understanding and expertise. I believe a teacher is merely a guide to student success, much as a lighthouse is merely a guide to ships on a successful journey.

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When looking back to History, we can be well prepared for the future.

Educated in a Christian-education training program, I have been a teacher since 1998. Social Studies is simply story-telling...story-telling of the human race. I strive to make the study of Social Studies as simple as retelling your favorite story, but with actual real-life characters.

San Marcos
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Graduate History student well versed in English offering lessons in San Marcos, TX or surrounding areas.

I am a graduate student in San Marcos, TX. I proficient in 20th century American History as well as modern Europe. I also have a background in English allowing me to analyze and critique papers and assignments. I am easy going, patient and creative in the ways I approach teaching.

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College graduate gives lessons in social studies, world politics, tutoring, homework help

Pennsylvania State University graduate, attended Maastricht University in the Netherlands. My degree is in Global Studies and a minor in Political Science. I took 4 semesters of Mandarin Chinese. I studied European Law and Politics overseas. I am currently a substitute teacher in my school district. I work mainly with intermediate through High School aged students.

New York
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PhD student with years of academic and professional experience with the social sciences

I enjoy teaching because learning is fun! I like to make lessons fun and engaging! I like to use interactive methods, such as memorization games and songs, to engage with students. I usually start a class or session with a short lecture, followed by questions and answers, then an activity, followed by more questions and answers, and a review.

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International Relations Major teaching History and American Government in Germantown, Maryland and Surrounding Areas.

Lessons will be tailored to the needs of the student. Those looking to pass classes in AP Government, History, and the Foreign Service Exam will benefit the most from these learning sessions. Since History deals with memorization, I will focus mostly on laying the foundation necessary for students to easily pinpoint various historical facts to the correct time frame or event.

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Seasoned educator gives social studies/history lessons to middle school and high school students in Western Massachusetts.

I am a seasoned educator with over twenty years of experience. I would very much love to offer lessons to middle and high school students in history and social studies. My areas of interest include American History, twentieth century Europe, and Latin American studies. I prefer the lecture type of lesson, but I also rely a great deal on literature.

1st lesson offered free !

History teacher of 10+ years in various subjects available for tutoring in Scranton area.

Bachelors degree in social studies, grades 7-12. Instructed Psychology, regular and AP, Geography, and American History. Also instructed online classes for a local onlie edication service. Creative and interactive lessons are my specialty and I enjoy individualizing each lesson to suit the student.

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Geography is an interesting subject since it focuses on nature and its inhabitants. Well not everyone finds it interesting. You nay be struggling with this subject because of an attitude or cage you simply do not get it. At times, you may be having exam around the corner, and you are not prepared. This is where we chip in to help you. We have geography teachers who will take you through geography lessons to ensure that you are ready for your exams, or your attitude is completely changed. The lessons are offered online and so with a laptop and Internet connectivity you will be ready to learn and make improvements. The geography teachers ensure that they cover all that is needed in the geography lessons within a predetermined time. You may also be interested in political sciences and psychology lessons that we offer or know somebody who is interested. Our history tutor and general knowledge teachers are also available to help you improve your knowledge.

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Beth, found their geography tutor

Hello I'm happy to meet you. I've just joined the Superprof and would like to learn how to teach with a webcam. My subject is Native American geography and cultural traditions from the Medicine Wheel. I want to learn techniques of teaching students...

5 months ago